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American Art: History and Culture

American Art: History and Culture - rev edition

American Art: History and Culture - rev edition

ISBN13: 9780072823295

ISBN10: 0072823291

American Art: History and Culture by Wayne Craven - ISBN 9780072823295
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
American Art: History and Culture by Wayne Craven - ISBN 9780072823295

ISBN13: 9780072823295

ISBN10: 0072823291

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 03

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American Art set the standard for American art survey courses for the last decade by providing a thorough and engaging chronology of American art, including painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, photography, folk art, and graphic arts. Wayne Craven presents art and artists within the context of their times, including insights into the intellectual, spiritual, and political environment. Along the way, Craven charts the growth of a distinctly American art culture. The resulting book is as much a history of American culture as of American art.

Features :

  • NEW! Illustrations. With over 750 illustrations, American Art gives instructors the most flexibility any American art survey text currently available. Additionally, 64 more illustrations are now presented in full color in this revised edition.
  • Cultural Context. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the cultural context of the period within which the chapter's artworks were created.
  • Breadth of Coverage. Craven offers the most comprehensive survey of American art from its beginnings in the colonial period through contemporary works.
  • Updated Bibliograhy. The bibliography has been updated to include the most recent sources.

Author Bio

Craven, Wayne : University of Delaware

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One : Colonial America

Chapter 1 The New World and New Spain
Chapter 2 Architecture and Decorative Arts: Virginia, New England, and New Netherland in the Seventeenth Century
Chapter 3 Painting and Sculpture: The Seventeenth Century
Chapter 4 Architecture and Decorative Arts: 1700-1750
Chapter 5 Painting and Sculpture: 1700-1750
Chapter 6 Architecture and Decorative Arts: 1750-1776
Chapter 7 Painting: after 1750

Part Two : The Federal Period

Chapter 8 Architecture: 1785-1830
Chapter 9 Decorative Arts: 1785-1830
Chapter 10 Painting: The Tradition of the Grand Manner, 1785-1830
Chapter 11 Painting: Still Life, Genre, Landscape, and Natural History, 1785-1830
Chapter 12 Sculpture: 1795-1830

Part Three : The Romantic Period

Chapter 13 Architecture: The Age of Romanticism and Eclecticism, 1825-1870
Chapter 14 The Decorative Arts: The Age of Romanticism and Eclecticism, 1800-1870
Chapter 15 Painting: Landscape, 1825-1870
Chapter 16 Painting: Genre, Narrative, Still Life, and Portraiture, 1825-70
Chapter 17 Photography: The Early Years, 1839-1870
Chapter 18 Sculpture: Neoclassicism and Naturalism, 1825-1870
Chapter 19 Folk Art: A Special Mode of Vision

Part Four : The American Renaissance

Chapter 20 Architecture: The Age of Capitalism, Imperialism, and High Society, 1870-1900
Chapter 21 Towards Modern Architecture: New Technologies and the Advent of the Skyscraper,1850-1900
Chapter 22 The Artful Interior: Cosmopolitanism, The Aesthetic Movement, and the American Home, 1870- 1900
Chapter 23 Painting: The Naturalistic Tradition and Cosmopolitanism, 1870-1900
Chapter 24 Painting: American Impressionism, American Renaissance, and Trompe L'Oeil Realism
Chapter 25 Photography, 1870-1900Chapter 26 Sculpture: From the American Renaissance to the Western Frontier, 1870-1900

Part Five : Early Modern Period

Chapter 27 Architecture: The First Generation of Modernism, 1900-1940
Chapter 28 Decorative Arts and Interiors: The Age of the Machine and Streamlining, 1900-1940
Chapter 29 Painting: Realism and Regionalism, 1900-1940
Chapter 30 Painting: The Modern Mode, 1900-1940
Chapter 31 Photography: Aesthetic Maturity, 1900-1940
Chapter 32 Sculpture: Tradition, Diversity, and Anarchy, 1900-1940

Part Six : Postwar Modern, Postmodern Art

Chapter 33 Architecture: The International Style and the "Glass Box," 1940 to the Present
Chapter 34 Architecture: Diversity and Reaction, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 35 Design in America: Modern and Postmodern, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 36 Painting: The African-American Experience, Social Realism, and Abstraction, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 37 Painting: Hardedge Colorfield, Pop Art, and Realism, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 38 Sculpture: Old Traditions and New Directions, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 39 Sculpture: Feminism, Found Objects, Pop. Minimalism, and Realism, 1940 to the Present
Chapter 40 Photography: 1940 to the Present

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American Art : History and Culture by Wayne Craven - ISBN 9780697167637