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Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality

Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality - 86 edition

Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality - 86 edition

ISBN13: 9781572308879

ISBN10: 1572308877

Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality by Howard M. Knoff - ISBN 9781572308879
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 86
Copyright: 1986
Publisher: Guilford Press
International: No
Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality by Howard M. Knoff - ISBN 9781572308879

ISBN13: 9781572308879

ISBN10: 1572308877

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 86

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Now available in paper for the first time, this volume brings together leading contributors to provide a comprehensive review of theory, research, and practice in child and adolescent personality assessment. Organized for easy reference, the book is divided into four parts. Part I summarizes basic theories, issues, and concepts, setting forth a framework for assessment as a hypothesis- generating, problem-solving process. Part II describes and evaluates a wide range of relevant approaches, tests, and techniques, marshaling the available data and reviewing administration procedures, scoring, and interpretation. In Part III, the process by which personality assessment is translated into effective intervention strategies and programs for children is examined in depth. A summary of major perspectives and recommended practices is presented in Part IV, which also considers future needs and directions for the field.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Theories, Issues, and Procedures in Personality Assessment

1. Identifying and Classifying Children and Adolescents Referred for Personality Assessment: Theories, Systems, and Issues, Knoff
2. Legal and Ethical Issues in Child and Adolescent Personality Assessment, DeMers
3. A Conceptual Model and Pragmatic Approach toward Personality Assessment Referrals, Knoff

II. Personality Assessment Approaches and Techniques With Children and Adolescents

4. The Diagnostic Interview Process, Nuttall and Ivey
5. Assessing Children and Adolescents with the Rorschach, Weiner
6. Thematic Approaches to Personality Assessment with Children and Adolescents, Obrzut and Boliek
7. Projective Drawings, Cummings
8. The Sentence Completion Techniques, Hart
9. The Personality Inventory for Children: Approaches to Actuarial Interpretation in Clinic and School Settings, Lachar, Kline, and Boersma
10. Behavior Rating Scale Approaches to Personality Assessment in Children and Adolescents, Martin, Hooper, and Snow
11. Behavioral Observation Approaches to Personality Assessment, Keller
12. Family Assessment Approaches and Procedures, Brassard
13. Ecological Assessment Procedures, Garbarino and Kapadia
14. Actuarial and Automated Assessment Procedures and Approaches, Brown

III. Moving from Personality Assessment to Intervention

15. The Personality Assessment Report and the Feedback and Planning Conference, Knoff
16. Intervention and the Change Process: Using the Theoretical Assessment Models and Consultation Processes, Knoff
17. Personality Assessment and Individual Therapeutic Interventions, Prout

IV. Summation and Integration

18. Conclusion and Future Needs in Personality Assessment, Knoff

Appendix: A Summary of Selected Personality Assessment Tools Available to Mental Health Practitioners