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Art Therapy : An Introduction

Art Therapy : An Introduction - 99 edition

Art Therapy : An Introduction - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780876308974

ISBN10: 0876308973

Art Therapy : An Introduction by Judith A. Rubin - ISBN 9780876308974
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel, Inc.
International: No
Art Therapy : An Introduction by Judith A. Rubin - ISBN 9780876308974

ISBN13: 9780876308974

ISBN10: 0876308973

Edition: 99

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Art therapy has grown so fast in the last few decades that it has barely been able to keep up with itself. Most books in the field have represented the author's interpretations of practicing art therapy. As art therapy continues to grow - not only in psychology but in other relevant fields - an overview of the field is needed. This introduction to art therapy. Art Therapy: An Introduction broadly outlines the history and current state of the field, the mechanics and techniques used and the ethics and responsibilities of this therapeutic strategy.

This survey of the field of art therapy is the first of its kind. Students, teachers, counselors, social workers, practitioners and others will benefit from the information presented in this book. In addition, the author provides pictures showing examples of artwork from children and adults as well as pictures of art therapists in action.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


"Why this Book at this Time?"
"Introduction to this Volume and Adjunctive Learning Tools."

Part I: Previews.

The Many Faces of Art Therapy.

Part II: Definition.

"What is Art Therapy?"
"How is it Similar to and Different from Related Fields?"

Part III: History.

"Where did it Come From?"
"What were its Origins, Who were the Pioneers, and How did it Develop?"

Part IV: Education.

"How Did Art Therapy Training Evolve?"
"How do Art Therapists Inform Professionals and the Public?"

Part V: The Basics.

"What are the Fundamentals of Art Therapy?"
"What are Some of the Reasons Why It Works?"

Part VI: Approaches.

"How do Art Therapists Think about What They Do?"
"Theories Used in Individual, Family and Group Art Therapy."

Part VII: Assessment.

"How do Art Therapists Use Art as a Way of Trying to Diagnose and Understand People?"

Part VIII: Techniques.

"How do Art Therapists Use Art to Help People?"
"What kinds of Media and Activities are Used in Treatment?"

Part IX: People We Serve.

"Who Do Art Therapists Help?"
"What Kinds of Individuals and Problems are Treated in Art Therapy?"

Part X: Places We Work.

"Where do Art Therapists Do Their Work?"
"In What Kinds of Settings Do They See People?"

Part XI: Accountability.

"What Kinds of Standards, Evaluation, Research, and Ethics have been Developed in Art Therapy?"

Part XII: What Next?

"How Can You Find Out More About Art Therapy?"
"What Does the Future of Art Therapy Look Like."

Appendix: The Process.

"What Does Art Therapy Look Like?"

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