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Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology - 4th edition

Anatomy and Physiology - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780073316086

ISBN10: 0073316083

Anatomy and Physiology by Kenneth  S. Saladin - ISBN 9780073316086
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Anatomy and Physiology by Kenneth  S. Saladin - ISBN 9780073316086

ISBN13: 9780073316086

ISBN10: 0073316083

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 07

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From the completely new, exceptional art program, to the complete integration of the text with technology, Saladin has formed a teaching solution that will both motivate and enable your students to understand and appreciate the wonders of anatomy and physiology. This distinctive text was developed to stand apart from all other A&P texts with unparalleled art, a writing style that has been acclaimed by both users and reviewers and clinical coverage that offers the perfect balance without being too much. Saladin's well-accepted organization of topics is based upon the most logical physiological ties between body systems. The text requires no prior knowledge of college chemistry or cell biology, and is designed for a two-semester A&P college course.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1. Organization of the Body

1. Major Themes of Anatomy and Physiology
2. The Chemistry of Life
3. Cellular Form and Function
4. Genetics and Cellular Function
5. Histology

Part 2. Support and Movement

6. The Integumentary System
7. Bone Tissue
8. The Skeletal System
9. Joints
10. The Muscular System
11. Muscular Tissue

Part 3. Integration and Control

12. Nervous Tissue
13. The Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Somatic Reflexes
14. The Brain and Cranial Nerves
15. The Autonomic Nervous System and Visceral Reflexes
16. Sense Organs
17. The Endocrine System

Part 4. Regulation and Maintenance

18. The Circulatory System: Blood
19. The Circulatory System: The Heart
20. The Circulatory System: Blood Vessels and Circulation
21. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
22. The Respiratory System
23. The Urinary System
24. Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
25. The Digestive System
26. Nutrition and Metabolism

Part 5. Reproduction and Development

27. The Male Reproductive System
28. The Female Reproductive System
29. Human Development