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Advanced Torts : Cases and Materials

Advanced Torts : Cases and Materials - 2nd edition

Advanced Torts : Cases and Materials - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780890898192

ISBN10: 0890898197

Advanced Torts : Cases and Materials by Peter B. Kutner and Osborn M. Reynolds - ISBN 9780890898192
Edition: 2ND 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
International: No
Advanced Torts : Cases and Materials by Peter B. Kutner and Osborn M. Reynolds - ISBN 9780890898192

ISBN13: 9780890898192

ISBN10: 0890898197

Edition: 2ND 97

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The popularity and consistent use of Advanced Torts is testament to the fact that the most rapidly expanding areas of tort law are now advanced torts subjects - not personal injury or other subjects covered in the basic torts course. This volume is unique in its coverage and breadth. Topics covered include defamation, the rights of privacy and publicity, harm to family relationships, malicious prosecution, interference with common law civil rights, liability for economic loss, interference with contracts, trade secrets, unfair competition, and other business torts.
This coursebook also contains cases from outside the United States. They are included for the same reasons as American cases: their roles as legal precedents and value for instruction purposes. The use of non-American cases and treatises also makes the point that for many subjects, including torts, the law is "common," not American, and cases and literature from other countries with common law legal systems are sources of law and legal analysis for the United States.

In this new edition, the text of all the chapters and sections has been revised to incorporate court decisions and other material published since the first edition was published.The format of the book is the familiar one of principal cases followed by textual notes. Materials emphasize the facts and decisions of reported cases rather than secondary sources. In addition to its use in advanced torts courses, this book can be used in courses and seminars on "Injuries to Relations," "Business Torts," "Defamation and Privacy," and "The Family and Tort Law."

Author Bio

Kutner, Peter B : University of Oklahoma

Peter B Kutner is a Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma Law Center.

Reynolds, Osborn M. : University of Oklahoma

Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr., is the Maurice H. Merrill Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma Law Center.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Leon Green, Basic Concepts: Persons, Property, Relations

Chapter 1. Family Relations

Section 1. Injuries to Family Members

A. Spouse
B. Child or Parent
C. Other Relationships
D. Defenses

Section 2. Fatal Injuries to Family Members
Section 3. Interference with Family Relationships
Section 4. Wrongful Birth

Chapter 2 Economic Relations

Section 1. Interference with Contractual Relations

A. Inducing Breach of Contract
B. Inducing Termination of Contract
C. Interference with Performance of Contract

Section 2. Interference with Prospective Advantage

A. Interference with Business
B. Interference with Other Expectations

Section 3. Unintentional Interference

Chapter 3 Marketplace Falsehoods

Section 1. Injurious Falsehood
Section 2. Passing Off (Unfair Competition)

A. Product
B. Business Names
C. Non-competitors

Section 3. False Advertising

Chapter 4 Intangible Assets

Section 1. Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
Section 2. Literary, Artistic and Commercial Creations

A. Common Law Copyright
B. Misappropriation
C. Characters and Characterizations
D. Ideas

Chapter 5 Publicity and Privacy

Section 1. Appropriation of Name or Likeness
Section 2. Intrusion
Section 3. Disclosure of Private Facts

A. Publication of Private Facts
B. Disclosure Without Publicity

Section 4. False Light
Section 5. Review

Chapter 6 Defamation

Section 1. Defamatory Communications

A. Defamatory Meanings
B. Reference to Plaintiff
C. Libel and Slander
D. Publication

Section 2. Common Law Defenses

A. Truth
B. Absolute Privileges
C. Qualified Privileges

Section 3. Constitutional Law

Chapter 7 Judicial Process and Civil Rights

Section 1. Malicious Prosecution
Section 2. Wrongful Civil Proceedings
Section 3. Abuse of Process
Section 4. Interference with Civil Rights


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Advanced Torts by Kutner - ISBN 9781594602979