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American Courts : Process and Policy

American Courts : Process and Policy - 5th edition

American Courts : Process and Policy - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780618122899

ISBN10: 0618122893

American Courts : Process and Policy by Lawrence Baum - ISBN 9780618122899
Edition: 5TH 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
American Courts : Process and Policy by Lawrence Baum - ISBN 9780618122899

ISBN13: 9780618122899

ISBN10: 0618122893

Edition: 5TH 01

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Scholar Lawrence Baum presents thorough descriptions of the courts and their activities with clear, engaging prose to foster student interest. Comprehensive and current, the text offers explanations of what the courts do, how officers of the court perform their duties, and how the judicial branch relates to the rest of the political system. Cases from most of the 50 states--reflecting the diversity of laws throughout the country--help students better understand and evaluate the courts role in the legal process.

Chapter conclusions reinforce key concepts, and annotated bibliographies point students to key sources, both classic and contemporary, for further research and reading. In addition, tables and charts throughout illustrate main points in the text.

  • New! Fully updated cases include some regarding the 2000 Presidential election.
  • New! Expanded and updated coverage of entering the law profession.
  • New! End-of-chapter Internet resources guide students to relevant web sites.
  • New! Sixty percent of the text exhibits are completely new, covering recent judicial events and issues such as the 2000 Presidential election, the prosecution of Linda Tripp, and the battle over "tort reform."

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Chapters 2-9 end with Conclusions, For Further Reading, Internet Resources, and Notes.

1. An Overview of the Courts

Courts and Law
Understanding Courts as Institutions
The Roles of Courts: Functions and Impact
Explaining Court Processes and Outcomes
Evaluating Courts

2. Court Organization

General Principles of Court Organization
The Federal Courts
The State Court Systems
3. Lawyers
The Legal Profession
Access to Legal Services
The Lawyer-Client Relationship

4. The Selection of Judges

General Issues in Judicial Selection
The Selection of Federal Judges
The Selection of State Judges
The Impact of Formal Selection Systems

5. Judges

Judges' Backgrounds
Judges on the Bench
The Quality of Judicial Performance

6. Trial Courts: Criminal Cases

An Overview of Criminal Courts
Bringing Cases to Court
Plea Bargaining
Criminal Trials
Sentencing Decisions

7. Trial Courts: Civil Cases

An Overview of Civil Courts
Deciding Whether to Litigate
The Litigation Process
Winners and Losers

8. Appellate Courts: The Process

An Overview of Appellate Courts
Screening Cases
Decision Making

9. Appellate Courts: Policy and Impact

Appellate Court Decisions as Policies
The Impact of Appellate Court Policies