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America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only

America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only - 4th edition

America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780321079848

ISBN10: 0321079841

America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only by J. Martin, R. Roberts, S. Mintz, L. McMurry and J. Jones - ISBN 9780321079848
Edition: 4TH 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only by J. Martin, R. Roberts, S. Mintz, L. McMurry and J. Jones - ISBN 9780321079848

ISBN13: 9780321079848

ISBN10: 0321079841

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America and Its Peoples, Fourth Edition presents American history in an exciting way, with a spirited narrative, vivid character sketches, and colorful anecdotes. The book highlights the rich ethnic diversity of the American people. Social history-with an emphasis on sports, leisure, and popular culture-is integrated with more traditional coverage of military history, politics, and diplomacy.

Author Bio

Martin, James Kirby : University of Houston

Roberts, Randy : Purdue University

Mintz, Steven : University of Houston

McMurry, Linda : North Carolina State University

Jones, James H. : University of Arkansas

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Each Chapter concludes with a ''Conclusion,'' ''Chronology of Key Events,'' ''Review Questions,'' ''Key Terms,'' ''Suggestions for Further Reading,'' and ''Internet Resources.'').

16. The Nation Reconstructed: North, South, and the West, 1865-1877.

''I'd like to see any man put me outer dis house''.
Postwar Conditions and Issues.
The War's Impact on Individuals.
Unresolved Issues.
Presidential Reconstruction.
Lincoln's Plan.
Johnson's Plan.
Black Codes in the South.
Congressional Reconstruction.
''Radical'' Reconstruction.
Black Suffrage.
Reconstruction in the South.
Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Black Republicans.
Character of Republican Rule.
Black and White Economic and Social Adaptation.
Violent White Resistance.
Reconstruction in the North and West.
Northern Shifts in Attitudes.
Western Expansion, Racism, and Native Americans.
Final Retreat from Reconstruction.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: Day of Jubilo: Slaves Confront Emancipation.
The People Speak: Testimony Against the Klan.

17. Emergence as an Economic Power.

''I want to congratulate you on being the richest man in the world''.
America: Land of Plenty.
Mineral and Geographic Possibilities.
Technological Change.
An Expanding Railroad Network.
Creating a Favorable Climate: The Role of Ideology, Politics, and Finance.
Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth.
Laissez-faire in Theory and Practice.
Corporations and Capital Formation.
The Rise of Big Business.
Controlling Competition.
New Managerial Styles and an Expanding Middle Class.
Mass Marketing, Assembly Lines, and Mass Production.
The Power of Bigness.
Varieties of Economic Change in the West and South.
Western Expansion and Exploitation.
The Changing Nature of Farming.
The New South.
Working in Industrial America.
The Conditions of Work.
Worker Discontent.
Early Labor Violence.
Unorganized and Organized Labor.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The Wild West.
The People Speak: The Gospel of Wealth.

18. The Rise of an Urban Society and City People.

A Hatchet on a Sunny Morning.
The New Immigrants.
''Birds of Passage''.
In Search of a New Home.
Nativism: The Anti-immigrant Reaction.
Sources of Conflict.
Closing the Golden Door.
New Cities and New Problems.
City Technology.
The Segregated City.
The Problems of Growth.
From Private City to Public City.
City Culture.
Night Life and Day Life.
From the Genteel Tradition to Realism and Naturalism.
Describing the Urban Jungle.
Painting Urban Reality.
The Sounds of the City.
Entertaining the Multitudes.
Of Fields and Cities.
''I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House''.
The Excluded Americans.
From Central Park to Coney Island.
The Magic of the Flickering Image.
The Agony of Painless Escape.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: College Football Wars.
The People Speak: How the Other Half Lives.

19. End-of-the-Century Crisis.

''You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold''.
Equilibrium and Inertia: The National Political Scene.
Divided Power: The Parties and the Federal Government.
Subtle Differences: The Bases of Party Loyalty.
The Business of Politics: Party Organization.
The Struggle for Inclusion: Women and Politics.
Style over Substance: Government in the Gilded Age, 1877-1892.
Hayes and the ''Money Question''.
Garfield, Arthur, and the Patronage Issue.
Cleveland, the Railroads, and Tariffs.
Harrison and Big Business.
Legislative Activity on Minority Rights and Social Issues.
Revolt of the West and South.
Grievances: Real and Imagined.
The Farmers Organize.
The Agrarian Agenda.
Emergence of the Populist Party.
Depression and Turbulence in the 1890s.
The Roots and Results of the Depression.
Expressions of Worker Discontent.
Deteriorating Race Relations.
The Tide Turns: The Election of 1896.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: ''Rise, Brothers!'': The Black Response to Jim Crow.
The People Speak: Lynch Law in America.

20. Imperial America, 1870-1900.

Looking Outward.
Congressional Control and the Reduction of American Power.
Trimming the State Department.
Reducing the Military.
Seward's Dream.
The Spirit of American Greatness.
American Exceptionalism.
Sense of Duty.
Search for Markets.
The New Navy.
Large Policy.
The Emergence of Aggression in American Foreign Policy.
Confronting the Germans in Samoa.
Teaching Chile a Lesson.
Plucking the Hawaiian Pear.
Facing Down the British.
The War for Empire.
The Spirit of the 1890s.
The Cuban Revolution.
The Yellow Press.
The Spanish-American War.
Freeing Cuba.
The Imperial Debate.
The War to Crush Filipino Independence.
Keeping the Doors Open.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.
The People Speak: March of the Flag.

21. The Progressive Struggle, 1900-1917.

''We object to being called here to meet a criminal''.
The Progressive Impulse.
America in 1901.
Voices for Change.
The Muckrakers.
Progressives in Action.
The Drive to Organize.
Urban Beginnings.
Reform Reaches the State Level.
Progressivism Moves to the National Level.
Roosevelt and New Attitudes Toward Government Power.
Taft and Quiet Progressivism.
Wilson and Moral Progressivism.
Progressivism in the International Arena.
Big Stick Diplomacy.
Dollar Diplomacy.
Missionary Diplomacy.
Progressive Accomplishments, Progressive Failures.
The Impact of Legislation.
Winners and Losers.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The White Plague.
The People Speak: An Account of the Proceedings of the Trial of Susan B. Anthony.

22. The United States and World War I.

The Intellectual Hero of World War I.
The Road to War.
The Guns of August.
American Neutrality.
Allied Violations of Neutrality.
Submarine Warfare.
Preparedness Campaign.
The Election of 1916.
The End of Neutrality.
American Industry Goes to War.
Peace with Labor.
Financing the War.
The American Public Goes to War.
Selling the War.
Political Repression.
Wartime Reform.
African Americans and the Great Migration.
The War Front.
The War at Sea.
Raising an Army.
The Defeat of Germany.
Social Unrest After the War.
Mounting Racial Tension.
Labor Unrest and the Red Scare.
The Treaty of Versailles.
The Fourteen Points.
Discord Among the Victors.
The Struggle for Ratification.
The Election of 1920.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The First Day of the Somme.
The People Speak: Woodrow Wilson, Address to Congress (1917).

23. Modern Times, 1920-1929.

The Woman Rebel.
The Emergence of Modern America.
Urban Growth.
The Rise of a Consumer Economy.
The Formation of Modern American Culture.
Mass Entertainment.
Spectator Sports.
Low-Brow and Middle-Brow Culture.
The Avant-Garde.
The Sex Debate.
The Clash of Cultures.
The New Woman.
The Scopes Trial.
Xenophobia and Restricting Immigration.
The Ku Klux Klan.
African American Protests.
The Harlem Renaissance.
The Republican Restoration.
Handsome Harding.
Silent Cal.
The Twilight of Progressivism.
The Election of 1928.
The Great Crash.
Speculative Manias.
The Market Crashes.
Why It Happened.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The Sexual Revolution of the Early 1900s.
The People Speak: Margaret Sanger, ''Happiness in Marriage'' (1926).

24. The Age of Roosevelt.

Dust Bowl Balladeer.
The Great Depression in Global Perspective.
The Human Toll.
The Dispossessed.
Private and Public Charity.
President Herbert Hoover Responds.
Conservative Responses.
Government Loans.
Franklin Roosevelt and the First New Deal.
The Election of 1932.
The First 100 Days.
The New Dealers.
The Farmers' Plight.
The National Recovery Administration.
Jobs Programs.
Roosevelt's Critics.
The Second New Deal.
The Wagner Act.
Social Security.
The Election of 1936.
The New Deal, Women, and Minority Groups.
African Americans.
Mexican Americans.
Native Americans.
The New Deal in Decline.
Court Packing.
The Depression of 1937.
Popular Culture During the Great Depression.
Artistic and Literary Endeavors.
Hollywood During the Great Depression.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The Tuskegee Syphilis Study.
The People Speak: Frances Perkins, ''The Social Security Act'' (1935).

25. The End of Isolation: America Faces the World, 1920-1945.

The ''Final Solution to the Jewish Problem''.
Diplomacy Between the Wars.
American Diplomacy During the 1920s.
United States Policy Toward Latin America.
The Isolationist Mirage.
The Coming of World War II.
Conflict in the Pacific.
The American Response to Hitler.
War Begins.
''The Arsenal of Democracy''.
A Collision Course in the Pacific.
Pearl Harbor.
America Mobilizes for War.
Mobilizing the Economy.
Taming Inflation.
Election of 1944.
Molding Public Opinion.
Social Changes During the War.
African Americans.
Mexican Americans.
Fear of Enemy Aliens.
Internment of Japanese Americans.
The War in Europe.
The Grand Alliance.
Early Axis Victories.
Stemming the German Tide.
Liberating Europe.
The Yalta Conference.
The War in the Pacific.
Island Hopping.
The Dawn of the Atomic Age.
The Manhattan Project.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The People Speak: Alexander Leighton, ''That Day at Hiroshima'' (1946).
Map Essay: Landings on D-Day: The Longest Day.

26. Waging Peace and War.

On Enemy Ground.
Containing the Russian Bear.
Origins of the Cold War.
A World Divided.
Tough Talk.
The Marshall Plan: ''Saving Western Europe''.
The Containment Policy.
Berlin Test.
Troubling Times.
The Korean War.
The Cold War at Home.
Adjusting to Peace.
Confronting the Demands of Labor.
Failure of the Fair Deal.
Searching for the Enemy Within.
The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy.
The Paranoid Style.
HUAC Goes to Hollywood.
''What's Wrong with Our Kids Today?''
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The Kefauver Crime Committee.
The People Speak: NSC-68.

27. Ike's America.

''What else could we do?''
Quiet Changes.
''I Like Ike''.
''Dynamic Conservatism''.
A Country on Wheels.
Ike, Dulles, and the World.
A New Face in Moscow.
1956: The Dangerous Year.
The Troubled Second Term.
Sputnik and Sputtering Rockets.
Third-World Challenges.
Not with a Bang, But a Whimper.
We Shall Overcome.
Taking Jim Crow to Court.
A Failure of Leadership.
The Word from Montgomery.
The Sounds of Change.
Father Knows Best.
The Other Side of the Coin.
The Meaning of Elvis.
A Different Beat.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: Integration in Sports.
The People Speak: Images and Illusions.

28. Power Shifts: The Emergence of the South and West.

The Duke.
The Emergence of the Southern Rim.
From the Long Hot Summer to the Sunbelt.
A Shift in Race Relations.
The Business of the South Is Business.
The Myth and Reality of the West.
Packaging the West.
Washington and the West.
From Extraction to Diversification.
The Problems and Benefits of Growth.
Politics Western Style.
An Aberration or an Omen?
Shifting Party Loyalties.
The Politics of Liberation.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: AIDS: A Modern Plague.
The People Speak: The Conscience of a Conservative.

29. Vietnam and the Crisis of Authority.

Uncle Ho.
The Illusion of Greatness.
Television's President.
The ''Macho'' Presidency.
Something Short of Camelot.
Cuba Libre Revisited.
Vietnam: America's Longest War.
A Small Corner of a Bigger Picture.
Kennedy's Testing Ground.
Texas Tough in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Lyndon's War.
To Tet and Beyond.
The Politics of a Divided Nation.
The Tortuous Path Toward Peace.
Outsiders on the Inside.
Vietnamization: The Idea and the Process.
A ''Decent Interval''.
The Legacy of the War.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: My Lai and the Question of War Ethics.
The People Speak: Bloods.
Map Essay: Logistics in a Guerrilla War: The Longest War.

30. The Struggle For A Just Society.

A Crusader for the Nation's Consumers.
The Struggle for Racial Justice.
Freedom Now.
To the Heart of Dixie.
Kennedy Finally Acts.
The March on Washington.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Voting Rights.
Black Nationalism and Black Power.
The Civil Rights Movement Moves North.
The Great Society and the Drive for Equality.
White Backlash.
The Struggle Continues.
The Youth Revolt.
The New Left.
The Making and Unmaking of a Counterculture.
Liberation Movements.
Women's Liberation.
Sources of Discontent.
Feminism Reborn.
Radical Feminism.
The Growth of Feminist Ideology.
The Supreme Court and Sex Discrimination.
The Equal Rights Amendment.
Impact of the Women's Liberation Movement.
!Viva La Rasa!
The Native American Power Movement.
Gay and Lesbian Liberation.
The Earth First.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: Cesar Chavez and La Causa.
The People Speak: Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham City Jail.

31. America in Our Time.

''Dirty Tricks''.
Crisis of Political Leadership.
Restraining the Imperial Presidency.
New-Style Presidents.
Wrenching Economic Transformations.
The Age of Inflation.
Oil Embargo.
Foreign Competition and Deindustrialization.
Whipping Stagflation.
A New American Role in the World.
Foreign Policy Triumphs.
No Island of Stability.
The Reagan Revolution.
The Reagan Doctrine.
A Remarkable Ideological Turnaround.
The Reagan Revolution in Perspective.
The Bush Presidency.
A Kinder, Gentler Nation.
Economic and Foreign Policy.
Collapse of Communism.
The Persian Gulf War.
Enter Bill Clinton.
The Clinton Presidency.
''It's the Economy, Stupid''.
Foreign Policy.
Internet Resources.
The American Mosaic: The End of Two Eras.
The People Speak: The Starr Report and the White House Rebuttal.
Map Essay: The First Crisis of the Post-Cold War Era: The Persian Gulf War.

Other Editions of America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 2 from 1865 - Text Only

America and Its Peoples, Mosaic in the Making : Volume 2 by James Martin, Roberts, Mintz, McMurry and Jones - ISBN 9780321162151