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Atlantic Slave Trade

Atlantic Slave Trade - 2nd edition

Atlantic Slave Trade - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780618116249

ISBN10: 0618116249

Atlantic Slave Trade by David Northrup - ISBN 9780618116249
Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Atlantic Slave Trade by David Northrup - ISBN 9780618116249

ISBN13: 9780618116249

ISBN10: 0618116249

Edition: 2ND 02

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A volume in the Problems in World History series, this book features a variety of secondary-source essays that address debates surrounding the Atlantic slave trade. The essays are carefully edited for both content and length, making this single volume a convenient alternative to course packets or multiple monographs.

Most often used as a supplementary text for upper-level courses, The Atlantic Slave Trade features the latest scholarship and includes chapter introductions, essay introductions, and annotated bibliographies.

  • New! A new section explores the cultural and economic impact of the slave trade on Europe and the Americas.
  • New! The new edition includes the most recent scholarship on debates surrounding the Atlantic slave trade, including essays by David Eltis and David Richardson, both of whom participated in the recent Harvard DuBois Institute study on the slave trade.
  • New! Essays focus on such issues as the reasons behind African enslavement, the relationship between Africans and Europeans, and the origins of the abolition movement.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Why Were Africans Enslaved?

Eric Williams, Economics, Not Racism, as the Root of Slavery
Winthrop D. Jordan, The Simultaneous Invention of Slavery and Racism
David Brion Davis, Sugar and Slavery from the Old to the New World
David Eltis, The Cultural Roots of African Slavery

II. The Slave Trade Within Africa

Mungo Park, West Africa in the 1790s
P.E.H. Hair, African Narratives of Enslavement
Joseph C. Miller, West Central Africa
Joseph E. Inikori, Guns for Slaves
John Thornton, Warfare and Slavery

III. The Middle Passage

Olaudah Equiano, An African's Ordeal
Thomas Fowell Buxton, An Abolitionist's Evidence
Philip D. Curtin, A Historian's Recount
Herbert S. Klein, Profits and Losses
David Eltis and David Richardson, The Achievements of the "Numbers Game"

IV. Effects in Africa

John Hawkins, An Alliance to Raid for Slaves
Walter Rodney, The Unequal Partnership Between Africans and Europeans
Patrick Manning, Social and Demographic Transformations
John Thornton, Africa's Effects on the Slave Trade

V. Effects in Europe and the Americas

Eric Williams, Slavery, Industrialization, and Abolition
Seymour Drescher, The Williams Thesis after Fifty Years
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, An African Nation in Colonial Louisiana
Philip D. Morgan, African Cultural Dynamics in the Americas

VI. Abolition

Adrian Hastings, Abolitionists Black and White
Osei Bonsu and Eyo Honesty II, African Opponents of Abolition
Howard Temperley, The Idea of Progress
Michael Craton, Slave Revolts and the End of Slavery
Suggestions for Further Reading

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