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Appraisal Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals

Appraisal Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals - 4th edition

Appraisal Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780130805904

ISBN10: 0130805904

Appraisal Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals by Robert J. Drummond - ISBN 9780130805904
Edition: 4TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Appraisal Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals by Robert J. Drummond - ISBN 9780130805904

ISBN13: 9780130805904

ISBN10: 0130805904

Edition: 4TH 00

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The leading text in appraisal for counselors. This thorough overview of appraisal covers basic measurement theory and all relevant tests. It provides guidance on how and when to use tests in different environments with different populations, and it provides practical suggestions on basic procedures like test selection, administration, and reporting.

  • Expanded coverage of the theories of intelligence and of the assessment of intelligence.
  • This is a central domain, whose assessment counselors must understand. Ex. Covers contemporary theories such as those of Gardner and Sternberg.
  • Addresses the important role of the computer in assessment--Including on-line testing, adaptive testing, computerized interpretation of test results, and web sites as sources of information.
  • Exposes students to the latest technology. Ex. Provides students with a representative list of computer oriented tests and reminds them of the problems.
  • Reviews and discusses legal and ethical standards in each chapter.
  • Exposes students to professional standards and practices. Ex. The code for professional responsibility as well as ethical guidelines are presented.
  • Increased coverage on the diversity and minority issues in testing.
  • Better reflects the diversity of our culture. Ex. Issues concerning test and examiner bias are discussed.
  • Describes and evaluates current editions of all relevant psychological tests.
  • Familiarizes students with latest assessments. Ex. Such as the MCMI-III, Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, K-SNAP.
  • Provides extensive suggestions and guidelines--Throughout the book on how to do appraisals.
  • Helps students put content into practice. Ex. Emphasizes alternate and authentic assessment.
  • Extensive use of case studies--Which offer students concrete examples of the process of appraisal and the use of particular tests.
  • Helps students see the appraisal process. Ex. Cases from school and mental health settings.
  • Examines and provides guidelines for testing--In different environments with different populations.
  • Helps students see the appraisal process in diverse settings. Ex. Standards by professional organizations such as ACA, and APA are highlighted.
  • Contains practical suggestions--For test selection, administration, and reporting results.
  • Helps students put content into practice. Ex. Examples of interview scheduled, test reports are provided.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Models for Test Use and Selection.

2. Statistical Concepts

3. Measurement Concepts.

4. Locating and Selecting Tests.

5. How to Administer Tests.

6. Scoring and Interpreting Tests.

7. Ability and Intelligence Testing.

8. Aptitude Testing.

9. Achievement Testing.

10. Career and Employment Testing.

11. Personality Testing.

12. Assessment of Adjustment.

13. Learning Styles.

14. Assessment of Development.

15. Environmental Assessment.

16. The Computer in Assessment.

17. Alternate and Authentic Assessment Techniques.

18. Working with Special Populations.

19. Multicultural Assessment.

20. Test-Taking Skills.

21. School Testing Programs.

22. Communicating Test Results to Clients, Parents, and Professionals.

23. Written Test Reports.

24. Legal and Ethical Concerns and Issues in Testing.

25. Current Trends and Issues.

Appendix A: Tests.
Appendix B: Test Publishers and Distributors.
Name Index.
Subject Index.
Test Index.