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Balanced Introduction to Computer Science

Balanced Introduction to Computer Science - 05 edition

Balanced Introduction to Computer Science - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780130467096

ISBN10: 013046709X

Balanced Introduction to Computer Science by David Reed - ISBN 9780130467096
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Balanced Introduction to Computer Science by David Reed - ISBN 9780130467096

ISBN13: 9780130467096

ISBN10: 013046709X

Edition: 05

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For Introduction to Computing and the Web courses in the departments of Math and Computer Science.

This carefully written, balanced text teaches students the most important concepts in computing and computer science while providing enough programming depth to enable them to understand how people work with computers. Taking advantage of today's students' interest in and familiarity with the Web, the text contains experimental problems using Web-based tools; enabling them to learn the fundamentals of programming by developing their own interactive Web pages.


  • A balanced introduction to computers--Integrates breadth-based and depth-based chapters; covers a broad range of topics balanced with programming depth.
    • Enables students from a variety of disciplines to know more about computers. Provides instructors with flexibility in teaching their course.
  • Internet/Web as a central theme--Studies the history, technology, and current use of the Internet and World Wide Web.
    • Gives students the opportunity to use Web-based tools for visualizing concepts and teaches them to develop their own interactive Web pages (with HTML and JavaScript).
  • Hands-on, tutorial style--Utilizes the programming language JavaScript as an easy tool for student experiments.
    • Provides students with numerous examples of working pages/programs, enabling them to learn by doing.
  • Illustrations and Web-based tools--Illuminate key points and support active learning.
    • Enables students to interact with Web-based visualizations and learn through experience.
  • Review questions--End each of the computer science breadth chapters.
    • Encourages students' reflection and helps them integrate the contents of that chapter.
  • Incremental exercises--Provides exercises that build upon one another; eventually new programs for solving interesting and engaging problems are created.
    • Allows students to master programming concepts by first studying existing programs and then making modifications using new tools and constructs.
  • "Common errors to avoid..."--Identifies and discusses common errors and points of confusion.
    • Provides students with an additional troubleshooting tool.
  • "Designer secrets..."--Provides problem-solving and program design advice in special sections.
    • Highlights for students important programming information, spurring interest and raising confidence levels.
  • Nine laboratory assignments--Corresponding to each programming depth chapter, this collection is available to supplement the text.
    • Emphasizes for students experimentation, analysis, and the use of programs to solve interdisciplinary problems.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview.

1. Computer Basics.

2. HTML and Web Pages.

3. The Internet and the World Wide Web.

4. JavaScript and Dynamic Web Pages.

5. JavaScript Numbers and Expressions.

6. The History of Computers.

7. Abstraction and User-Defined Functions.

8. Algorithms and Programming Languages.

9. Event-Driven Programming.

10. Computer Science as a Discipline.

11. Conditional Execution.

12. Data Representation.

13. Conditional Repetition.

14. Inside the Computer - The von Neumann Architecture.

15. JavaScript Strings.

16. Inside the Computer - Transistors and Integrated Circuits.

17. JavaScript Arrays.

18. Computers and Society.

Appendix A: HTML Reference.

Appendix B: JavaScript Reference.

Appendix C: Browser Basics.

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