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Applying Sociology : Making a Better World

Applying Sociology : Making a Better World - 01 edition

Applying Sociology : Making a Better World - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780205306169

ISBN10: 0205306160

Applying Sociology : Making a Better World by William DuBois and R. Dean Wright - ISBN 9780205306169
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Applying Sociology : Making a Better World by William DuBois and R. Dean Wright - ISBN 9780205306169

ISBN13: 9780205306169

ISBN10: 0205306160

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01

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A contributed volume of readings on using sociology to create practical social and organizational change.

Applying Sociology: Making a Better World is a book about putting sociological ideas into action. The editors, sociologists and educators, who are active in both government and private sectors, have assembled a collection of readings by contributors who bring a wealth of practical experience and innovative ideas to the field.

Designed for courses in applied sociology or as a supplementary text in introductory sociology courses, or social problems.

  • Each of the 22 readings shows how sociology can benefit the real world by inventing solutions for today's problems.
  • The pieces show sociologists at work in a wide range of human endeavors, including architecture, organized labor, the criminal justice system, sports, social welfare organizations, churches, and private corporations.
  • The concluding piece, ''The Sociologist as Artist,'' shows readers how to apply their sociological knowledge in imaginative ways to their own lives, organizations, and communities.

Author Bio

Du Bois, William : South Dakota State University

Wright, R. Dean : Drake University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Theoretical Introduction.
William Du Bois, A Framework for Doing Applied Sociology.

Sociology of Architecture.

Bernie Jones, Doing Sociology with the Design Professions.
William Du Bois, Design and Human Behavior: The Sociology of Architecture.


William Du Bois, Transforming Community Attitudes and Morale.
Des Connor, Preventing and Resolving Public Controversy.

Organizations, Management, Labor.

Lawrence Miller, Visions of the New Corporate Culture.
William Foote Whyte, Solving the Hotel's Human Problems.
Paul E. Rossler and Kenneth J. Kiser, Why Organizational Change Fails.
Frank Lindenfeld, Worker Cooperatives: A Democratic Alternative to Capitalist Corporations.
Art Shostak, Applied Sociology and Organized Labor: On Going Better Together.

Social Problems.

Corey Dolgon, Politics on Campus: The Janitors and the Sociologist.
Hal Pepinsky, Safety from Personal Violence -- Empathy and Listening.
Darrol Bussler and Mark E. Carey, Coming Full Circle: A County-Community Restorative Justice Partnership.
William Du Bois, There Are No Secrets Here: Secrets and Privacy in Juvenile Group Homes.

Marriage and the Family.

Sidney M. Jourard, Marriage Is for Life.
William Wagner, Parenting without Controlling: Caring for the Relationship.


Martin G. Miller, Sport Is Too Important to Be Just a Game!

Education: Service Learning: Taking It to the Streets.

Barbara Carson, Creating Grass-Roots Change through Service Learning.
R. Dean Wright, Tramp Training: Constructing a Service Learning Program in Homeless Intervention.

Religion and Health Care.

Gary Gunderson, Caring about Each Other: Churches, Public Health, and Community.


Pat Sheehan, Surviving as an Applied Sociologist.
William Du Bois and R. Dean Wright, The Sociologist as Artist.