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American Tradition in Literature, Concise

American Tradition in Literature, Concise - 12th edition

American Tradition in Literature, Concise - 12th edition

ISBN13: 9780073384894
ISBN10: 0073384895
American Tradition in Literature, Concise by George Perkins and Barbara Perkins - ISBN 9780073384894
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 12TH 09
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
American Tradition in Literature, Concise by George Perkins and Barbara Perkins - ISBN 9780073384894
ISBN13: 9780073384894
ISBN10: 0073384895
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 12TH 09
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Widely known as the anthology that best unites tradition with innovation, The American Tradition in Literature is proud to enter its fifth decade of leadership among textbook anthologies of American literature.. Each volume continues to offer a flexible organization, with literary merit as the guiding principle of selection. The new photos and illustrations illuminate the texts and literary/historical timelines help students put works in context...

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations


EXPLORATION AND THE COLONIES, 1492'1791 Virginia and the South New England Timeline: Exploration and the Colonies

NATIVES AND EXPLORERS NATIVE LITERATURE: THE ORAL TRADITION The Chiefs Daughters Coyote and Bear Twelfth Song of the Thunder The Corn Grows Up At the Time of the White Dawn Snake the Cause The Weaver's Lamentation

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1451-1506) [Report of the First Voyage]

GIOVANNI DA VERRAZZANO (1485?-1528) From Verrazzano's Voyage: 1524

ALVAR NUEZ CABEZA DE VACA (c1490-c1557) From Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca Chapter 12: The Indians Bring Us Food Chapter 16: The Christians Leave the Island of Malhado

RICHARD HAKLUYT (1552-1616) The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake [Nova Albion]

SAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN (c1567-1635) From Voyages of Samuel de Champlain: The Voyage of 1604'1607

THE COLONIES JOHN SMITH (1580-1631) From The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles The Third Book. The Proceedings and Accidents of the English Colony in Virginia Chapter II: What Happened till the First Supply The Fourth Book: The Proceedings of the English after the Alteration of the Government Of Virginia John Smith's Relation to Queen Anne of Pocahontas (1616)

WILLIAM BRADFORD (1590-1657) From Of Plymouth Plantation, Book I Chapter IX: Of their Voyage, and how they Passed the Sea; and of their Safe Arrival at Cape Cod Chapter X: Showing How they Sought out a place of Habitation; and What Befell them Thereabout From Of Plymouth Plantation, Book II [The Mayflower Compact (1620)] [Compact with the Indians] [First Thanksgiving] [Narragansett Challenge] [Thomas Morton of Merrymount]

JOHN WINTHROP (1588-1649) From A Model of Christian Charity

PURITANISM ANNE BRADSTREET (1612?-1672) The Prologue The Flesh and the Spirit The Author to Her Book Before the Birth of One of Her Children To My Dear and Loving Husband A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who Deceased August, 1665 Being a Year and a Half Old Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10th, 1666

MARY ROWLANDSON (1636?'1711?) From A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

EDWARD TAYLOR (1642?-1729) The Preface Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children Huswifery Meditation 8, First Series Upon a Spider Catching a Fly CROSS


MARY TOWNE EASTY (1634?-1692) [The Petition of Mary Towne Easty]

SAMUEL SEWALL (1652-1730) *[A Witchcraft Judge's Confession of Guilt]

COTTON MATHER (1663-1728) From The Wonders of the Invisible World Enchantments Encountered The Trial of Bridget Bishop A Third Curiosity

THE SOUTH AND THE MIDDLE COLONIES WILLIAM BYRD (1674-1744) From The History of the Dividing Line [Indian Neighbors]

JOHN WOOLMAN (1720-1772) From The Journal of John Woolman 1720-1742 [Early Years] 1757 [Evidence of Divine Truth], [Slavery] 1755-1758 [Taxes and Wars]

ST. JEAN DE CREV'COEUR (1735-1813) From Letters from an American Farmer: What Is an American?

REASON AND REVOLUTION The Enlightenment and the Spirit of Rationalism From Neoclassical to Romantic Literature Timeline: Reason and Revolution JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758) Sarah Pierrepont From A Divine and Supernatural Light Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Personal N

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