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Applying Educational Research

Applying Educational Research - 5th edition

Applying Educational Research - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780205380787

ISBN10: 0205380786

Applying Educational Research by Joyce Gall, M. Gall and Walter Borg - ISBN 9780205380787
Edition: 5TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Applying Educational Research by Joyce Gall, M. Gall and Walter Borg - ISBN 9780205380787

ISBN13: 9780205380787

ISBN10: 0205380786

Edition: 5TH 05

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This text is intended for instructors who emphasize teaching students how to locate, read, and interpret, and apply the findings of educational research studies. This revision addresses how to design and conduct a research study in more detail.

The text includes numerous recent, published research articles involving high-interest problems of educational practice. The chapters, which treat quantitative, qualitative, and applied forms of educational research, stand alone, allowing instructors to choose those they want to cover. This text brings research alive for educators by introducing readers to people who actually "do" research. Designed for courses focused primarily on applying, rather than conducting research, it includes 13 actual research articles, reprinted in their entirety. The book makes no assumptions about readers' prior knowledge of research or statistics. This text builds students' confidence so that they are able to successfully read research reports and research. For the first time, readers will see the relevance of research to educational practice.


  • The text provides detailed treatment of how to locate, read, review, and apply the findings of research reports in the education literature. The 13 reprinted research reports cover all the major quantitative research methods and qualitative research approaches discussed in the text.
  • Original researcher's comments accompanying each reprinted article address many of the challenges and opportunities involved in the design, conduct, and reporting of research.
  • A balanced approach to both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Accessible coverage on statistical analysis provides a non-threatening introduction to the basic techniques needed to apply or conduct research. (Ch. 6 ). The reprinted research reports include footnotes, prepared by the authors, that explain specialized statistics or refer to book pages where the statistics are discussed.
  • Updated treatment of action research (Ch. 15) shows students how they can conduct research projects in their work settings in order to improve their practice or solve work-related problems.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes introduce the ideas of the chapter and show how a typical student benefits from learning the information presented in the chapter.
  • Provides strong coverage on the most recent computer search procedures for applying research.
  • End-of-chapter multiple-choice questions allow students to monitor their comprehension.

New To This Edition

  • NEW! Seven of the 13 research articles, all published since 2000, are new to this edition. Each of the 13 articles is a well designed, reported example of the research method it illustrates. More diverse article sources, including a wider variety of journals, topics, and specializations, expose students to a myriad of research avenues.
  • Careful updates and revisions throughout the text reflect current educational research and practice.
  • NEW! The examples for outlining a research proposal show students how the various elements of a research study are designed.
  • New updates of research examples, inclusion of Resources for Further Study, and appendices reflecting current issues in education and new trends in research methodology.
  • Updated treatment of qualitative research, including major revisions of Chapter 12, "Critical-Theory Research" and Chapter 15, "Action Research."
  • Numerous new tables and figures have been added to further clarity and readability
  • New Research Proposal Guide can be packaged for FREE with this text.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Using Research to Improve Educational Practice.


2. Conducting a Review of the Research Literature.
3. Using Primary Sources to Search the Literature.
4. Reading Secondary Sources.


5. Reading Reports of Quantitative Research Studies.
6. Statistical Analysis of Research Data.
7. Descriptive and Causal-Comparative Research.
8. Correlational Research.
9. Experimental Research.


10. Case Studies in Qualitative Research.
11. Ethnographic Research.
12. Critical-Theory-Based Research.
13. Historical Research.


14. Evaluation Research.
15. Action Research.
Self-Check Test Answers.

Appendix 1: Preliminary Sources that Index the Education Literature.
Appendix 2: Clearinghouses and Support Components.
Appendix 3: Publications Containing Secondary Source Reviews of the Education Literature.
Appendix 4: Questions for Evaluating Quantitative Research.
Appendix 5: Questions for Evaluating Qualitative Research.
Name Index.
Subject Index.