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American Passages, Compact Edition

American Passages, Compact Edition - 3rd edition

American Passages, Compact Edition - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780618914067

ISBN10: 0618914064

American Passages, Compact Edition by Edward L. Ayers - ISBN 9780618914067
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
American Passages, Compact Edition by Edward L. Ayers - ISBN 9780618914067

ISBN13: 9780618914067

ISBN10: 0618914064

Edition: 3RD 07

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Throughout its engaging pages and scaled back design that translate to a great low price as part of the Wadsworth Advantage Series, AMERICAN PASSAGES COMPACT EDITION places a unique emphasis on cause and effect relationships over time, allowing students to gain a view of American history as a complete, compelling narrative. Rather than categorizing facets of historical change into ahistorical abstractions, such as "themes" or "topics", this text emphasizes the intertwined nature of three key characteristics of time - sequence, simultaneity, and contingency. With an unparalleled sense of clarity and purpose, the authors convey how events grow from other events, people's actions, and broad structural changes (sequence), how apparently disconnected events occurred in close chronological proximity to one another and were situated in larger, shared contexts (simultaneity), and how history suddenly pivoted because of events, personalities, and unexpected outcomes (contingency).

New to the Edition

  • This black and white version of the text contains four 8-page color map inserts for both visual stimulation and regional differentiation.
  • Doing History Online features at the end of each chapter highlight exercises from HistoryNow that encourage students to explore history through documents, maps, and images.
  • New "America and the World" maps are now included in the eight "Passages" to help set the American story in global context. The maps identify specific locations and cultures where the people of America were interacting with particular salience at that time. The maps remind students that people in the Americas came from other places, that the U.S. was always living in and dealing with others in the world, and that those relations were always changing. Each line on the map will be accompanied by a brief caption telling about the relationship.
  • Important terms and names appear in boldface in the text. In addition, the expanded "Identifications" list presents the names of key chapter terms (including events, figures, places, and concepts).
  • Professors can hand select readings from over 900 primary source documents and create a reader that's a perfect match for their syllabus and course goals. Visit and click on DOCUMENTING THE AMERICAN PAST for a full list of sources or contact your sales representative to request a sample reader and a printed listing of source options.


  • With a unique emphasis on cause and effect relationships over time, the authors provide balanced coverage of political, economic, social, cultural, military, religious, and intellectual history.
  • The authors, who are well-respected scholars in their respective areas of specialization, provide a current and accurate narrative history of America.
  • Eight "Passages" features use visuals and narratives to illustrate the passage of time and act as both a summation of previous material and a preview of what is to come (connections across chapters). These essays appear every fourth chapter, introducing the coming chapters with maps that indicate political boundaries, settlements, and other geographical changes throughout the given time period often giving a comparative look at events, people and movements. The combination of the "Passages" sections with the chapter introductions and conclusions show the progression of history and the integration of people, events, and movements within the whole story rather than history in isolation.
  • Doing History Online features highlight exercises from HistoryNow that allow students to explore history through documents, maps, and images.
  • The solid mapping and illustration program includes more than 100 maps, photos, reproductions of works of fine art, political cartoons, posters, architectural plans, book covers, contemporary advertisements, graphs and tables.
  • Wadsworth's U.S. History Video Library features a comprehensive selection of videos from Films for the Humanities and Sciences and other sources. Titles include "Colonialism, Nationalism, and Migration"; "From Workshops to Factory"; "Revolution, Progress: Politics, Technology, and Science"; and many more. Videos are available to qualified adopters; contact your Thomson Wadsworth representative for details.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Contact, Conflict, and Exchange in the Atlantic World to 1590.
2. Colonization of North America, 1590-1675.
3. Crisis and Changes, 1675-1720.
4. The Expansion of Colonial British America, 1720-1763.

PASSAGES: 1764 TO 1814.

5. Wars for Independence, 1764-1783.
6. Toward a More Perfect Union, 1783-1788.
7. The Federalist Republic, 1789-1799.
8. The New Republic Faces a New Century, 1800-1815.

PASSAGES: 1815 TO 1855.

9. Exploded Boundaries, 1815-1828.
10. The Years of Andrew Jackson, 1829-1836.
11. Panic and Boom, 1837-1845.
12. Expansion and Reaction, 1846-1854.

PASSAGES: 1855 TO 1877.

13. Broken Bonds, 1855-1861.
14. Descent Into War, 1861-1862.
15. Blood and Freedom, 1863-1867.
16. Reconstruction Abandoned, 1867-1877.

PASSAGES: 1877 TO 1909.

17. An Economy Transformed: The Rise of Big Business, 1877-1887.
18. Urban Growth and Farm Protest, 1887-1893.
19. A Troubled Nation Expands Outward, 1893-1901.
20. Theodore Roosevelt and Progressive Reform, 1901-1909.

PASSAGES: 1909 TO 1933.

21. Progressivism at High Tide, 1909-1914.
22. Over There and Over Here: The Impact of World War War I, 1914-1921.
23. The Age of Jazz and Mass Culture, 1921-1927.
24. The Great Depression, 1927-1933.

PASSAGES: 1933 TO 1960.

25. The New Deal, 1933-1939.
26. The Second World War, 1940-1945.
27 Postwar America, 1946-1952.
28 The Eisenhower Years, 1953-1960.

PASSAGES: 1960 TO 2006.

29 The Turbulent Years, 1960-1968.
30. Crisis of Confidence, 1969-1980.
31. The Reagan-Bush Years, 1981-1992.
32. From Prosperity to Terrorism, 1992-2006.


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