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Antioxidents and Exercise

Antioxidents and Exercise - 97 edition

Antioxidents and Exercise - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780873228961

ISBN10: 0873228960

Antioxidents and Exercise by Jan Karlsson - ISBN 9780873228961
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Antioxidents and Exercise by Jan Karlsson - ISBN 9780873228961

ISBN13: 9780873228961

ISBN10: 0873228960

Edition: 97

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In this ground-breaking book Dr. Jan Karlsson presents his latest findings on nutratherapy, focusing on vitamins Q E, and F1 and how they relate to exercise, sports, and health.

Among the world's leading researchers on radicals and antioxidants, Karlsson explains the relationship between

  • nutratherapy and preventive medicine,
  • muscle metabolism and radical-antioxidant biology,
  • muscle biochemistry and food choices, and
  • foods, food supplements, and physical performance.

Clearly written and thoroughly illustrated, Antioxidants and Exercise contains the latest research on nutratherapy and how it can enhance performance.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction to Nutraology

Chapter 1. Introduction

History of radical and antioxidant science
Topics to be discussed
Applicability of nutratherapy to recreational exercise and elite sports

Chapter 2. Historical Perspective

Introduction of new concepts
Nutratherapy and health promotion
Vitamin terminology
Vitamins and enzymology
Earlier nutraceutical concepts
Nutratherapy as a potential risk factor
Radical trauma in people who exercise

Part II: Radical Formation

Chapter 3. Principles of Radical Formation

Definition of the term radical
Metabolism and radical formation
Radical formation in the service of life
Radical formation and cell protection: The antioxidant strategy
Principles of the cascade reaction
Fenton reactions

Chapter 4. Principles of Radical Quenching

Uniqueness of phenol structures
Phenol species and their scavenging potentials
Radical scavenging
Water solubility and antioxidant allocation
Other antioxidant compounds
Quenching of singlet oxygen

Chapter 5. Recycling Systems or Irreversible Reactions?

Design of recycling systems in biology
Vitamin Q as a coenzyme in mitochondria
Antioxidants and reversible processes/reactions
Irreversible reactions
Vitamin Q, mitogenic ligands, and training
Cycling antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes

Chapter 6. Radical Formation in Different Cells and Tissues

Muscle activity and mitochondrial metabolism
Muscle exercise, purine metabolism, and radicals
Endothelial tissue
White blood cells and radical formation
Mixed items
Concept of overuse injury

Chapter 7. Exercising Muscle and Radical Formation

Biological evidence of free radicals

Chapter 8. Nutrients as Antioxidants and Their Food Sources

Food sources for antioxidant nutrients
Antioxidant-related nutrients

Chapter 9. Exercise, Mixed Diets, and Nutratherapy

Muscle exercise and its limitation
Muscle activity and energy intake
Energy intake and "natural nutrients"
Elite sport activity and antioxidant nutratherapy
Inflammatory processes and nutratherapy
Diet antioxidants or nutratherapy
Antioxidant and omega-3 fatty acid nutratherapy
Antioxidants and other nutrients

Chapter 10. Lipoidic Structures, Lipophilic Antioxidants, and Clinical Interpretations

Antioxidant allocation and its significance
Antioxidants in different organs and tissues
Plasma lipophilic antioxidants and their "normalization"
Vitamins Q and E in plasma HDL and LDL particles
Vitamins Q and E and their transport vehicle--LDL
Vitamins Q and E and their turnover: A role for HDL?
Endowment and/or training adaptation and antioxidants

Part III: Nutratherapy and Sports Medicine

Chapter 11. Relevant Studies

Antioxidant vitamins and placebo-controlled studies
Antioxidant supplements and open studies
Good clinical trial practice studies
Nutraceutical preparation of the 1994 Swedish World Cup soccer team
Cross-country skiing, plasma antioxidants, and food supplements

Chapter 12. Nutratherapy, Dose Response, and Side Effects

Nutratherapies and their pharmacokinetics
Antioxidant supplemenets and tissue changes
Dose-response curves for antioxidants
Standardized or individualized nutratherapy?
Side effects of Vitamins Q, E, and F1

Chapter 13. Nutrients, Pharmaceutical Grade, and The Doping Issue

Supplement products and good manufacturing practice (GMP)
Nutraceutical therapy, ergogenic aids, and sport ethics
Elite sports, "drugs," and the doping rules

Part IV