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America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System / With CD-ROM

America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System / With CD-ROM - 7th edition

America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System / With CD-ROM - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780534563400

ISBN10: 0534563406

Edition: 7TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No

ISBN13: 9780534563400

ISBN10: 0534563406

Edition: 7TH 02

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By far the best-selling text in the market, AMERICA'S COURTS AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM focuses on the dynamics of the court by introducing the concept of the "courtroom workhouse" and the interrelated relationship of the three main actors-judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney-thus illustrating the law in action, not just boring theories and facts. Neubauer also uses a myriad of pedagogical devices which bring the court process to life for students. This text has become a leader in large part because of its comprehensiveness, its focus on the dynamics of the process, and its pedagogical features. The Seventh Edition is now packaged free with the interactive Crime and Punishment CD-ROM.


  • This best-selling text on criminal courts features a unique emphasis on courthouse dynamics and players and moves beyond dry theory and facts by presenting the courtroom as a dynamic process where key players - the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney - interact. This text is as vivid and involving as the criminal courts process itself.
  • NEW! Every new copy includes the interactive and engaging Crime and Punishment CD-ROM, which includes six interactive simulations where students play the role of judge, actually presiding over sentencing hearings. For each realistic simulation, the student (judge) reviews the case folder, hears the defense and prosecution cases, and makes sentencing decisions.
  • NEW! The latest news and research articles online, updated daily and spanning four years! InfoTrac College Edition is automatically packaged with every new student copy of this text. You and your students will have 4-months of free access to an easy-to-use online database of reliable, full-length articles (not abstracts) from hundreds of top academic journals and popular sources. Contact your Wadsworth/Thomson Learning representative for more information. Available to North American college and university students only. Journals subject to change.
  • Court TV Video List is available for qualified adopters.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of court structure and process conveys to the reader the sense of being in the courthouse.
  • Updated "Controversy" and "Case Close-Up" boxes enrich student learning and include the most relevant and attention-grabbing examples.
  • NEW! "A Day in Court" boxes include fascinating, true-to-life accounts of the court process.
  • NEW! "Court TV boxes" have been added to each chapter and are tied to the popular Court TV videos, which are also available upon adoption (certain restrictions apply, so please contact your local sales representative for information). Students will be able to read descriptions and backgrounds on key cases that relate to the various points covered throughout the text, followed by critical thinking questions to help students analyze cases in greater depth.
  • NEW! "The Murder Trial of Shareef Cousin" is a serialized vignette based on an actual case and includes samples of actual court documents. Icons within the text direct students to the book-specific Web site, which contains additional, more detailed information on the case as well as relevant Web links.
  • NEW! Content-related "Web" boxes, accompanied by an Internet icon, are integrated throughout the text. Boxes contain URLs of established and pertinent Web sites, key search terms related to the text, and keywords linked to InfoTrac® College Edition for further research.
  • NEW! New World Wide Web Resources and Exercises will appear at the end of each chapter and will include Web guides, Web searches, useful URLs, fun sites, and Web exercises.
  • NEW! New "InfoTrac College Edition Resources and Exercises" at the end of each chapter include basic searches, recommended articles, and exercises, encouraging students to use this valuable resource.

Author Bio

Neubauer, David W. : University of New Orleans

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Courts, Crime and Controversy.
2. Law and Crime.
3. Federal Courts.
4. State Courts.


5. Dynamics of Courthouse Justice.
6. Prosecutors.
7. Defense Attorneys.
8. Judges.
9. Defendants and Victims.


10. Arrest to Arraignment.
11. Bail.
12. Disclosing and Suppressing Evidence.
13. Negotiated Justice and the Plea of Guilty.
14. Trials and Juries.


15. Sentencing Options.
16. Sentencing Decisions.


17. Appellate Courts.
18. The Lower Courts.
19. Juvenile Courts.