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American Govt. : 2004 Texas Ed.

American Govt. : 2004 Texas Ed. - rev edition

American Govt. : 2004 Texas Ed. - rev edition

ISBN13: 9780321195739

ISBN10: 0321195736

American Govt. : 2004 Texas Ed. by Karen O
Edition: REV 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
American Govt. : 2004 Texas Ed. by Karen O

ISBN13: 9780321195739

ISBN10: 0321195736

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Longman is proud to present the Second Edition of the Texas Edition of O'Connor and Sabato's highly esteemed best-seller.

The Texas politics section--7 chapters added to the end of the text--is by Stefan Haag and Gary A. Keith, authors of the highly regarded Texas Politics and Government,Third Edition (Longman, 2003). Thoroughly updated through the 2002 elections and the current trends facing the American government, this Texas Edition will provide students with an up-to-date and engaging introduction to American government and Texas government. Following the lead of O'Connor and Sabato's text, it features a distinctive "Continuity and Change" theme.

Features :

  • "Roots of Government" boxes present a figure or event in our nation's history integral to the shaping of America's political past, present, and future.
  • "Global Politics" boxes throughout the text look at aspects of our government in a comparative view, giving students a deeper understanding of the distinctiveness of our system.
  • TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE--"Web Exploration" icons in the margins of the text direct students to these exercises on O'Connor's Companion Website. Students are sent to select Web sites to explore topics in greater depth and are asked to answer critical thinking questions about the material they find. Their answers to these critical thinking questions can be emailed to professors.
  • TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE--Multimedia Edition CD-ROM. Taking students beyond the printed page, this CD offers a complete multimedia learning experience. It contains the full text of the book on CD, with hyperlinks to video clips, interactive practice tests, Webs links, figures, photos, primary sources, and more. FREE when ordered packaged with this text.
  • Superior coverage of diversity--ethnic, racial, and gender--throughout the book.

New To This Edition :

  • NEW! "Join the Debate" Included in most chapters, this two-page feature introduces students to a provocative issue under debate today and explores that issue by using a real news article, news commentary, or transcript. Using the supporting questions and guidance provided by the authors, students are invited to apply their critical thinking skills to the topic, analyze the sides of the debate and the arguments presented, and decide where they stand on the issue.
  • NEW! "Analyzing Visuals" This feature is designed to increase students' visual literacy. Building on the popular "Analyzing the Data" feature from the last edition, this new feature examines a greater variety of images--including news photographs and political cartoons--as well as tables, bar graphs, line graphs, and maps. Using introductory captions, pointers, critical thinking questions, and a primer that appears in the front of the text, students are given the tools they need to analyze and interpret the visual information they'll encounter as both students and citizens of the United States in the 21th century.
  • New! "On Campus" boxed features throughout the text talk about on issue directly relevant to students' lives, helping them to see the impact politics and policy has on them. Topics include violence against women on campus, the national alcohol policy, and student loans.
  • NEW! The text has been completely updated to include new discussions of the Bush Administration, the 108th Congress, the war on terror, and the potential war with Iraq. Specific new discussions also include: expansion of federal powers after 9/11; the impact of 9/11 on civil liberties; Supreme Court's 2001-2002 rulings on school vouchers, Internet child pornography, mandatory drug testing of high school students participating in extracurricular activities, and the execution of the mentally retarded for capital murder; the expansion of the federal bureaucracy in the form of the Office of Homeland Security; the battle over court nominations in the new administration; campaign finance reform; the midterm election sweep by Republicans.
  • REVISED! "Continuity and Change" sections at the end of each chapter discuss the evolution of a particular aspect of American government and then ask students to critically consider where the topic is heading--another excellent springboard for class discussion. Many of these sections have been revised to examine new topics of even greater relevance to students.
  • TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE--Access to Version 2.0 included in every new copy of the text!, the most interactive and comprehensive Web site available for American government, has just gotten even better. Version 2.0 offers dramatic enhancements including: (1) a graphically stunning new interface; (2) text-specific versions of the site; (3) redesigned, updated, and new Simulations, Visual Literacy exercises, Interactive Timelines, Participation activities, and Comparative exercises; (4) a new "Politics Now" current events feature that offers a daily headline feed from the New York Times; (5) access to powerful, easy-to-use Instructor Administration features and through CourseCompass.

Author Bio

O'Connor, Karen : American University

Sabato, Larry J. : University of Virginia

Haag, Stefan : Austin Community College

Keith, Gary A. : University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Political Landscape.
2. The Constitution.
3. Federalism.
4. State and Local Government.
5. Civil Liberties.
6. Civil Rights.


7. Congress.
8. The Presidency.
9. The Bureaucracy.
10. The Judiciary.


11. Public Opinion and Political Socialization.
12. Political Parties.
13. Voting and Elections.
14. The Campaign Process.
15. The News Media.
16. Interest Groups.


17. Social Welfare Policy.
18. Economic Policy.
19. Foreign and Military Policy.


20. The Context for Texas Politics and Government.
21. The Texas Constitution.
22. Local Government and Politics in Texas.
24. The Governor and Bureaucracy.
25. The Texas Judiciary.
26. Political Parties, Interest Groups, Elections and Campaigns in Texas.


A. The Declaration of Independence.
B. The Constitution of the United States of America.
C. The Federalist No. 10.
D. The Federalist No. 51.
E. Presidents, Congresses, and Chief Justices: 1789-1996.

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