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Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion

Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion - 4th edition

Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780324289565

ISBN10: 0324289561

Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion by Thomas O
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion by Thomas O

ISBN13: 9780324289565

ISBN10: 0324289561

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 06

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ADVERTISING AND INTEGRATED BRAND PROMOTION, FOURTH EDITION is highly visual and provides an integrated learning experience for the student. The new edition continues the tradition of delivering a solid understanding of advertising strategy, through a clearly written text as well as through the most contemporary ads. The table of contents follows the same process as an advertising agency. Like other aspects of business, good advertising is the result of hard work and careful planning. The new edition of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion illustrates how to best accomplish this.


  • Continued Emphasis on Brand Strategy: This was the first book to adopt Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP), rather than Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). IBP highlights how advertising and promotion are developed and deployed to build brand awareness and affinity. The entire advertising and promotion trade is focused on using promotional tools to build the brand, Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 4e reflects the industry's emphasis. IBP is integrated throughout each chapter to emphasize the importance of building brand awareness in advertising.
  • Cincinnati Bell Wireless (CBW) Case Study: This popular end-of-part feature traces the evolution of a real Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) campaign from its inception through its execution. Updated from the previous edition, the CBW case helps students better understand IBP by examining the topic in two ways. First, each section begins by discussing the basics of IBP and methods available for creating integrated brand promotion. Second, each section applies the basic principles of IBP to the campaign developed by Cincinnati Bell Wireless. Students come away with a better understanding of how a top-notch telecommunications company uses IBP strategies and techniques to attract new customers in a fiercely competitive marketplace.
  • NEW! Xtra! Online: This new online student learning tool, provides additional support for students and special insights into the field of advertising. Included on Xtra!, is additional quizzing, advertising documents such as an advertising plan, creative plan, media plan, and research questionnaires. Also included are digitized videos of the "Advertising Process Video Collection." Xtra! is an optional package item, when packaged it is free with all new textbooks.
  • Chapter Openers: The chapter opening vignettes draw students into the chapter, by setting the stage through exciting scenarios. These include advertising classics that will be familiar to students, as well as current topics stimulating discussion.
  • "Creativity" and "Controversy": Integrated throughout the text, these features bring topics to life and provide students with how advertising works in the real-world. "Controversy," often related to ethics, calls attention to some of the most interesting examples of the chapter as it applies in real life. "Creativity" boxes provide examples of topics that are often challenging both to teach and to learn.
  • NEW! Significantly Revised Chapter 7, Advertising and Promotion Research: The research chapter has been updated to reflect the changes in practice, as well as advancements in the study of how advertising works. The move to better assess feelings generated by advertising and promotion are also covered. While sophisticated in treatment, this chapter remains very accessibility more coverage on interactive and web-based research. The new edition also highlights the evolution of perspectives on advertising and promotion research, as well as a new section on the rise of qualitative measures for advertising research.
  • NEW! Updated Chapter 5, Advertising, Integrated Brand Promotion and Consumer Behavior: Chapter 5 has been completely revised with greater attention to the social and cultural perspective of advertising and consumer behavior. This perspective is set in contrast to the psychological perspective offered in the first half of the chapter, no other book offers this dual and complementary perspective. It tracks the changing views of advertising and promotion by both scholars and real world practitioners.
  • NEW! Brand New Chapter 16, Advertising and the Internet: One of the highlights of the fourth edition is the revision of Chapter 16. This chapter includes 70 percent in new references and 80 percent in new web links. Every new technology is discussed, including: WiFi, WiMax, MobileFi, UltraBroadBand. Also covered is the new consumer affinity for the web in Blogs and strategies for adapting to wireless technology.
  • NEW! Completely Revised PowerPoint with Embedded Video: This edition's PowerPoint® presentation for the instructor is of the highest quality possible and is prepared by one of the main text authors, Rich Semenik. Included in the fourth edition's powerpoint package are additional ads with discussion questions, non-ad-exhibits, and embedded video from recent Super Bowl ads. All ads are accompanied with commentary on how they illustrate theory and concepts presented in the text and will include at least one inductive question to generate classroom discussion.
  • Robust Instructor's Manual: The fourth edition's instructor's manual is prepared by one of the text authors, Rich Semenik. The manual has been thoroughly revised to update all previous content: comprehensive lecture outlines with lecture notes, suggested answers for all exercises, lecture notes for all ads, suggested answers to questions included in the PowerPoint, sample syllabi, and a new section on "How to Use the Cincinnati Bell Wireless IBP" Case. The quality is exceptional and includes numerous improvements to the last edition.
  • Compelling Fundamentals & Practical Structure: While setting the standard for coverage of new media topics, the text's strength lies in its compelling presentation of the fundamentals of advertising. This includes all the key issues involved in preparing a sound advertising plan. Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 4e is structured in four logical parts that reflect the way advertising and IBP are developed and executed in practice -- The Process, The Planning, The Preparation and The Placement--the 4 P's of Advertising.
  • Product Web Site: The product support site features ''Instructor Resources'' that include the instructor's manual, test bank, PowerPoint®, and the integrative video guide to accompany ''The 2003 Clios'' video/DVD package and ''The Advertising Process'' video/DVD Collection. For students, the support site includes learning objectives, crossword puzzles, Internet Applications, quizzing, and more. Check it out at
  • "E-Sightings": "E-Sightings" are in-chapter experiential exercises that make wonderful individual or group activities. Tied to a specific ad/exhibit, brand new "E-Sightings" encourage students to explore, explain, describe, compare, contrast, analyze, and summarize the content of the advertiser's home page. Follow-up questions are tied in with each feature.
  • "Experiencing the Internet": These exercises are designed to develop students' critical thinking skills by having them examine the effectiveness of various Internet based advertisements. Application questions are provided for each exercise, and require students to apply the concepts taught in each chapter. Suggested answers to all of the "Experiencing the Internet" exercises are included in the Instructor's Manual.
  • NEW! "Ethics": It is important that business decisions be guided by ethical practices and Advertising is a particularly interesting field to which ethics can be related. Because of the importance of ethics and its appeal to students' interest we have added "Ethics" boxes to the fourth edition of the text. Students will gain insights into ethical business practices that will not only be useful in their Advertising course, but in future business courses as well as in their careers.
  • NEW! Completely Up-to-Date: The fourth edition has undergone an extensive revision, making sure that the most current topics, issues and trends are covered. Hot topics included in the new edition include: coverage of Advertainment as a promotional strategy, viral marketing, the impact of TiVo, anti-spam legislation, restrictions on telemarketing, and much more.
  • NEW! "Your Career in Advertising": This end-of-part feature personalizes each section's topics by highlighting an individuals career in advertising. Students will understand how the various topics featured throughout the text can influence actual careers and their success. Students gain valuable knowledge on the various careers in the advertising field, as well as the opportunity to explore some of their options.
  • "Global Issues": These features provide an insightful, real-world look at the numerous challenges advertisers face internationally. Global issues is one of the most frequently featured topics in the text, as business in general is changing through globalization.
  • "IBP" or "Integrated Brand Promotion": As with the previous edition, the authors are committed to increase the students' awareness of IBP activities in the industry and the role advertising plays in the process. IBP boxes, found in most chapters, highlight interesting and important Integrated Brand Promotion programs or issues.
  • NEW! All New Video Package: The fourth edition of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion includes a totally new video package. The new edition includes, The Advertising Process Video Collection, a collection of video interviews with advertising executives. The videos help students gain insights into how advertising is done in the real-world. Also included with the new video package are The 2003 Clio's, showing the best of the best in terms of advertisements. This award-winning video package is dynamic, attention-getting, and engaging package you'll enjoy using in your classes. An integrative video guide accompanies the video/DVD product and can be viewed under ''Instructor Resources'' on our product support website.
  • NEW! Updated & Increased Visuals/Advertisements: A hallmark feature that provides students with a wonderful backdrop to see how advertising concepts are applied. Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 4e delights the eyes with over 500 ads and exhibits, an increase of 25%. The use of high-quality paper combines with a dynamic, magazine-style presentation to enhance the visual impact of each ad!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The World of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion.
2. The Structure of the Advertising Industry: Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, and Support Organizations.
3. The Evolution of Promoting and Advertising Brands.
4. Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising.


5. Advertising, Integrated Brand Promotion and Consumer Behavior.
6. Market Segmentation, Positioning, and the Value Proposition.
7. Advertising and Promotion Research.
8. Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion.
9. Advertising Planning: An International Perspective.


10. Creativity, Advertising and the Brand.
11. Message Strategy.
12. Copywriting.
13. Art Direction and Production.


14. Media Strategy and Planning for Advertising and IBP.
15. Print, Television, and Radio.
16. Media Planning: Advertising on the Internet.


17. Support Media, Event Sponsorship, and Branded Entertainment.
18. Sales Promotion and Point of Purchase Advertising.
19. Direct Marketing.
20. Public Relations and Corporate Advertising.

Name/Brand/Company Index.
Subject Index.