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Analyzing Moral Issues

Analyzing Moral Issues - 2nd edition

Analyzing Moral Issues - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780072840735

ISBN10: 0072840730

Analyzing Moral Issues by Judith Boss - ISBN 9780072840735
Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Analyzing Moral Issues by Judith Boss - ISBN 9780072840735

ISBN13: 9780072840735

ISBN10: 0072840730

Edition: 2ND 02

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Analyzing Moral Issues combines the appeal and strengths of the moral problems approach with a solid foundation in moral theory and moral reasoning. In addition to providing an overview of some of the major moral issues in our society, this text/reader gives readers the hands-on skills necessary to recognize and analyze moral arguments, and introduces them to both Western and non-Western moral theories.

New to This Edition :

  • Based on user feedback, the second edition contains more court cases and material on environmental ethics. The readings are more judiciously edited.
  • Discussion of moral theory has been expanded to include natural law theories (see Chapter 1).
  • Chapter 4, "Genetic Engineering and Cloning," has been updated and revised to reflect the latest developments. It includes 4 new readings.
  • A total of 12 new readings have been added.

Features :

  • The text covers a broad range of ethical perspectives, including virtue ethics (Aristotelean and Confucian), Buddhist and feminist care ethics, and Rawlsian and communitarian approaches.
  • Chapter Two introduces moral reasoning and shows readers how to apply the principles to a specific philosophical reading: Judith Jarvis Thomson's "A Defense of Abortion."
  • Substantial chapter introductions provide students with the basic information necessary to understand the issues in the readings.
  • Students apply critical thinking and reading skills within the critical thinking framework surrounding each article, and when examining the numerous cases following each chapter.
  • The author encourages students to consider the range of ethical theories in thinking through moral situations.
  • "Writing a Paper in Moral Philosophy" and "Debating a Moral Issue" appendices conclude the text.

Author Bio

Boss, Judith : Brown University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Moral Philosophy
1. Moral Theory

Moral Philosophy
What Is the Purpose of Moral Theories?
The Types of Moral Theories
Relativism in Ethics
Moving Beyond Ethical Relativism
Moral Theory and Praxis
Morality and Religion
Universality and Religious Ethics
Universal Moral Theories
Natural Law Theory
Deontology: The Ethics of Duty
Rights-Based Ethics
Virtue Ethics
Aristotle, from Nicomachean Ethics
Thomas Aquinas, from Summa Theologica
*John Stuart Mill, from Utilitarianism
Immanuel Kant, from Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Ethics
John Rawls, from A Theory of Justice
John Locke, Two Treatises of Civil Government
Ayn Rand, "Man"s Rights"
Nel Noddings, from Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education
Confucius, from The Analects
P. Don Premasiri, "The Relevance of the Noble Eightfold Path to Contemporary Society"

2. Moral Reasoning

The Three Levels of Thinking
Recognizing Arguments
Avoiding Logical Fallacies
Critical Reading Skills

Part II. Analyzing Moral Issues
3. Abortion

The History of Abortion in the United States
The U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade Decision
Abortion and Religion
Stages of Fetal Development
Methods of Abortion
The Moral Issues
Can the Abortion Controversy Ever Be Resolved?
Judith Jarvis Thomson, "A Defense of Abortion"
John T. Noonan Jr., "An Almost Absolute Value in History"
Mary Anne Warren, "The Moral Significance of Birth¿
*Don Marquis, "Why Abortion is Immoral¿
Judith A. Boss, "Pro-Child/Pro-Choice: An Exercise in Doublethink?"
Case Studies

4. Genetic Engineering and Cloning

The History of Genetic Engineering
The Human Genome Project
Cloning and Genetic Engineering
Moral Issues of Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Resolving the Debate Over Genetic Engineering and Cloning
*Matt Ridley, "The New Eugenics"
*W. French Andersen, "Genetics and Human Malleability"
John A. Robertson, "The Question of Human Cloning¿
Leon Kass, "The Wisdom of Repugnance: Why We Should Ban the Cloning of Humans"
*Lori Andrews and Dorothy Nelkins, "Whose Body Is It Anyway? Dispute Over Body Tissue in a Biotechnology Age."
*Richard Seed, "Human Clones for Sale"

5. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

What Is Euthanasia?
The Philosophers on Euthanasia
The Contemporary Debate over Euthanasia
Euthanasia Legislation
Physician-Assisted Suicide
The Hospice Movement
The Moral Issues
Can The Euthanasia Issue Be Resolved?
James Rachels, "Active and Passive Euthanasia"
Margaret Pabst Battin, "The Case for Euthanasia"
Daniel Callahan, "'Aid-in-Dying': The Social Dimensions"
John Hardwig, ¿Is There a Duty to Die?¿
Susan M. Wolf, "A Feminist Critique of Physician-Assisted Suicide"
Case Studies

6. Punishment and the Death Penalty

History of the Death Penalty
The Death Penalty Today
The Death Penalty and Juvenile Offenders
The Medicalization of Executions
The Philosophers on the Death Penalty
Moral Issues
Ernest Van Den Haag, "The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense of Capital Punishment"
Christopher W. Morris, ¿Punishment and Loss of Moral Standing¿
Hugo Adam Bedau, "Capital Punishment"
*Jeffrey Reiman, "Why the Death Penalty Should be Abolished"
Helen Prejean, Dead Man Walking
Case Studies

7. Drug and Alcohol Use

What Is a Drug?
The History of Drug and Alcohol Use
Legal and Illegal Drugs
Drug and Alcohol Use Today
Drug and Alcohol Use Among College Students
Drug in Sports
The Disease Model of Addiction
The Moral Model of Addiction
The Philosophers on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Moral Issues / Conclusion
Thomas Szasz, "The Ethics of Addiction"
James Q. Wilson, "Against the Legalization of Drugs"
Douglas N. Husak, ¿A Moral Right to Use Drugs¿
Thomas H. Murrary, "Drugs, Sports, and Ethics"
Case Studies

8. Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages

Background and Key Terms
Religious and Cultural Attitudes Toward Homosexuality
Homosexuality, the Law, and Same-Sex Marriage
The Disease Model of Homosexuality
The Philosophers on Homosexuality
Moral Issues
Michael Ruse, "Is Homosexuality Bad Sexuality?"
John M. Finnis, "Law, Morality, and 'Sexual Orientation'"
Micahle Nava and Robert Dawidoff, "The Case for Gay Marriage"
Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, Marriage's True Ends
Cheshire Calhoun, "Family's Outlaws: Rethinking the Connections Between Feminism, Lesbianism, and the Family"
Case Studies

9. Freedom of Speech

What Is "Freedom of Speech"?
Limitations on Freedom of Speech
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace
Hate Speech as Protected Speech
Speech Codes on College Campuses
The Philosophers on Freedom of Speech
Moral Issues
Charles R. Lawrence III, "If He Hollers Let Him Go: Regulating Racist Speech on Campus"
Jonathan Rauch, "In Defense of Prejudice: Why Incendiary Speech Must Be Protected"
John Taylor, "Are You Politically Correct?"
Alan M. Dershowitz, "Political Correctness, Speech Codes, and Diversity"
*Cass R. Sunstein, "The First Amendment in Cyberspace"
Case Studies

10. Sexism, Pornography, and Violence Against Women

Sexism and Gender Inequalities
The Philosophers on Sexism and Women
"Pornography is the Theory and Rape is the Practice"
Sexual Harassment
Domestic Violence
Moral Issues
Catherine A. MacKinnon, "Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech"
Lois Pineau, "Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis"
Katie Roiphe, "Reckless Eyeballing: Sexual Harassment on Campus"
Judith A. Boss, "Throwing Pearls to the Swine: Women, Forgiveness, and the Unrepentant Abuser"
Steven Goldberg, "Male Aggression and the Attainment of Power, Authority, and Status"
Case Studies

11. Racism and Affirmative Action

The Philosophers on Racism
The Roots of American Racism
Racism Today
Moral Issues
Shelby Steele, "I'm Black, You¿re White, Who's Innocent?"
Jorge Garcia, "The Heart of Racism"
Bernard R. Boxill, "The Color-Blind Principle"
Michael Levin, "Race, Biology, and Justice"
Uma Narayan, "Colonialism and Its Others: Considerations on Rights and Care Discourses"
Case Studies

12. Nonhuman Animals and the Environment

The Legal and Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals
The Legal and Moral Status of the Environment
The Philosophers on the Moral Value of Nonhuman Animals and the Environment
Animal Farming, Environmental Degradation, and Vegetarianism
Pollution and Global Warming
Animal Experimentation
Moral Issues
Tom Regan, "The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism¿
Jan Narveson, ¿Animal Rights Revisited"
Peter Singer, from Animal Liberation
Carl Cohen, "Do Animals Have Rights?"
*Aldo Leopold, "The Land Ethic"
*Bill Devall and George Sessions, "Deep Ecology"
*Richard Watson, "A Critique of Anti-Anthropocentric Ethics"
*Karen J. Warren, "The Power and the Promise of Ecological Feminism"
Case Studies

Appendix I: Writing a Paper in Moral Philosophy
Appendix II: Debating Moral Issues