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Art of the Twentieth Century

Art of the Twentieth Century - 03 edition

Art of the Twentieth Century - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780300101447

ISBN10: 0300101449

Art of the Twentieth Century by Jason Gaiger and Paul Wood - ISBN 9780300101447
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Yale University Press
International: No
Art of the Twentieth Century by Jason Gaiger and Paul Wood - ISBN 9780300101447

ISBN13: 9780300101447

ISBN10: 0300101449

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03

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This reader, a companion to The Open University's four-volume Art of the Twentieth Century series, offers a variety of writings by art historians and art theorists. The writings were originally published as freestanding essays or chapters in books, and they reflect the diversity of art historical interpretations and theoretical approaches to twentieth-century art.

Accessible to the general reader, this book may be read independently or to supplement the materials explored in the four course texts. The volume includes a general introduction as well as a brief introduction to each piece, outlining its origin and relevance.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Modernism and the Crisis of Modernism

1. Selection of statements on early modernism
'Simplification and Design', 1913
'Negro Sculpture', 1920
from Modern Plastic Art, 1937
'A Definition of Primitivism', 1938
from The Story of Modern Art, 1941
'Statement', 1959
2. Meyer Schapiro
'The Nature of Abstract Art', 1937
3. Eugene Lunn
'Modernism in Comparative Perspective', 1982
4. T. J. Clark
from Farewell to an Idea, 1999

II. Avant-Garde and Neo-Avant Garde

1. Peter Bürger
from Theory of the Avant-Garde, 1947
2. Paul Smith
'How a Cubist Painting Holds Together', 2002
3. Clement Greenberg
'The Pasted-Paper Revolution', 1958
4. Henri Lefebvre
from The Critique of Everday Life, 1947
5. Benjamin Buchloh
'The Primary Colours for the Second Time: A Paradigm Repetition of the Neo-Avant-Garde', 1986

III. Modernity and Photography

1. Walter Benjamin
'News About Flowers', 1928
2. Hannah Höch
'A Few Words on Photomontage', 1934
3. Rosalind Krauss
'Photography in the Service of Surrealism', 1986
4. John Szarkowski
from The Photographer's Eye, 1969
5. Allen Sekula
'Dismantling Modernism, Reinventing Documentary (Notes on the Politics of Representation)', 1976-8
6. Jeff Wall
'"Marks of Indifference": Aspects of Photography in, or as, Conceptual Art', 1995

IV. Subjects and Objects

1. Philip Leider
'Literalism and Abstraction', 1970
2. Alex Potts
'Space, Time and Situation', 2000
3. Lucy Lippard
'Escape Attempts', 1995
4. Clement Greenberg
'Convention and Innovation', 1976
5. Charles Harrison
'Art Object and Art Work', 1989
6. Miwon Kwon
'One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity', 1997

V. The Performance of Identity

1. Frank O'Hara
'Personism: A Manifesto', 1960
2. Griselda Pollock
'Painting, Feminism, History', 2001
3. Craig Owens
'The Discourse of Others: Feminists and Postmodernism', 1985
4. Amelia Jones
from Body Art: Performing the Subject, 1998
5. Briony Fer
'Objects Beyond Objecthood', 1999

VI. Globalisation

1. Stuart Hall
'What is this "black" in black popular culture?', 1992
2. Sarah Maharaj
'Perfidious Fidelity: the Untranslatability of the Other', 1994
3. Rex Butler
'Emily Kame Kngwarreye and the Undeconstructible Space of Justice', 1998
4. Okwui Enwezor
'The Black Box', 2002
Text Acknowledgements