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American Body in Context : An Anthology

American Body in Context : An Anthology - 01 edition

American Body in Context : An Anthology - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780842028592

ISBN10: 0842028595

American Body in Context : An Anthology by Jessica R.  Ed. Johnston - ISBN 9780842028592
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Scholarly Resources, Inc.
International: No
American Body in Context : An Anthology by Jessica R.  Ed. Johnston - ISBN 9780842028592

ISBN13: 9780842028592

ISBN10: 0842028595

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01

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The body is a physical entity and a symbolic artifact. It is both created in the world of nature and also physically reconstructed by a culture. The body is both an internal, subjective environment and simultaneously an object for others to observe and evaluate. Bodily practices, woven within a dense web of social relationships, are then both individual and collective -- the individual body expresses cultural values, rules, and regulations in the daily routine of living.

The American Body in Context: An Anthology is an interdisciplinary investigation of these body relationships, examining the American historical and contemporary constructions of the body. Through readings and exercises, this new book allows readers to explore interrelationships between the individualized and the constructed nature of embodied experiences. This comprehensive text draws together a wide variety of analyses and demonstrates the interdependence between the individual and the structural (re)productions of embodied experiences in the U.S.

This is an excellent text for courses in American studies, American society, cultural and social anthropology, and gender studies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I. Minds and Bodies

1. Descartes Goes to Hollywood: Mind, Body and Gender in Contemporary Cyborg Cinema, Samantha Holland
2. The Lived Experience of Disability, Kay Toombs
3. Souls of Silicon, Frederik Pohl and Hans Moravec

Part II. Social Bodies

4. The Body in Consumer Culture, Mike Featherstone
5. The Embodiment of Masculinity: Cultural, Psychological and Behavioral Dimensions, Marc E. Mishkind, Judith Rodin, Lisa R. Silberstein, and Ruth E. Striegel-Moore
6. "Material Girl": The Effacements of Postmodern Culture, Susan Bordo
7. Michael Jordan's Family Values: Marketing, Meaning, and Post-Reagan America, Mary G. McDonald
8. Concord Watch Advertisement

Part III. Disciplined Bodies

9. On Blowing One's Nose, Norbert Elias
10. Medicine as an Institution of Social Control, Irving K. Zola
11. Put Your Hands in Your Own Laps: Disciplining the Student Body, Barbara Kamler, Rob MacLean, Jo-Anne Reid, and Alyson Simpson
12. The Visible Man: The Execution and Electronic Afterlife of Joseph Paul Jernigan

Part IV. Resisting Bodies

13. Body Narratives, Body Boundaries, Emily Martin
14. Firm But Shapely, Fit But Sexy, Strong But Thin: The Postmodern Aerobicizing Female Bodies, Pirkko Markula
15. Heavy Judgment: A Sister Talks About the Pain of "Living Large", Deborah Gregory