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Artsguide : World and Web

Artsguide : World and Web - 01 edition

Artsguide : World and Web - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780130893055

ISBN10: 0130893056

Artsguide : World and Web by Dennis J. Sporre - ISBN 9780130893055
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Artsguide : World and Web by Dennis J. Sporre - ISBN 9780130893055

ISBN13: 9780130893055

ISBN10: 0130893056

Edition: 01

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This guidebook escorts readers on a journey, introduces them to basic artistic concepts and terms, and makes it possible to ''travel'' to the arts in physical, imaginary, or cyber ways. The arts of architecture, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, music, theatre, dance, and film are treated uniformly throughout. Readable style and understandable organization make this book the perfect companion at museums, concerts, the theatre, etc., or for working at the computer. The reference begins with a guide on how to use it, an explanation of what art is, how it functions, and the ways in which it is evaluated. Chapter contents encompass structures and architecture, pictures and sculptures, the theatrical experience, music and opera, dance, and film. Other coverage includes must-see works of architecture by city, date, and architect; masterworks of painting and sculpture by city, location, and artist; and major artists, playwrights, composers, architects, choreographers, and their styles. For those who appreciate art--and understand the value of incorporating it into their daily life for a lifetime.

Author Bio

Sporre, Dennis J. : Elon College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Getting Started.

Experiencing the Arts. How to Use This Book.

1. What are the Arts and How Do We Evaluate and Describe Them?

What is Art? How Does Art Function? How Do We Evaluate Art? Finding Art in Life.

2. Structures--Architecture.

Function. Structure. Building Materials. Scale and Proportion. Context. Space. Climate. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

3. In The Museum--Pictures and Sculptures.

General Museum Decorum. In The Gallery--An Orientation. Two-Dimensional Art: Paintings, Prints, and Photography. Three-Dimensional Art: Sculpture. Decorative Arts. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

4. In The Theatre.

The Theatrical Experience. Genres. The Production. Theatre as Sense Stimulant. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

5. At The Concert Hall--Music and Opera.

The Basic Language of Music. The Performance. Opera. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

6. Dance.

Genres. The Aspects of Dance. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

7. At The Cinema--Film.

Basic Film Types. Basic Film Techniques. Model Analysis. Further Reading.

8. Style.

What Is Style? Timeline of Major Styles. Selected Major Styles in Visual Art, Architecture, Theatre, Music, Dance, and Film.

Appendix A: 101 Must-See Works of Architecture.
Appendix B: 201 Masterworks of Painting and Sculpture.
Appendix C: 258 Major Architects, Artists, Choreographers, Composers, and Playwrights.

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Artsguide : World and Web by Dennis Sporre - ISBN 9780131775268