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Amateur's Guide to the Planet

Amateur's Guide to the Planet - 96 edition

Amateur's Guide to the Planet - 96 edition

ISBN13: 9780965234443

ISBN10: 0965234444

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Beau Monde Press
International: No

ISBN13: 9780965234443

ISBN10: 0965234444

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 96

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An Amateur's Guide to the Planet will take you to 12 exotic destinations, from Madagascar and China to Tahiti and Brazil.

You'll also learn what lessons you can gain from each destination.

Each chapter closes with exclusive insights and graphics, prepared with the help of top scholars and foreign correspondents, exploring such topics as:

Chapter Insights
Madagascar : The Earth's fragility
China : Emigration
Borneo : Modern missionaries
Kenya and Tanzania : Our love-hate relationship to Africa
Japan : Formal societies
Polynesia : Why culture survives
Greece : National greatness and decline
The Yucatan : Parallel evolution
Thailand : Ultimate Sailing
Java and Bali : How we view Heaven
Burma : Poverty
Brazil : Racial democracy

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The age of adventure travel: We roam the globe yet lack insight into what we see

Chapter 1: Eden under siege: Madagascar ... and lessons on Earth's fragility

Chapter 2: Spitting, staring and a square called Tiananmen: China ... and lessons on emigration

Chapter 3: Hiking with children of the rain forest: Borneo ... and lessons on modern missionaries

Chapter 4: Giraffes by the roadside: Kenya and Tanzania ... and lessons on our love-hate relationship to Africa

Chapter 5: Civilities, sheepdogs and bomb survivors: Japan ... and lessons on formal societies

Chapter 6: Waterworlds of the great navigators: Polynesia ... and lessons on why culture survives

Chapter 7: Perfect seas: Thailand ... and lessons on ultimate sailing

Chapter 8: The Odyssey of Sandstorm: Greece ... and lessons on national greatness and decline

Chapter 9: Pyramids in the Americas: The Yucatan ... and lessons on parallel evolution

Chapter 10: Shimmering heat and radiant Buddhists: Burma ... and lessons on the nature of poverty

Chapter 11: Earthly paradises: Java and Bali ... and lessons on how we view Heaven

Chapter 12: A crescent called New Africa: Brazil ... and lessons on racial democracy

Overall lessons