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Animal Feeding and Nutrition

Animal Feeding and Nutrition - 9th edition

Animal Feeding and Nutrition - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780787278397

ISBN10: 0787278394

Animal Feeding and Nutrition by Marshall H. Jurgens - ISBN 9780787278397
Edition: 9TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co.
International: No
Animal Feeding and Nutrition by Marshall H. Jurgens - ISBN 9780787278397

ISBN13: 9780787278397

ISBN10: 0787278394

Edition: 9TH 02

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Animal Feeding and Nutrition by Marshall H. Jurgens, Ninth Edition, is written in a clear and concise outline format, reducing the vast amount of reading sometimes necessary for complete coverage of feeding practices.

This edition is organized around four basic topics, giving your students all the information they'll need to understand the applied concepts of animal feeds and feeding methods:

  • The Nutrients - classifications, recommended levels, and an up-to-date review of nutrients and digestion
  • Feedstuffs and Feed Additives - classification, characteristics, preparation, feeding laws and regulation
  • Procedures in Ration Formulization
  • Feeding Requirements and Guides - updated nutrition requirement tables for swine, beef, dairy, sheep, horses, poultry, dogs, and cats.

Choose Animal Feeding and Nutrition for these unique features:

  • Examples of various problem-solving and ration-formulation techniques that help your students with procedures in mathematical solutions
  • Expanded information on implants for growth stimulation
  • Updated information on feeding systems
  • An Instructor's Manual with over 12 student exercises

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Tables of Animal Nutrient Requirements and Feedstuff Composition
List of Tables of Suggested Animal Diet Formulations
About the Author

Section I Nutrients and Digestive Systems

1. Review of Nutrients and Digestion

Carbohydrates (CHO)
Lipids (Fat or Ether Extract)
Nutrients in Metabolism
Digestive Systems

Section II Feedstuffs and Formulations

2. Evaluating Feedstuffs for Farm Livestock

Analytical Methods for Nutrient Composition
Feeding Trial
Digestion or Metabolism Trial
Measures of Feedstuff Energy
Physical Evaluation of Feedstuffs
Evaluating Feeds on the Basis of Cost per Unit of Nutrient

3. Feedstuffs Used in Livestock Diets

International Nomenclature
International Composition of Feeds
Characteristics of Common Concentrate Feedstuffs
Characteristics of Common Roughage Feedstuffs
Characteristics of Common "Nutrient Additive" Feedstuffs
Methods of Feedstuff Preparation
Methods of Feed Mixing
Feed Storage
Factors Affecting Feed Intake

4. Procedures in Feed Formulation

Balancing Rations to Meet Daily Nutrient Requirements of Animals
Simple Techniques in Ration Formulation
Formulating Vitamin Premixes
Formulating Trace Mineral Premixes
Formulating a Complete Supplement
Computer-Assisted Formulation

Section III Commercial Feeds and Additives

5. Commercial Feeds: Laws and Regulations

Types of Commercial Feeds and Their Ingredients
Feed Laws and Regulations
Feed-Mixing Regulations
Feed Labeling
Sample Medicated Label
Collective Terms

6. Feed Additives

General Comments
Growth Promotion and Feed Efficiency 284 Medicinal Uses
Other Feed Additives
Hormonelike Products for Growth Stimulation
Sample Uses in Livestock Diets

Section IV Feeding Guides and Recommendations

7. Swine Feeding Guides

The Breeding Herd
Feeding the Market Pig
Dietary Feeding Systems
Feed Processing
Feed Ingredients
Nutrient Requirements of Swine
Steps Involved in Formulating a Swine Diet

8. Beef Cattle Feeding Guides

Beef Breeding Herd
The Cow Herd
The Calf Crop
Replacement Heifers
The Bull
Finishing Rations for Market Cattle
General Information
Miscellaneous Finishing Ration Ingredients
Nutrition Requirements for Beef Cattle
System of Protein Evaluation for Cattle and Sheep

9. Dairy Cattle Feeding Guides

Feeding for Milk Production
General Comments
Forage Consumption
Concentrates for Dairy Cattle
Steps in Balancing a Ration for Lactating Dairy Cows
Feeding Guidelines
Things to Remember in Feeding for Milk Production
Feeding for Dairy Calves
From Birth to 4 Months of Age
From 4 Months to 12 Months of Age
Heifers from 12 Months of Age to Calving
Feeding Dairy Bulls
Feeding Dairy Beef
Steps Involved in Formulating a Lactating Dairy Ration
Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle
Formulation of Concentrate Mixture
Overall Composition of the Daily Ration

10. Sheep Feeding Guides

The Breeding Flock
Feeding of Lambs
Nutrient Requirements of Sheep

11. Nutrition and Feeding of Horses

Nutrient Requirements
Feeds for Horses
Feeding the Horse
Steps Involved in Formulating a Horse Ration

12. Poultry Nutrition and Feeding

Nutrients for Poultry
Types of Poultry Diets
Feeds for Poultry
Feeding Programs
Formulating Poultry Diets

13. Nutrition and Feeding of Dogs and Cats

Nutrient Requirements
General Nutritional Considerations for Feeding Dogs and Cats
Nutritional Problems
Nutrient Requirement Tables

Section V Tables

14. Tables of Equivalents

Section VI Glossary, Appendices and Index
Glossary of Animal Nutrition
Appendix I-Swine and Poultry Feedstuff Composition
Appendix II-Ruminant and Horse Feedstuff Composition
Appendix lII-Swine Ration Worksheet
Appendix IV-Beef Formulation Worksheet (MP)
Appendix V-Dairy Ration Worksheet
Appendix VI-Horse Ration Worksheet
Appendix VII-Poultry Ration Worksheet