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America and Its Peoples, Volume 2 - Study Edition

America and Its Peoples, Volume 2 - Study Edition - 5th edition

America and Its Peoples, Volume 2 - Study Edition - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780321419972

ISBN10: 0321419979

America and Its Peoples, Volume 2 - Study Edition by Martin, Roberts, Mintz, McMurry and Jones - ISBN 9780321419972
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
America and Its Peoples, Volume 2 - Study Edition by Martin, Roberts, Mintz, McMurry and Jones - ISBN 9780321419972

ISBN13: 9780321419972

ISBN10: 0321419979

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 07

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The Study Edition of America and its Peoples is loaded with features designed specifically to enhance the performance of students, save them time studying and help them perform better on examinations, including Expanded Chapter Reviews and Practice Tests!

As with the Fifth Edition of America and its Peoples,social history-with an emphasis on sports, leisure, and popular culture-is effectively integrated with more traditional coverage of military history, politics, and diplomacy. This edition highlights the rich ethnic diversity of the American people with vivid character sketches, colorful anecdotes, primary sources, new pedagogy, and a spirited narrative.


  • "The People Speak." This feature integrates primary source excerpts into every chapter. These concise documents include a brief headnote that identifies and contextualizes the piece. The documents have been chosen to highlight the book's emphasis on diversity, multiculturalism, and social history.
  • Critical Thinking Review Questions. Chapter-ending questions focus on major ideas and broad themes, rather than on incidents or individuals, inviting students to reflect on and think critically about the material covered in the chapter. The questions can be used to initiate class discussion, as a focus for student papers, or as essay exam questions.
  • "American Mosaic" essays. These essays, which appear in each chapter, examine a topic related to the chapter themes that emphasizes the diversity of American society.
  • "Road to War" tables provide concise, chronological summaries of key events that contributed to the outbreak of war.
  • "Battlefield Picture Maps" and accompanying essays offer detailed visual representations and narrative discussion of combat scenarios. Each Picture Map provides students with a geographic representation of a specific battle while the essay provides detailed description and analysis, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of critical wartime events.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

16. The Nation Reconstructed: North, South, and the West, 1865-1877.

17. Emergence as an Economic Power.

18. The Rise of an Urban Society and City People.

19. End-of-the-Century Crisis.

20. Imperial America, 1870-1900.

21. The Progressive Struggle, 1900-1917.

22. The United States and World War I.

23. Modern Times, 1920-1929.

24. The Age of Roosevelt.

25. The End of Isolation: America Faces the World, 1920-1945.

26. Waging Peace and War.

27. Ike's America.

28. Vietnam and the Crisis of Authority.

29. The Struggle for a Just Society.

30. Power Shifts: The Emergence of the South and West.

31. Crises and Resurgence.

32. America in Our Time.