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Africa : African History Before 1885, Volume I

Africa : African History Before 1885, Volume I - 00 edition

Africa : African History Before 1885, Volume I - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780890897683

ISBN10: 0890897689

Africa : African History Before 1885, Volume I by Toyin Falola - ISBN 9780890897683
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
International: No
Africa : African History Before 1885, Volume I by Toyin Falola - ISBN 9780890897683

ISBN13: 9780890897683

ISBN10: 0890897689

Edition: 00

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Africa: Volume 1, begins a series of books which adopt a new perspective on African history and culture, surveying the wide array of societies and states that have existed on the African continent and introducing readers to the diversity of African experiences and cultural expressions. Toyin Falola has brought together African studies professors from a variety of schools and settings. Writing from their individual areas of expertise, these authors work together to break general stereotypes about Africa, focusing instead on the substantive issues of the African past from an African perspective. The texts are richly illustrated and include maps and timelines to make cultural and historical movements clear, and suggestions for further reading will help readers broaden their own particular interests. Africa provides new perspectives that challenge the accepted ways of studying Africa, flexibility for instructors to structure courses, and encouragement for readers who are eager to learn about the diversity of the African experience.

Volume 1, African History Before 1885, introduces students to the various precolonial histories of Africa. Instead of generalizing about the continent, the chapters reconstruct the histories of many different societies in various historical periods.

Author Bio

Falola, Toyin : University of Texas at Austin

Toyin Falola is a professor in the history department at the University of Texas at Austin.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
List of Illustrations and Maps
Notes on Authors

Part A Background Knowledge
Section Overview

Chapter 1 The Study of Africa in Historical Perspective, Adebayo Oyebade

Chapter 2 The Geography of Africa, William C. Barnett

Part B Early History
Section Overview

Chapter 3 Early History: Traditions of Origins and Archaeological Interpretations, Julius O. Adekunle

Chapter 4 Civilizations of the Upper Nile and North Africa, Funso Afolayan

Part C People and States
Section Overview

Chapter 5 Bantu Expansion and Its Consequences, Funso Afolayan

Chapter 6 Sudanese Kingdoms of West Africa, J.I. Dibua

Chapter 7 Kingdoms of West Africa: Benin, Oyo, and Asante, Funso Afolayan

Chapter 8 East African States, Julius O. Adekunle

Chapter 9 Central Africa: People and States, Joel E. Tishken

Chapter 10 Ethiopia, Saheed A. Adejumobi

Chapter 11 North Africa: Peoples and States to 1880, Joel E. Tishken

Chapter 12 Acephalous Societies, Chidiebere Nwaubani

Part D The Nineteenth Century
Section Overview

Chapter 13 The Jihads in West Africa, Julius O. Adekunle

Chapter 14 The Omani Empire, Jacqueline Woodfork

Chapter 15 East and Central Africa in the Nineteenth Century, Patrick U. Mbajekwe

Chapter 16 The Mfecane and South Africca Funso Afolayan

Part E Africa and Europe
Section Overview

Chapter 17 Africa and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Joseph E. Inikori

Chapter 18 Euro-African Relations to 1885, Adebayo Oyebade