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Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy

Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy - 2nd edition

Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9781551117157

ISBN10: 1551117150

Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy by Richard N. Bosley and Martin M. Tweedale - ISBN 9781551117157
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Broadview Press
International: No
Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy by Richard N. Bosley and Martin M. Tweedale - ISBN 9781551117157

ISBN13: 9781551117157

ISBN10: 1551117150

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In this important collection, the editors argue that medieval philosophy is best studied as an interactive discussion between thinkers working on very much the same problems despite being often widely separated in time or place. Each section opens with at least one selection from a classical philosopher, and there are many points at which the readings chosen refer to other works that the reader will also find in this collection. There is a considerable amount of material from central figures such as Augustine, Abelard, Duns Scotus, and William of Ockham, as well as extensive texts from thinkers in the medieval Islamic world. Each selection is prefaced by a brief introduction by the editors, providing a philosophical and religious background to help make the material more accessible to the reader.

This edition, updated throughout, contains a substantial new chapter on medieval psychology and philosophy of mind, with texts from authors not previously represented such as John Buridan and Peter John Olivi.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Topic I. Necessity, Contingency, and Causation

I.1. Aristotle
I.2. Avicenna
I.3. Abelard
I.4. Al-Ghazali and Averroes
I.5. St. Thomas Aquinas
I.6. Siger of Brabant
I.7. The Condemnation of 1277
I.8. Henry of Ghent
I.9. John Duns Scotus
I.10. William of Ockham

Topic II. Is There an Infinitely Perfect Being?

II.1. Aristotle
II.2. St. Anselm
II.3. Al-Ghazali and Averroes
II.4. St. Thomas Aquinas
II.5. John Duns Scotus
II.6. William of Ockham

Topic III. Could the World be Eternally Existent?

III.1. Aristotle
III.2. St. Augustine
III.3. Al-Ghazali and Averroes
III.4. Moses Maimonides
III.5. St. Thomas Aquinas
III.6. Henry of Ghent
III.7. John Duns Scotus
III.8. William of Ockham

Topic IV. Determinism, Free Will, and Divine Foreknowledge

IV.1. Aristotle
IV.2. Boethius
IV.3. St. Anselm
IV.4. St. Thomas Aquinas
IV.5. Siger of Brabant
IV.6. John Duns Scotus
IV.7. William of Ockham

Topic V. Identity and Distinction

V.1. Aristotle
V.2. Boethius
V.3. Abelard
V.4. John Duns Scotus
V.5. William of Ockham

Topic VI. Universals and Particulars

VI.1. Plato
VI.2. Aristotle
VI.3. Porphyry
VI.4. Boethius
VI.5. Garlandus Compotista
VI.6. Abelard
VI.7. Avicenna
VI.8. John Duns Scotus
VI.9. William of Ockham

Topic VII. Skepticism

VII.1. St. Augustine
VII.2. Henry of Ghent
VII.3. Siger of Brabant
VII.4. John Duns Scotus
VII.5. Nicholas of Autrecourt

Topic VIII. Virtue and Reason, Sin and Sex

VIII.1. Aristotle
VIII.2. St. Augustine
VIII.3. Al-Ghazali
VIII.4. Abelard
VIII.5. St. Thomas Aquinas

Topic IX. The "Darkness Which is Beyond Intellect"

IX.1. Plotinus
IX.2. Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite
IX.3. John Scotus Eriugena
IX.4. Ibn Tufail
IX.5. Meister Eckhart

Topic X. Body, Soul, and Intellect

X.1. Aristotle
X.2. Alexander of Aphrodisias
X.3. Themistius
X.4. Avicenna
X.5. Averroes
X.6. Siger of Brabant and Thomas Acquinas
X.7. Peter John Olivi
X.8. John Buridan