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Animal Ethics Reader

Animal Ethics Reader - 03 edition

Animal Ethics Reader - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780415275897

ISBN10: 041527589X

Animal Ethics Reader by Susan Armstrong and Richard Botzler - ISBN 9780415275897
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Routledge N. Y.
International: No
Animal Ethics Reader by Susan Armstrong and Richard Botzler - ISBN 9780415275897

ISBN13: 9780415275897

ISBN10: 041527589X

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The Animal Ethics Reader is the first comprehensive, state-of-the-art anthology of readings on this substantial area of study and interest. A subject that regularly captures the headlines, the book is designed to appeal to anyone interested in tracing the history of the subject, as well as providing a powerful insight into the debate as it has developed. The recent wealth of material published in this area has not, until now, been collected in one volume. Readings are arranged thematically, carefully presenting a balanced representation of the subject as it stands. It will be essential reading for students taking a course in the subject as well as being of considerable interest to the general reader.

Articles are arranged under the following headings:Theories of Animal Ethics; Animal Capacities; Animals for Food; Animal Experimentation; Genetic Engineering of Animals; Ethics and Wildlife; Zoos, Aquaria, and Animals in Entertainment; Companion Animals; Legal Rights for Animals.

Readings from leading experts in the field including Peter Singer, Mary Midgley and Bernard Rollin are featured as well as selections from Donald Griffin, Mark Bekoff, Jane Goodall, Raymond Frey, Barbara Orlans, Tom Regan, and Baird Callicott. There is an emphasis on balancing classic and contemporary readings with a view to presenting debates as they stand at this point in time.

Each chapter is introduced by the editors and study questions feature at the end. The foreword has been written by Bernard Rollin.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bernard E. Rollin
General Introduction:Animal Ethics:A Sketch of How It Developed and Where It Is Now

I. Theories of Animal Ethics

The Case for Animal Rights:Tom Regan
Reply to Tom Regan:Carl Cohen
For an Expanded Theory of Human Rights:Paola Cavalieri
Practical Ethics:Peter Singer
Animal Rights and Feminist Theory:Josephine Donovan
Rights, Interests, Desires and Beliefs:R.G. Frey
Equal Consideration and Unequal Moral Status:David DeGrazia

II. Animal Capacities:Pain, Emotion, Consciousness

Methods of Study
Scientific Ideology, Anthropomorphism, Anecdote, and Ethics:Bernard E. Rollin
Reflections:Barbara Smuts
The Myth of Animal Suffering:B. Bermond
Animal Pain:Bernard E. Rollin
How Facts Matter:Gary Varner
Animal Emotions
Animal Minds and Animal Emotions:Marian Stamp Dawkins
A Passionate Devotion:Cynthia Moss
The Rat will Play:Jaak Panksepp
Love was Once a Little Boy:D.H. Lawrence
Consciousness and Cognition
Animal Minds:Beyond Cognition to Consciousness:Donald Griffin

III. Primates and Cetaceans

Deep Ethology, Animal Rights, and the Great Ape/Animal Project:Resisting Speciesism and Expanding the Community of Equals:Marc Bekoff
Ape Consciousness--Human Consciousness:A Perspective Informed by Language and Culture Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, William M. Fields,Jared Taglialatela
Cultures in Chimpanzees:A. Whiten, J. Goodall, W.C. McGrew, T. Nishida, V. Reynolds, Y. Sugiyama, C.E.G. Tutin, R.W. Wrangham, and C. Boesch
Are Apes Persons?:The Case for Primate Intersubjectivity:Juan Carlos Gómez
The Chimpanzee at Stanford:Fran Peavey
Problems Faced by Wild and Captive Chimpanzees:Finding Solutions:Jane Goodall
Culture in Whales and Dolphins:Luke Rendell and Hal Whitehead
Exploring the Cognitive World of the Bottlenosed Dolphin:Louis M. Herman
Is a Dolphin a Person?:Mary Midgley

IV. Animals for Food

Meat-Eating:David DeGrazia
Thinking like Animals:Temple Grandin
A Major Change:Temple Grandin
Animal Agriculture, Myths and Facts:Animal Agriculture Alliance Lives of Quiet Desperation:Francoise Wemelsfelder
Five Arguments for Vegetarianism:William O. Stephens
The Rape of Animals, the Butchering of Women:Carol J. Adams
A Feminist Critique of Ethical Vegetarianism:Kathryn Paxton George
Religious Perspectives
Judaism:Norman Solomon
Enhancing the Divine Image:Rabbi Stephen Fuchs
The Bible and Killing for Food:Andrew Linzey
Islam:Martin Forward and Mohamed Alam
India's Sacred Cow:Her Plight and Future:Michael W. Fox

V. Animal Experimentation

Laboratory Studies
The Case for Animal Rights:Tom Regan
Defending Animal Research:An International Perspective:Baruch A. Brody
The Ethics of Animal Research:What are the Prospects for Agreement?:David DeGrazia
Field Studies
The Ethics of Ecological Field Experimentation:Elizabeth J. Farnsworth and Judy Rosovsky
Ethics and Experimentation:Hard Choices for the Field Ornithologist:Stephen T. Emlen
Regulating Animal Experimentation
Ethical Themes of National Regulations Governing Animal Experiments:An International Experience:F. Barbara Orlans
Animals in Education
Summary of Recommendations:Jonathan Balcombe
Humane Education:The Role of Animal Based Learning:Andrew J. Petto and Karla D. Russell

VI. Animals and Biotechnology

Ethics of Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering and Animal Welfare:Donald Bruce and Ann Bruce
Animal Genetic Manipulation:A Utilitarian Response:Kevin Smith
The Inevitability of Animal Biotechnology? Ethics and the Scientific Attitude:J. Burkhardt
On Telos and Genetic Engineering:Bernard E. Rollin
Brave New Birds: The Use of 'Animal Integrity' in Animal Ethics:Bernice Bovenkerk,Frans W.A. Brom,Babs J. van den Bergh
Organs for Transplant:Animals, Moral Standing, and One View of the Ethics of Xenotransplantation:R.G. Frey
Xenografts and Animal Rights:Gary L. Francione
Cloning of Endangered Species
Cloning Advances and Challenges for Conservation:Oliver A. Ryder

VII. Ethics and Wildlife

General Theories The Philosophical Value of Wildlife:J. Baird Callicott
Red Legs Kicking:Aldo Leopold
The Killing Game: An Ecofeminist Critique of Hunting:Marti Kheel
Environmental Ethics and Trophy Hunting:Alastair S. Gunn
Can Animal Rights Activists be Environmentalists?:Gary E. Varner
Rehabilitation and Introduction of Captive Wildlife
Thinking like an Ecosystem:The Ethics of the Relocation, Rehabilitation and Release of Wildlife:Glenn Albrecht
Wildlife Rehabilitation:Is it Significant?:Gary E. Duke Exotic Species
Exotic Species, Naturalisation, and Biological Nativism:Ned Hettinger

VIII. Zoos, Aquaria, and Animals in Entertainment

Zoos and Aquariums
Orcas and Dolphins in Captivity:Randall L. Eaton
Are Zoos Morally Defensible?:Tom Regan
Ethical Considerations in Zoo and Aquarium Research:Michael Hutchins,Betsy Dresser,Chris Wemmer
Zoos and the Rights of Animals:Donald G. Lindburg
Opportunities Lost: Zoos and the Marsupial that Tried to be a Wolf:Chris Wemmer
Rodeos and other Entertainment
Animals in Entertainment:Racing, Riding and Fighting:Rod Preece and Lorna Chamberlain
Rodeo and Recollection:Applied Ethics and Western Philosophy:Bernard E. Rollin

IX. Animal Companions

Affection's Claim:Konrad Lorenz
Dogmaticisms and Catechisms:Ethics and Companion Animals:Bernard E. Rollin, Michael D.H. Rollin
The Pet World:Paul Shepard
Hand-Raising a Rhino in the Wild:Anna Merz
Living with Animals:Freya Mathews
Protecting Children and Animals from Abuse:A Trans-Species Concept of Caring:James Garbarino
The Welfare of Assistance and Therapy Animals:An Ethical Comment:James Serpell, Raymond Copinger,Aubrey H. Fine
The Use of Seizure-Alert Dogs:Stephen W. Brown,Val Strong

X. Animal Law/Animal Activism

A Great Shout: Legal Rights for Great Apes:Steven M. Wise
Book Review:Rattling the Cage:Towards Legal Rights for Animals by Steven M. Wise:Richard A. Posner
The Dangerous Claims of the Animal Rights Movement:Richard A. Epstein
Every Sparrow That Falls:Understanding Animal Rights
Activism as Functional Religion:Wesley V. Jamison, Caspar Wenk, James V. Parker
Understanding Animal Rights Violence:Tom Regan
Civil Disobedience:A Case Study in Factors of Effectiveness:Courtney L. Dillard
In Your Face:From Actor to Activist:Chris DeRose
Ten Ways to Make a Difference:Peter Singer


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Animal Ethics Reader by Susan Armstrong - ISBN 9780415775397