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American Social Welfare Policy

American Social Welfare Policy - 5th edition

American Social Welfare Policy - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780205401826

ISBN10: 0205401821

American Social Welfare Policy by Howard Karger and David Stoesz - ISBN 9780205401826
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 5TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
American Social Welfare Policy by Howard Karger and David Stoesz - ISBN 9780205401826

ISBN13: 9780205401826

ISBN10: 0205401821

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 5TH 06

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Now featuring a full color design, the best-selling text for policy analysis provides students with a comprehensive overview of social welfare policy in the United States while examining cutting-edge issues.

Thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the impact of dramatic changes in social welfare policy, the Fifth Edition continues to focus on how the major sectors of social welfare policy--the voluntary, governmental, and corporate sectors--operate and co-exist (the ''pluralist approach''), while also offering a clear, user-friendly framework for policy analysis. Among the cutting edge issues covered in this edition are: technology and social welfare policy, the fringe economy, religion and social policy, the transformation of public assistance policy into labor policy, and the relationship between tax policy and social welfare policy.

The Fifth Edition has been redesigned to enhance its readability for students. The authors have streamlined much of the narrative and used full color charts and graphs to make the material even easier to comprehend.


  • Provides students with a comprehensive overview of the social, political, and economic forces that shape social welfare policy and offers a user-friendly framework for policy analysis.
  • Helps students sort out the major institutional actors within social welfare policy and provides a clear explanation of how these different actors make up the American social welfare system.
  • Chapter 10, "Social Insurance Programs," examines the Social Security system plus the proposed privatization plans.
  • Chapter 12, "The American Health Care System," examines the rise in health care costs and the growth of the uninsured, the major changes in managed care, and the 2003 Medicare reforms.
  • Chapter 17, "Food Policy and Rural Life," looks at the face of American hunger and the major USDA food programs. The chapter also examines the current state of farming and the plight of farm workers.
  • Chapter 18, "The American Welfare State in International Perspective," includes the most recent data on the social development of nations.

New To This Edition

  • NEW chapter on Religion and Social Policy examines the past and present relationship between religion and the creation and the implementation of social policy.
  • Chapter 4, "Discrimination in American Society," includes coverage of the minority middle class, a comprehensive examination of gay and lesbian marriage and an updated section on immigration policies since 9/11.
  • Chapter 5, "Poverty in America," includes a detailed section on the fringe economy, its impact on poverty, and a new section on Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and the digital divide.
  • Chapter 8, "The Making of Governmental Policy," provides updates on special interests, lobbyists, and their influence on the 2004 election.
  • Chapter 9, "Tax Policy and Income Distribution," examines the impact of the Bush tax cuts on social welfare policy.
  • Chapter 11, "Public Assistance Programs," includes updated information on public assistance programs, including an evaluation of the effects of welfare reform legislation and new changes to TANF.
  • Chapter 16, ''Housing Policies'' includes new material on obstacles to homeownership, such as predatory home mortgages, increases in housing prices, and racial and class discrimination in home purchases.