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Arab Society : Class, Gender, Power, and Development

Arab Society : Class, Gender, Power, and Development - 3rd edition

Arab Society : Class, Gender, Power, and Development - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9789774244049

ISBN10: 9774244044

Arab Society : Class, Gender, Power, and Development by Nicholas S. Hopkins and Saad Eddin  Eds. Ibrahim - ISBN 9789774244049
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: American University in Cairo Press
International: No
Arab Society : Class, Gender, Power, and Development by Nicholas S. Hopkins and Saad Eddin  Eds. Ibrahim - ISBN 9789774244049

ISBN13: 9789774244049

ISBN10: 9774244044

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 97

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For students, scholars, and general readers alike, Arab Society offers up-to-date analysis and discussion of the social, political, and economic transformations that face the region today.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface Statistical Abstract of the Arab World Map of the Arab World

ONE Arab Unity and Arab Society Introduction: The Social Basis of Arab Unity
1 Class Structure and Social Change in the Arab World Samih K. Farsoun
2 Change in Saudi Arabia: A View from "Paris of Najid" Soraya Altorki and Donald P. Cole
3 State, Legitimacy and Democratization in the Maghreb Abdelbaki Hermassi

TWO Population and Demography Introduction
4 From Demographic Explosion to Social Rupture Philippe Fargues
5 State, Women, and Civil Society: An Evaluation of Egypt's Population Policy Saad Eddin Ibrahim
6 Fertility and Social Change in Oman: Women's Perspectives Christine Eickelman
7 Women's Autonomy and the Limits of Population Policy in Egypt Barbara Ibrahim, Laila Nawai and Cynthia B. Lloyd
8 Manshiet Nasser: A Cairo Neighborhood Belgin Tek�e, Linda Oldham, and Frederic C. Shorter

THREE Family and Gender Introduction 9 Children of Amman: Childhood and Child Care in Squatter Areas of Amman, Jordan Seteney Shami and Lucine Taminian
10 Haddou: A Moroccan Migrant Worker David McMurray
11 Changing Gender Relations in a Moroccan Town Susan Schaefer Davis
12 Brother-Sister Relationships: Connectivity, Love, and Power in the Reproduction of Patriarchy in Lebanon Suad Joseph
13 We'll Talk Later Rhoda Kanaaneh

FOUR Development Introduction
14 Economic Aspects of the Qat Industry in North-West Yemen Shelagh Weir
15 Small Farmer Households and Agricultural Sustainability in Egypt Nicholas S. Hopkins
16 Shaykhs, Peasants, and Party Comrades: Political Change in Northern Syria Sulayman N. Khalaf
17 The 'Bread Revolt' in Rural Tunisia: Notables, Workers, Peasants Mouldi Lahmar

FIVE Political Transformations Introduction
18 Pluralism in the Arab World Iliya Hank
19 Economic Liberalization and the Lineages of the Rentier State: Iraq and Saudi Arabia Compared Kiren Aziz Chaudhry
20 The Peace Process, National Reconstruction, and the Transition to Democracy in Palestine Khalil Shikaki
21 Kuwaiti Women at the Crossroads: Privileged Development and the Constraints of Ethnic Stratification Anh Nga Longva

SIX Social Movements: Environment and Human Rights Introduction
22 A Tale of Two Factories Khaled Kamel
23 Environmental Threats in Jordan and Syria Marc Lavergne
24 The Human and Ecological Impact of the Civil War in the Sudan Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed
25 Human Rights and Cultural Specificity: Some Reflections Rashad Antonius
26 Organizing for the Rights of Women: Tunisian Voices Kevin Dwyer

SEVEN Religion and Value Systems in a Changing World Introduction
27 Zar as Modernization in Contemporary Sudan Susan M. Kenyon
28 Islam and the Gendered Discourses of Death Lila Abu-Lughod
29 Authority and the Mosque in Upper Egypt: The Islamic Preacher as Image and Actor Patrick D. Gaffney
30 Economic Change, Social Structure and Religious Fanaticism Galal Amin