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Applied Physics - With CD

Applied Physics - With CD - 8th edition

Applied Physics - With CD - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780131101692

ISBN10: 0131101692

Applied Physics - With CD by D. Ewen, R. Nelson, N. Schurter and E. Gundersen - ISBN 9780131101692
Edition: 8TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Applied Physics - With CD by D. Ewen, R. Nelson, N. Schurter and E. Gundersen - ISBN 9780131101692

ISBN13: 9780131101692

ISBN10: 0131101692

Edition: 8TH 05

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Applied Physics, 8/e, formerly titled Physics for Career Education, provides comprehensive and practical coverage of physics concepts for students in technical or industrial career programs. The new title reflects changes in this new edition that make the text an appropriate choice for an applied general education physics course as well as for a traditional technical physics course. The authors make challenging and difficult concepts easier to understand by applying physics concepts in everyday applications, with which the students are already familiar, as well as in technical applications. Concepts are explained and reinforced with numerous detailed examples, photos and illustrations, and more than 3200 problems and questions. To allow for customized programs of study, chapters have been written with flexibility of topic presentation in mind.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Physics Tool Kit.

Standards of Measure. Introduction to the Metric System. Length. Area and Volume. Other Units. Measurement: Significant Digits and Accuracy. Measurement: Precision. Calculations with Measurements. Problem-Solving Method.

2. Vectors.

Vectors and Scalars. Components of a Vector. Vectors in Standard Position.
Speed vs. Velocity.

3. Motion.

Acceleration. Uniformly Accelerated Motion and Free Fall. Projectile Motion.

4. Force.

Force and the Law of Inertia. Force and the Law of Acceleration. Friction. Forces in One Dimension. Gravity and Weight. Law of Action and Reaction.

5. Momentum.

Impulse and Momentum. Collisions.

6. Concurrent and Parallel Forces.

Forces in Two Dimensions. Concurrent Forces in Equilibrium. Torque. Parallel Force Problems. Center of Gravity.

7. Work and Energy.

Work. Power. Energy. Conservation of Mechanical Energy.

8. Rotational Motion.

Measurement of Rotational Motion. Angular Momentum. Centripetal Force. Power in Rotational Systems. Transferring Rotational Motion. Gears. Pulleys Connected with a Belt.

9. Simple Machines.

Machines and Energy Transfer. The Lever. The Wheel-and-Axle. The Pulley. The Inclined Plane. The Screw. The Wedge. Compound Machines. The Effect of Friction on Simple Machines.

10. Universal Gravitation and Satellite Motion.

Universal Gravitation. Gravitational Fields. Satellite Motion.

11. Matter.

Properties of Matter. Properties of Solids. Properties of Liquids. Properties of Gases. Density.

12. Fluids.

Hydrostatic Pressure. Hydraulic Principle. Air Pressure. Buoyancy. Fluid Flow.

13. Temperature and Heat Transfer.

Temperature. Heat. Heat Transfer. Specific Heat. Method of Mixtures. Expansion of Solids. Expansion of Liquids. Change of Phase.

14. Properties of Gases.

Charles' Law. Boyle's Law. Charles' and Boyle's Laws Combined.

15. Wave Motion and Sound.

Characteristics of Waves. Electromagnetic Waves. Sound Waves. The Doppler Effect. Resonance. Simple Harmonic Motion.

16. Basic Electricity.

Electrical Charges. Induction. Coulomb's Law. Electric Fields. Simple Circuits. Ohm's Law. Series Circuits. Parallel Circuits. Compound Circuits. Electric Instruments. Voltage Sources. Cells in Series and Parallel. Electrical Power.

17. Magnetism.

Introduction to Magnetism. Magnetic Effects of Currents. Induced Magnetism and Electromagnets. Induced Current. Generators. The Motor Principle. Magnetic Forces on Moving Charged Particles.

18. Alternating Current Electricity.

What Is Alternating Current? ac Power. Inductance. Inductance and Resistance in Series. Capacitance. Capacitance and Resistance in Series. Capacitance, Inductance, and Resistance in Series. Resonance. Rectification and Amplification. Commercial Generator Power Output.

19. Light.

Nature of Light. The Speed of Light. Light as a Wave. Light as a Particle. Photometry.

20. Reflection and Refraction.

Mirrors and Images. Images Formed by Plane Mirrors. Images Formed by Concave Mirrors. Images Formed by Convex Mirrors. The Mirror Formula. The Law of Refraction. Total Internal Reflection. Types of Lenses. Images Formed by Converging Lenses. Images Formed by Diverging Lenses.

21. Color.

The Color of Light. Diffraction of Light. Interference. Polarization of Light.

22. Survey of Modern Physics.

Quantum Theory. The Atom. Atomic Structure and Atomic Spectra. Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Properties. The Nucleus--Structure and Properties. Nuclear Mass and Binding Energy. Radioactive Decay. Nuclear Reactions--Fission and Fusion. Detection and Measurement of Radiation. Radiation Penetrating Power.

23. Special and General Relativity.

Albert Einstein. Special Theory of Relativity. Space-Time. General Theory of Relativity.
Appendix A. Mathematics Review.
Signed Numbers. Powers of 10. Scientific Notation. Solving Linear Equations. Solving Quadratic Equations. Formulas. Substituting Data into Formulas. Right Triangle Trigonometry. Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.
Appendix B. Scientific Calculator.
Scientific Notation. Squares and Square Roots. Trigonometric Operations. Finding a Power.
Appendix C. Tables.
U.S. Weights and Measures. Conversion Table for Length. Conversion Table for Area. Conversion Table for Volume. Conversion Table for Mass. Conversion Table for Density. Conversion Table for Time. Conversion Table for Speed. Conversion Table for Force. Conversion Table for Power. Conversion Table for Pressure. Mass and Weight Density. Specific Gravity of Certain Liquids. Conversion Table for Energy, Work, and Heat. Heat Constants. Coefficient of Linear Expansion. Coefficient of Volume Expansion. Charge. Relationships of Metric SI Base and Derived Units. Electrical Symbols. Periodic Table. The Greek Alphabet.