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Assessment - 7th edition

Assessment - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780395874400

ISBN10: 0395874408

Assessment by John Salvia and James E. Ysseldyke - ISBN 9780395874400
Edition: 7TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Assessment by John Salvia and James E. Ysseldyke - ISBN 9780395874400

ISBN13: 9780395874400

ISBN10: 0395874408

Edition: 7TH 98

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Assessment offers an expert and evenhanded perspective on both formal and informal classroom assessment. Long considered the standard, for its reviews of standardized tests in all areas of education, the text also incorporates such current methods as portfolio assessment, outcome-based assessment, observation, ecological assessment, and teacher-made tests.

Twenty-five percent of the tests reviewed are new or revised in the Seventh Edition. In addition, a new introductory chapter establishes a decision-making framework for the text, discussing such issues as assessment as a national policy issue, reform and accountability, and the impact of diversity and demographics on assessment decision making.

  • Ecological classroom assessment has been thoroughly revised to include the most current research for designing and assessing effective learning environments.
  • Special test review sections and a useful guide, How to Evaluate Tests, make this a professional handbook of test evaluations.
  • The latest technology information includes the use of scoring disks, online testing, and Internet resources.
  • Coping with Dilemmas in Current Practice sections have been updated to discuss thought-provoking issues on using standardized tests.
  • Expanded diversity content includes new information on norms in testing and adapting tests for students with diverse or special needs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Assessment - An Overview

1. Assessment of Students

2. Assessment Processes and Concerns

3. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Assessment

II. Basic Concepts of Measurement

4. Descriptive Statistics

5. Quantification of Test Performance

6. Norms

7. Reliability

8. Validity

9. Adapting Tests to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

III. Assessment in Classrooms

10. Assessing Behavior Through Observation

11. Assessing Instructional Ecology

12. Teacher-made Tests of Achievement

13. Performance and Portfolio Assessment

14. Teacher Decision Making

IV. Assessment Using Formal Measures

15. Making Entitlement Decisions

16. Assessment of Intelligence - An Overview

17. Assessment of Intelligence: Individual Test

18. Assessment of Intelligence: Group Tests

19. Assessment of Sensory Acuity

20. Assessment of Academic Achievement with Multiple-Skill Devices

21. Assessment of Reading

22. Assessment in Mathematics

23. Assessment of Oral Language

24. Assessment of Written Language

25. Assessment of Perceptual Motor Skills

26. Assessment of Problem Behavior

27. Assessment of Adaptive Behavior

28. Diagnostic Systems

29. Developmental Appraisal

30. OutcomesBased Accountability Assessment

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