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Applied Anthropology Reader

Applied Anthropology Reader - 02 edition

Applied Anthropology Reader - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780205324910

ISBN10: 0205324916

Applied Anthropology Reader by James H. McDonald - ISBN 9780205324910
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Applied Anthropology Reader by James H. McDonald - ISBN 9780205324910

ISBN13: 9780205324910

ISBN10: 0205324916

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02

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This new reader offers a collection of articles focusing on practicing anthropology at a time when students are increasingly looking for ways to apply their anthropology degrees to their professional lives.

The reader gives a broad overview of the applied cultural anthropology field through contextualizing case studies that cover important issues (roles, ethics, methods, policy) as well as domains of practice (urban, medical, development, the environment, education, and business).


The first half of the reader highlights key issues: The role of applied anthropology in society, ethical dilemmas, special research methods, and public policy implications for applied anthropology.
The second half of the reader covers different applied career domains or specialization within applied anthropology including urban, medical, developmental, educational, and corporate career options.
Short introductions to each section help orient students in terms of the specific history and important issues faced by the issues and domains covered in the text.
Contains short, accessible articles designed for a more general audience so students will not be overwhelmed by length or jargon.

Author Bio

McDonald, James H. : University of Texas at San Antonio

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

Introduction, James H. McDonald.

2. Roles.

An Appropriate Role for Postcolonial Applied Anthropologists, Laura Thompson.
Public Interest Anthropology, Laura Nader.

3. Ethics.

Ethnographic Lessons from Central America, Philippe Bourgois.
Informed Consent in Anthropological Research: We Are Not Exempt, Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban.
Proprietary Research and Anthropological Ethics, William O. Beeman.

4. Methods.

The Pursuit of Social Knowledge: Methodology and the Practice of Anthropology, Timothy J. Finan and John van Willigen.
Basic Concepts and Techniques of Rapid Appraisal, James Beebe.
Toward the Use of Ethnography in Health Care Program Evaluation, Merrill Singer.

5. Policy.

Changing Roles of Agriculture in Global Development Policy: Is Anthropology (Out)standing in Its Field? Timothy J. Finan.
Law, Custom, and Crime Against Women: The Problem of Dowry Death in India, John van Willigen and V. C. Channa.
Implications of the Cultural Conservation Report for Social Impact Assessment, Benita J. Howell.

6. Urban Anthropology.

Urbanization Without Breakdown: A Case Study, Oscar Lewis.
Workaday World, Crack Economy, Philippe Bourgois.
Street Baptism: Chicano Gang Initiation, James Diego Vigil.
Applying Anthropology to American Indian Correctional Concerns, Elizabeth S. Grobsmith.

7. Medical Anthropology.

Relationships Between Theoretical and Applied Anthropology: A Public Health Program Analysis, George Foster.
Needle Access as an AIDS Prevention Strategy for IV Drug Users: A Research Perspective, Merrill Singer, Ray Irizarry, and Jean J. Schensul.
The Significance of Settlement Pattern for Community Participation in Health: Lessons from Africa, Edward C. Green and Raymond B. Isely.
Primary Health Care and Local Self Determination: Policy Implications for Rural Papua New Guinea, Peter L. Welsch.

8. Development Anthropology.

The Fox Project, Sol Tax.
The Great Sisal Scheme, Daniel Gross.
The Illusion of Local Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency: Famine in a Border of Northwestern Zambia, Art Hansen.
Credit Programs, Women's Empowerment, and Contraceptive Use in Rural Bangladesh, Sidney Schuler and Syed M. Hashemi.

9. Environmental Anthropology.

Inside the Decision-Making Process: Ethnography and Environmental Risk Management, Edward Liebow.
Animal Agriculture for the Deforestation of Degraded Tropical Forests,Ronald Nigh.
Endangered Species and Precarious Lives in the Upper Gulf of California, Thomas R. McGuire and Gloria Ciria Valdez-Gardea.

10. Anthropology and Education.

Docility, or Giving the Teacher What She Wants, Jules Henry.
The Rough Rock Demonstration School: A Case History with Implications for Educational Evaluation, T. L. McCarty.
Indigenous Education and Grassroots Language Planning in the USA, Teresa L. McCarty and Lucille J. Watahomigie.
Streets and Schools: How Educators Can Help Chicano Marginalized Gang Youth, James Diego Vigil.

11. Corporate/Industrial Anthropology.

Organization Problems in Industry, Eliot D. Chapple.
Managing Diversity: Translating Anthropological Insights for Organization Studies, Ann T. Jordan.
Anthropology and Social Marketing: A Powerful Combination, Christopher A. Brown.
Shopping Spies, Carrie McLaren.