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Basic Keyboarding : Skills and Applications for Computers

Basic Keyboarding : Skills and Applications for Computers - 2nd edition

Basic Keyboarding : Skills and Applications for Computers - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780882943466

ISBN10: 0882943464

Basic Keyboarding : Skills and Applications for Computers by Rodney G. Jurist and Lyn Tisdale - ISBN 9780882943466
Edition: 2ND 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: H. M. Rowe Co.
International: No
Basic Keyboarding : Skills and Applications for Computers by Rodney G. Jurist and Lyn Tisdale - ISBN 9780882943466

ISBN13: 9780882943466

ISBN10: 0882943464

Edition: 2ND 93
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This full-sized text contains the essentials of keyboarding by touch and provides an effective introduction to the standard keyboard and numeric keypad. Each unit introduces students to new keys in an alternate hand, random-finger approach. The units are organized into these elements: Introduction, Development, Application, Review, and Evaluation. Lively practice material makes Basic Keyboarding an interesting way to learn the keyboard and numeric keypad.

Basic Keyboarding includes these features:

  • Practice material progresses quickly to whole words and then to business-oriented sentences.
  • Practices and exercises contain up-to-date business language.
  • Text includes instruction for the 10-key numeric keypad.
  • Instruction describes and reinforces correct typing techniques and posture.
  • Text concludes with simple introduction to letter formatting.
  • Basic Keyboarding can be used independently to develop competence with the keyboard for computer-related courses or applications. It can also be used with Keyboarding Correspondence as the introductory segment of a complete course in office keyboarding or typing.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Equipment: Parts and Functions
Keyboarding Essentials
Level 1 Learn The Keyboard

Accuracy, Power, Speed

Lesson 1 Home keys
Lesson 2 M C O
Lesson 3 G I W
Lesson 4 U E
Lesson 5 R P X
Lesson 6 Y Q H
Lesson 7 T N / Left Shift
Lesson 8 B Z Right Shift
Lesson 9 , V ?
Lesson 10 Basic Keyboard Review
Lesson 11 1 9 4
Lesson 12 0 2 7
Lesson 13 - 3 6
Lesson 14 8 5 =
Lesson 15 : Keyboard Review
Lesson 16 ! ( $ )
Lesson 17 @ & # _
Lesson 18 * % + "
Lesson 19 ' Shift Lock Review

Level 2 Build Keyboarding Control

Warm-Up Practice
Fast-Paced Drill
Attention Drill
Speed Building

Lesson 20
Lesson 21
Lesson 22
Lesson 23
Lesson 24
Lesson 25
Lesson 26
Lesson 27
Lesson 28
Lesson 29
Lesson 30

Level 3 Use Your Skills

Speed, Accuracy, Appearance
Basic Letter Formats and Memos

Lesson 31 Full Block
Lesson 32 More Features
Lesson 33 Modified Block
Lesson 34 Simplified
Lesson 35 Proofreading: Focus on Accuracy
Lesson 36 Two-Page Letters
Lesson 37 Personal Business
Lesson 38 Envelopes
Lesson 39 Memos
Lesson 40 Proofreading: Focus on Format
Document Appearance
Lesson 41 Centering
Lesson 42 More Centering
Lesson 43 More on Tabs
Lesson 44 Fonts
Lesson 45 Proofreading: Focus on Appearance

Reports and Rough Drafts

Lesson 46 Report Essentials
Lesson 47 Rough Drafts: Letters
Lesson 48 More Rough Drafts
Lesson 49 Proofreading: Job Application
Lesson 50 Proofreading: Master Project

Quick Reference

State Abbreviations
Letter Folding
English Review