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Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises

Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises - 97 edition

Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780133465372

ISBN10: 0133465373

Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises by Dana Dunn - ISBN 9780133465372
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises by Dana Dunn - ISBN 9780133465372

ISBN13: 9780133465372

ISBN10: 0133465373

Edition: 97

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This hands-on, social problems "workbook" contains a series of essays and exercises that address contemporary social problems and encourage critical and creative thinking about those problems. Designed to compliment most major social problems texts, it features essays that are original, timely, and authoritative and that focus on issues that are personally relevant to today's students. The exercises -- on perforated, "tear-out" pages -- require students to apply sociological knowledge for the purpose of analyzing social problems.

Offers authoritative, cutting-edge perspectives -- the authors of the selections have expertise in the specific areas in which they write and incorporate their own research findings and experiences into their essays and exercises.

Contains a brief introductory chapter that introduces sociological approaches for addressing social problems and the sociological "tool kit" for analyzing problems.

Organizes essays into sections that pertain to the broad problem areas of social institutions, inequality, deviance, and global issues.

Follows each short essay with an exercise that requires students to apply sociological knowledge acquired from reading the essay:

Organizes exercises in workbook fashion -- with room for students to respond directly in the text on perforated, tear-out pages (with space for student name and other information).

Keeps the length of required written answers/responses to a minimum.

Gets students actively involved in analyzing social problems and applying their sociological knowledge.

Addresses social problems from both macrosociological and microsociological perspectives.

Distinguishes between "pop" sociology/common sense/media approaches to social problems and the social scientific approach.

Distinguishes between emerging and enduring social problems, discusses linkages between problems of the past, present and future, and explores the connections between domestic and global problems.

Offers compatibility with most primary social problems texts.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction: Analyzing Social Problems.


1. I Need a (Traditional) Wife!: Employment-Family Conflicts, Janet Saltzman Chafetz.
2. Domestic Violence: Hitting Us Where We Live, Linda Rouse.
3. Social Concerns about Teen Pregnancy, Monica Longmore.
4. The Achievement Crisis and School Reform: From "Basics" to "Excellence," Dorothea Weir.
5. Your Money or Your Life: Access to Medical Care as a Social Problem, Robert A. Hanneman.
6. Aging and Health Care, Jan W. Weaver and Stanley R. Ingman.
7. The Problems of U.S. Workers in a Restructuring Global Economy, Ramona Ford.
8. Is the Criminal Justice System Biased?, Carol Y. Thompson.


9. Inequality and Stratification, Johnathan H. Turner.
10. Poverty in the United States, Leonard Beeghley.
11. Racist and Egalitarian Ideologies in Modern American Culture, Charles Case.
12. Racism, Capital Punishment, and the United States Supreme Court, Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. and David V. Baker.
13. Who's the Boss? Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Managerial Jobs, Elizabeth Almquist.
14. The Feminization of Poverty, Dana Dunn and David V. Waller.
15. Constructing Children's Problems, Joel Best.
16. Sexual Orientation and Inequality, Kenneth Allan.
17. Disability, Richard K. Scotch.


18. Is America Becoming More Violent?, Robert Young.
19. Delinquency and Youth Gangs, David MacKenna.
20. Chemical Dependency: Is It a Symptom or Disease?, Gregg Dockins.
21. The Myths and Realities of Homelessness and Mental Health, Dee Southard.


22. Social Behavior and Nuclear Weapons: Will There Be Another Nuclear War?, Lloyd J. Dumas.
23. The Environment as a Social Issue, Ray Darville.
24. Gender Equality in Developing Societies, Dana Dunn.
25. Global Population Growth, Poverty, and Child Labor, Elizabeth D. Leonard.

Conclusion: Addressing Social Problems.

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Analyzing Social Problems : Essays and Exercises by Dana Dunn and David V. Waller - ISBN 9780130832283