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American Indians and the Urban Experience

American Indians and the Urban Experience - 01 edition

American Indians and the Urban Experience - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780742502758

ISBN10: 0742502759

American Indians and the Urban Experience by Susan Lobo - ISBN 9780742502758
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: AltaMira Press
International: No
American Indians and the Urban Experience by Susan Lobo - ISBN 9780742502758

ISBN13: 9780742502758

ISBN10: 0742502759

Edition: 01

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Modern American Indian life is urban, rural, and everything in-between. Lobo and Peters have compiled an unprecedented collection of innovative scholarship, stunning art, poetry, and prose that documents American Indian experiences of urban life. A pervasive rural/urban dichotomy still shapes the popular and scholarly perceptions of Native Americans, but this is a false expression of a complex and constantly changing reality. When viewed from the Native perspectives, our concepts of urbanity and approaches to American Indian studies are necessarily transformed. Courses in Native American studies, ethnic studies, anthropology, and urban studies must be in step with contemporary Indian realities, and American Indians and the Urban Experience will be an absolutely essential text for instructors. This powerful combination of path-breaking scholarship and visual and literary arts-from poetry and photography to rap and graffiti-will be enjoyed by students, scholars, and a general audience.

Author Bio

Lobo, Susan :

Susan Lobo is a cultural anthropologist and consultant working primarily for American Indian tribes and community organizations in the U.S. and Central and South America.

Peters, Kurt M. : Oregon State University

Kurt M. Peters is associate professor of Native American and comparative ethnic studies at Oregon State University.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

American Indians and the Urban Experience

Donald L. Fixico
Susan Lobo
The Path to the Milky Way Leads to Los Angeles
Joy Harjo

Overview of Urbanism

Susan Lobo
The Urban Tradition Among Native Americans
Jack Forbes
Two Worlds
Dugan Aguilar
Telling the Indian Urban: Representations in American Indian Fiction
Carol Miller
Coyote as a Simple Man
L. Frank Manriquez
Yaqui Culture and Linguistic Evolution through a History of Urbanization
Octaviana V. Trujillo

Structuring and Dynamics of Urban Communities

Susan Lobo
Is Urban a Person or a Place?: Characteristics of Urban Indian Country
Susan Lobo
Retribalization inUrban Indian Communities
Terry Straus and Debra Valentino
And the Drumbeat Still Goes On...Urban Indian Institutional Survival into the New Millenium
Joan Weibel-Orlando
Carter Revard/Nompewathe
Continuing Identity: Laguna Pueblo Railroaders in Richmond, California
Kurt M. Peters
Feminists or Reformers? American Indian Women and Community in Phoenix, 1965-1980
Paivi Hoikkala
Metropolitan Indian Series #1
Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie
The Cid
Julian Lang
Derek and Peter at the Bus Stop
L. Frank Manriquez
An Urban Platform for Advocating Justice: Protecting the Menominee Forest
David R. M. Beck

Individuals and Families in Urban Contexts

Susan Lobo
Ruby Roast
Esther Belin
Urban (Trans)Formations: Changes in the Meaning and Use of American Indian Identiy
Angela A. Gonzales
Ironworker I and Ironworker II
Pena Bonita
"This Hole in Our Heart": The Urban-Raised Generation and the Legacy of Silence
Deborah Davis Jackson
Mantelpiece and Girl Watching T.V.
John Collier Jr.
Quiet Desperation
Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Jimmy Curtiss
Weaving Andean Networks in Unstable Labor Markets
Alex Julca
A Poem Maybe for Tina Deschenie
Michael Thompson
Kokopeli Gigging in the City
Larry Rodriguez Sr.
Red Wit in the City: Urban Indian Comedy
Darby Li Po Price
Indian Pride
Mike Rodriguez
Healing through Grief: Urban Indians Reimagining Culture and Community
Renya Ramirez
Red White & Blue
Cris LaMarr/WithOut Rezervation
Youngest Trapper on 7th Street
Pena Bonita
My Uncle
Taweah Garcia
Downtown Oklahoma City-1952
Victoria Bomberry
Letter Home
Edgar Jackson/Anawrok
Rejection and Belonging in Addiction and Recovery: Four Urban Indian Men in Milwaukee
Christine T. Lowery
Excerpt from a Work in Progress
Parris Butler
Mattie Goes Traveling
Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie



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