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Basic Concepts in Biology - With CD

Basic Concepts in Biology - With CD - 6th edition

Basic Concepts in Biology - With CD - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780495188346

ISBN10: 0495188344

Basic Concepts in Biology - With CD by Cecie Starr - ISBN 9780495188346
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Basic Concepts in Biology - With CD by Cecie Starr - ISBN 9780495188346

ISBN13: 9780495188346

ISBN10: 0495188344

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 06

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Basic Concepts In Biology supplies a 650 page, introductory issues-oriented approach with enormous instructional power. This title has content identical to Starr's longer BIOLOGY, CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, Sixth Edition, except for the omission of plant and animal physiology. The "Impacts, Issues" and "How Would You Vote?" features new to this edition make biology come alive. An "Impacts, Issues" case study opens each chapter focusing on a biology-related societal issue.

Short films that expand on the issue are on the free Student CD. Each chapter's "How Would You Vote?" asks students to consider biology-related news, apply knowledge, cast a vote on the web and see voting tallies. The access codes that accompany all new copies provide online access to 1) BiologyNow, a learning tool that helps students assess their unique study needs through pretests, post-test and personalized learning plans; 2) InfoTrac, a library of full text articles; 3) vMentor, a live tutoring service and 4) "How Do I Prepare," a feature that allows students to review basic math, chemistry, and other skills that will help them more easily master introductory biology. And now with an MP3 download of this title, you don't have to lose prep time during a long commute--any MP3 player lets you or your students listen and review the text at the gym, in the library, at the office - anywhere! Starr is the most successful author in non-majors biology because of her clear and engaging writing, trend-setting art, and unparalleled student and instructor media.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Invitation to Biology.


2. Life's Chemical Basis.
3. Molecules of Life.
4. How Cells Are Put Together.
5. How Cells Work.
6. Where It Starts--Photosynthesis.
7. How Cells Release Chemical Energy.


8. How Cells Reproduce.
9. Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction.
10. Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits.
11. Chromosomes and Human Genetics.
12. DNA Structure and Function.
13. From DNA to Proteins.
14. Controls Over Genes.
15. Studying and Manipulating Genomes.


16. Processes of Evolution.
17. Evolutionary Patterns, Rates, and Trends.
18. The Origin and Early Evolution of Life.


19. Prokaryotes and Viruses.
20. The Simplest Eukaryotes--Protists and Fungi.
21. Plant Evolution.
22. Animal Evolution--The Invertebrates.
23. Animal Evolution--The Vertebrates.
24. Plants and Animals--Common Challenges.
25. Animal Reproduction and Development.


26. Population Ecology.
27. Community Structure and Biodiversity.
28. Ecosystems.
29. The Biosphere.
30. Behavioral Ecology