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Applying Cultural Anthropology : Readings

Applying Cultural Anthropology : Readings - 98 edition

Applying Cultural Anthropology : Readings - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9780534533243

ISBN10: 0534533248

Applying Cultural Anthropology : Readings by Gary P. Ferraro - ISBN 9780534533243
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: West Publishing Co. (College)
International: No
Applying Cultural Anthropology : Readings by Gary P. Ferraro - ISBN 9780534533243

ISBN13: 9780534533243

ISBN10: 0534533248

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 98

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This reader offers a selection of 39 articles written in the words of those cultural anthropologists who are making their discipline useful. The readings are organized into five major sections reflecting those areas that are benefiting from the practice and application of cultural anthropology. The intent of the reader is two-fold. First, it is to provide anthropology students with a wide range of examples as to how the discipline is making meaningful contributions to the mitigation of human problems. And second, it is to convey through the words of the practicing anthropologists themselves, some of the challenges and rewards involved in making cultural anthropology useful.


  • 39 articles written in the words of cultural anthropologists
  • Organized into five major sections: medicine; business; education; government and law; and economic development
  • Questions follow each reading with an answer section at the end of the book

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Medicine and Culture : Limits of Biomedical Explanation. Helman, Cicil G.
2. The Medical Anthropologist as Health Department Consultant. Bailey, Eric J.
3. Practicing Sociomedicine : Redefining the Problem of Infant Mortality in Washington, D.C. Boone, Margaret.
4. Promoting Cultural Sensitivity in Nursing Practice. Sharma, Sandra.
5. Applied Anthropology at the Crossroads : AIDS Prevention Research in Senegal and Beyond. Renaud, Michelle Lewis.
6. Role Transformation in a Refugee Health Program. Rasbridge, Lance.
7. Cultural Aspects of Women's Health Care. Kielich, Andrea M. and Leslie Miller.
8. Needed : A New Appreciation of Culture and Food Behavior. Terry, Rhonda D.
9. Listening to Culture. Stix, Gary.
10. From Disease to Illness and Back Again. Littlewood, Roland.


11. The Cultural Dimension of International Business. Ferraro, Gary.
12. Corporate Anthropologists. Laabs, Jennifer J.
13. Using Anthropology. McCurdy, David.
14. The Bridges Process : Enhancing Organizational Cultures to Support Diversity. Kogod, S. Kanu.
15. Contrasts in Discussion Behaviors of German and American Managers. Friday, Robert A.
16. Talking from 9 to 5. Tannen, Deborah.
17. The Need for Linguistic Proficiency in Global Business. Ferraro, Gary.
18. Interpreting Audiences : Cultural Anthropology in Market Research. Waterson, Alisse.
19. Trends, Symbols, and Brand Power in Global Market : The Business Anthropology Approach. Van Rij, Jeanne.
20. Inside a Converted Schwinn Bicycle Factory. Posner, Bruce G.


21. Bridging the Horizon : American Indian Beliefs and Whole Language Learning. Kasten, Wendy.
22. An Ethnographic Study of Home/School Role Conflicts of Second Generation Puerto Rican Adolescents. Saravia-Shore, Marietta and Herminio Hartinez.
23. Reflective Practice and Anthropology in Culturally Diverse Classrooms. Jacob, Evelyn.
24. Anthropology and Race : The Bell Curve Phenomenon. Cohen, Mark.
25. Home Grown Development : The Education of Tribal Peoples. Chaudhuri, Sarit K. and Irwin Deutscher.
26. Who's Watching the Children? Anthropology in Child Care. Green, Jonathan.


27. Monitoring Emergency Shelter for Homeless Families in New York City. Dehavenon, Anna Lou.
28. Navigating Nigerian Bureaucracies. Eames, Elizabeth.
29. Applying Anthropology to American Indian Correctional Concerns. Grobsmith, Elizabeth S.
30. Working in a Prison Organization. Alexander, Jack.
31. Environmental Health and Anthropology in a County Health Department. Hammond, Roberta M.
32. Practicing Anthropology in the Carter Presidential Center. Yang, Honggang.
33. Gypsy Identity, Names, and Social Security Numbers. Sutherland, Anne.


34. Achieving Reciprocity : Anthropological Research and Development Assistance. Bolin, Inge.
35. Women's Groups and Income Generation in Switzerland. Green, Edward C.,
36. How Many Trees Does It Take to Cook A Pot of Rice?. Wallace, Ben J.
37. Pastures Research in the Peruvian Amazon. Loker, William.
38. Sacramento Learns from Bangladesh : A New Twist on Economic Development. Huang, Maurine.
39. Anthropology Development vs. Development Anthropology: Mediating the Forester-Farmer Relationship in Pakistan. Dove, Michael.