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Assisting in Long-Term Care, Workbook

Assisting in Long-Term Care, Workbook - 4th edition

Assisting in Long-Term Care, Workbook - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780766834804

ISBN10: 0766834808

Assisting in Long-Term Care, Workbook by Barbara R. Hegner and Joan Fritsch Needham - ISBN 9780766834804
Edition: 4TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Delmar Publications
International: No
Assisting in Long-Term Care, Workbook by Barbara R. Hegner and Joan Fritsch Needham - ISBN 9780766834804

ISBN13: 9780766834804

ISBN10: 0766834808

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This best-selling resource provides the theoretical and skills content nursing assistants require for the successful completion of the certification test. A major goal of the content is to help nursing assistants develop an understanding of the principles on safe and effective care of residents in long-term care. Core values stressed include empathy, caring, communication skills, and respect for residents and their families. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring resident's rights, adequate nutrition and hydration, maintenance of mobility, psychosocial interactions, and a safe environment. Liberal illustrations aid in visual learning.

Author Bio

Hegner, Barbara R. :

Barbara R. Hegner, MSN, RN, retired from Long Beach Community College, Long Beach, California, as a Professor in the Nursing & Life Science Department.

Needham, Joan Fritsch : DeKalb County Nursing Home

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Authors



About This Book

Sect. 1 The Long-Term Care Setting 1

Lesson 1 The Long Term Care Facility 3
Lesson 2 The Caregivers 21
Lesson 3 The Nursing Assistant in Long-Term Care 33

Sect. 2 Communication Skills 49

Lesson 4 Communication and Interpersonal Skills 51
Lesson 5 The Language of Health Care 67
Lesson 6 Observation, Documentation, and Reporting 85

Sect. 3 Protecting Residents' Rights and Safety 99

Lesson 7 Residents' Rights 101
Lesson 8 Safety 123
Lesson 9 Emergencies 139
Lesson 10 Infection 155
Lesson 11 Infection Control 169

Sect. 4 Characteristics of the Long-Term Care Resident 197

Lesson 12 The Long-Term Care Resident 199
Lesson 13 The Psychosocial Aspects of Aging 213
Lesson 14 Alternative Health Practices 227

Sect. 5 Meeting the Residents' Basic Needs 235

Lesson 15 Care of the Resident's Environment 237
Lesson 16 Caring for the Residents' Personal Hygiene 255
Lesson 17 Meeting the Residents' Nutritional Needs 291
Lesson 18 Meeting the Residents' Elimination Needs 319

Sect. 6 Special Nursing Assistant Activities 367

Lesson 19 Measuring and Recording Residents' Data 369
Lesson 20 Admission, Transfer, and Discharge 401
Lesson 21 Warm and Cold Applications 417

Sect. 7 Introduction to Restorative Care 427

Lesson 22 Restorative / Rehabilitative Care of the Resident 429
Lesson 23 Restoring Residents' Mobility 483

Sect. 8 Residents with Specific Disorders 517

Lesson 24 Caring for Residents with Cardiovascular System Disorders 519
Lesson 25 Caring for Residents with Respiratory System Disorders 539
Lesson 26 Caring for Residents with Endocrine System Disorders 551
Lesson 27 Caring for Residents with Reproductive System Disorders 563
Lesson 28 Caring for Residents with Musculoskeletal System Disorders 577
Lesson 29 Caring for Residents with Nervous System Disorders 591

Sect. 9 Residents with Special Needs 615

Lesson 30 Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (Caring for the Cognitively Impaired Resident) 617
Lesson 31 Caring for Residents with Developmental Disabilities 633
Lesson 32 Caring for the Dying Resident 643
Lesson 33 Caring for the Person in Subacute Care 653

Sect. 10 Employment 665

Lesson 34 Seeking Employment 667

Glossary 685

Index 705