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Aquinas's Shorter Summa

Aquinas's Shorter Summa - rev edition

Aquinas's Shorter Summa - rev edition

ISBN13: 9781928832430

ISBN10: 1928832431

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
International: No

ISBN13: 9781928832430

ISBN10: 1928832431

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 02
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Two years before he died, St. Thomas Aquinas -- probably the greatest teacher the Church has ever known -- was asked by his assistant, Brother Reginald, to write a simple summary of the Faith of the Catholic Church for those who lacked the time or the stamina to tackle his massive Summa Theologica.

In response, the great saint quickly set down -- in language that non-scholars can understand -- his peerless insights into
the major topics of theology: the Trinity, Divine Providence, the Incarnation of Christ, the Last Judgment, and much more.

Here, then, is not only St. Thomas's concise statement of the key elements of his thought, but a handy reference source for the essential truths of the Catholic Faith.

St. Thomas will show you:
Why faith is reasonable, not blind

Why evil can never be as powerful as good

Solid arguments for Christ's Resurrection

Powerful arguments for God's existence

Why angels are necessary in creation

How Adam's sin differed from Eve's

Why Jesus descended into Hell

Why we must suffer for Adam's sin

Why the truths that you can know only
through Revelation are nevertheless rational

Startling details about God's forgiveness

Facts about the punishment of the
damned: both spiritual and bodily

How a soul's damnation can be
compatible with God's goodness

What Christians should think
about "fate" and "chance"

What life after resurrection will be like

Three ways in which God is in all things

Eternal life: what it is; how to understand it

How you can know God through reason

Hell-fire: whether it's real or symbolic

Why God became man

Why God allows evil

How Jesus "grew in wisdom"

How Christ can have existed for
all eternity and yet be God's Son

The Beatific Vision: what it really is

Why God's knowledge of the
future doesn't deny man's free will

How the Holy Trinity is three
distinct Persons, yet one God

Much more that will help you know
and love God with greater understanding!

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