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Badminton : Mastering the Basics

Badminton : Mastering the Basics - 01 edition

Badminton : Mastering the Basics - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780205323692

ISBN10: 0205323693

Badminton : Mastering the Basics by Michael Metzler - ISBN 9780205323692
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Badminton : Mastering the Basics by Michael Metzler - ISBN 9780205323692

ISBN13: 9780205323692

ISBN10: 0205323693

Edition: 01

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This badminton text uses the Personalized Sport Instruction model of teaching (PSI), which is widely respected as an effective, interactive, student-centered teaching model.

This text, as part of a six-book series, features a common organization and framework for planning, managing, implementing, and evaluating the fundamentals of learning badminton. Each module includes specific directions for setting up learning tasks and criteria for demonstrating mastery. Because the text is a self-contained course, it eliminates the need for lengthy unit and daily lesson planning.

Designed as a main text for physical education elective courses on badminton.

  • The Personalized Sport Instruction System serves as a learning guide for students, not as a reference for instructors. Students are provided with the tools needed to gain mastery in a course and can guide themselves at a pace that matches their ability.
  • A Personal Progress Chart, found in all texts within the PSI System, allows instructors to monitor student progress at any point in the course and allows students to track their personal achievements. Instructors have a record of each student's progress from pretest to posttest and can assess completion of skills or the need for extra attention.
  • The PSI System is based on Fred Keller's Personalized Systems of Instruction. This reputable source has a long history of empirical support.
  • Instructors benefit from the PSI method because it provides an integrated and enjoyable way to design and implement physical activity instruction. Expert instructors will have more time to interact with students who need extra instruction, while novice instructors can follow the PSI sequence knowing their students are getting proper content and skill mastery.

Author Bio

Metzler, Michael : Georgia State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction to PSIS Badminton.
PSIS Course Management and Policies.
PSIS Badminton Learning Modules.

1. Stretching for Badminton.

2. Badminton Basics.

Court and Net.
Badminton Fundamentals.
Basics of Badminton Shot Making.
Shot Making Fundamentals.

3. Serving.

Low Short Serve.
High Deep Serve.

4. Clears.

Forehand Drive Clear.
Backhand Drive Clear.
Overhead Clear.

5. Drive Shots.

Forehand Drive.
Backhand Drive.

6. Overhead Smashes.

7. Drop Shots.

Forehand Drop.
Backhand Drop.

8. The Laws of Badminton and Game Strategy.

The Laws of Badminton.
Badminton Strategy.

Badminton Laws and Strategy Quiz.
Personal Progress Chart for Badminton.