American History, Volume II (Text Only) 10th edition (9780073033921) -
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American History, Volume II (Text Only)

American History, Volume II (Text Only) - 10th edition

American History, Volume II (Text Only) - 10th edition

ISBN13: 9780073033921

ISBN10: 0073033928

American History, Volume II (Text Only) by Alan Brinkley - ISBN 9780073033921
Edition: 10TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
American History, Volume II (Text Only) by Alan Brinkley - ISBN 9780073033921

ISBN13: 9780073033921

ISBN10: 0073033928

Edition: 10TH 99

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Highly-respected for its impeccable scholarship and elegant writing style, American History: A Survey continues its strong tradition of balanced coverage of the social, cultural, political, diplomatic, economic, and legal aspects of American history. Popular features such as "Where Historians Disagree" and "Environmental History Essays," have been revised and updated, the last two chapters have been revised and reorganized, and the supplements package has been enhanced and expanded. The most significant revisions in this new 10th edition focus on a considerable expansion of social and cultural history. This coverage, integrated throughout the text, is most apparent in all-new boxed features called "Patterns of Popular Culture" which provide commentary on the changing ways in which Americans entertained, educated, and amused themselves through the centuries.

"Patterns of Popular Culture" boxes show popular culture throughout history with an emphasis on

  • Visual presentation (primarily photographs).
  • Examples of topics include: Slaves' Music, Yellow Journalism, The Age of Swing, Rap Music, etc.
  • Twenty-four in all, these essays will engage and invite students into the ages they are studying.
  • Expanded coverage of cultural history throughout the text.

6 new "Where Historians Disagree" essays.

  • Examples include: the debate over the size of the colonial population, the causes of the Great Depression, and Watergate.
  • Substantial revision of the final chapters to reshape the coverage of social, economic, and cultural issues, as well as to add recent events.
  • An increase in the number of illustrations, photos, and maps. All maps and charts now have captions.
  • Bibliographies and suggested readings have been updated and revised to include not only books and journals, but films and websites.
  • Authorship: Alan Brinkley's attention to historical scholarship, awareness of students' needs, and elegant prose style drives this book to its place among the best-sellers in the field.
  • Balance between political and cultural history: This book has adapted to the changing emphasis in the study of history throughout its 10 editions to present a full and balanced survey, and through careful editing remains appropriate for most courses in depth and length.
  • "Where Historians Disagree" essays: This series of essays sprinkled throughout the text provide students with a sense of how the evolving nature of historical scholarship informs our present-day interpretations.
  • "The American Environment" essays, written expressly for this text by noted environmental historian William Cronan, introduce students to this relevant and intriguing topic.

Author Bio

Brinkley, Alan : Columbia University in the City of New York

Alan Brinkley is the Allan Nevins Professor of American History at Columbia University. He is the author of Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and the Great Depression, which won the 1983 American Book Award; The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People; The End of Reform: New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War; and Liberalism and its Discontents. He was educated at Princeton and Harvard and has taught at M.I.T., Harvard (where he received the Joseph R. Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize), Princeton, the City University of New York Graduate School, and Oxford University, where he was the Harmsworth Professor of American History in 1998-99. His articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in The American Historical Review, The Journal of American History, The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine and Book Review, The New Republic, The Times Literary Supplement, and other journals.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 15: Reconstruction And The New South

1. The Problems Of Peacemaking
2. Radical Reconstruction
3. The South In Reconstruction
4. The Grant Administration
5. The Abandonment Of Reconstruction
6. The New South

Chapter 16: The Conquest Of The Far West

1. The Societies Of The Far West
2. The Changing Western Economy
3. The Romance Of The West
4. The Dispersal Of The Tribes
5. The Rise And Decline Of The Western Farmer

Chapter 17: Industrial Supremacy

1. Sources Of Industrial Growth
2. Capitalism And Its Critics
3. Industrial Workers In The New Economy

Chapter 18: The Age Of The City

1. The Urbanization Of America
2. The Urban Landscape
3. Strains Of Urban Life
4. The Rise Of Mass Consumption
5. Leisure In The Consumer Society
6. High Culture In The Age Of The City

Chapter 19: From Stalemate To Crisis

1. The Politics Of Equilibrium
2. The Agrarian Revolt
3. The Crisis Of The 1890s
4. A "Cross Of Gold"

Chapter 20: The Imperial Republic

1. Stirrings Of Imperialism
2. War Within Spain
3. The Republic As Empire

Chapter 21: The Rise Of Progressivism

1. The Progressive Impulse
2. Women And Reform
3. The Assault On The Parties
4. Sources Of Progressive Reform
5. Crusades For Order And Reform

Chapter 22: The Battle For National Reform

1. Theodore Roosevelt And The Modern Presidency
2. The Troubled Succession
3. Woodrow Wilson And The New Freedom
4. "The Big Stick": America And The World, 1901-1917

Chapter 23: America And The Great War

1. The Road To War
2. "War Without Stint"
3. The War And American Society
4. The Search For Social Unity
5. The Search For A New World Order
6. A Society In Turmoil

Chapter 24: The New Era

1. The New Economy
2. The New Culture
3. A Conflict Of Cultures
4. Republican Government

Chapter 25: The Great Depression

1. The Coming Of The Great Depression
2. The American People In Hard Times
3. The Depression And American Culture
4. The Ordeal Of Herbert Hoover

Chapter 26: The New Deal

1. Launching The New Deal
2. The New Deal In Transition
3. The New Deal In Disarray
4. Limits And Legacies Of The Deal

Chapter 27: The Global Crisis, 1921-1941

1. The Diplomacy Of The New Era
2. Isolationism And Internationalism
3. From Neutrality To Intervention

Chapter 28: America In A World At War

1. War On Two Fronts
2. The American People In Wartime
3. The Defeat Of The Axis

Chapter 29: The Cold War

1. Orgins Of The Cold War
2. The Souring Of The Peace
3. American Politics And Society After The War
4. The Korean War
5. The Crusades Against Subversion

Chapter 30: The Affluent Society

1. The Economic "Miracle"
2. People Of Plenty
3. The "Other America"
4. The Rise Of The Civil Rights Movement
5. Eisenhower And Republicanism
6. Eisenhower, Dulles, And The Cold War

Chapter 31: The Order Of Liberalism

1. Expanding The Liberal State
2. The Battle For Racial Equality
3. "Flexible Response" And The Cold War
4. Vietnam
5. The Traumas Of 1968

Chapter 32: The Crisis Of Authority

1. The Youth Culture
2. The Mobilization Of Minorities
3. The New Feminism
4. Nixon, Kissinger, And The War
5. Nixon, Kissinger, And The World
6. Politics And Economics Under Nixon
7. The Watergate Crisis

Chapter 33: The "Age Of Limits"

1. Politics And Diplomacy After Watergate
2. The Rise Of The New American Right
3. The "Reagan Revolution"

Chapter 34: Modern Times

1. America And The Waning Of The Cold War
2. The Global Economy
3. A Changing Society
4. A Contested Culture


The United States
Topographical Map Of The United States
The World
United States Territorial Expansion, 1783-1898

Documents And Tables

The Declaration Of Independence
The Constitution Of The United States Of America
Presidential Elections
Vice Presidents And Cabinet Members
Population Of The United States, 1790-1993
Employment, 1870-1992
Production, Trade, And Federal Spending/Debt, 1790-1992

List Of Illustrations
List Of Maps
List Of Charts

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American History, Volume II by Alan Brinkley - ISBN 9780072936728