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Basic Mathematics - With CD

Basic Mathematics - With CD - 6th edition

Basic Mathematics - With CD - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780534998189

ISBN10: 0534998186

Basic Mathematics - With CD by Charles P. McKeague - ISBN 9780534998189
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Basic Mathematics - With CD by Charles P. McKeague - ISBN 9780534998189

ISBN13: 9780534998189

ISBN10: 0534998186

Edition: 6TH 05

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Patient and clear in his explanations and problems, Pat McKeague helps students develop a thorough understanding of the concepts essential to their success in mathematics. Each chapter opens with a real-world application. McKeague builds from the chapter-opening applications, such as the average amount of caffeine in different beverages, and uses the application as a common thread to introduce new concepts, making the material more accessible and engaging for students. Diagrams, charts, and graphs are emphasized to help students understand the material covered in visual form. McKeague's unique and successful EPAS system of Example, Practice, Answer, and Solution actively involves students with the material and thoroughly prepares them for working the Problem Sets. The Sixth Edition of BASIC MATHEMATICS also features a robust suite of online course management, testing, and tutorial resources for instructors and students. This includes iLrn Testing and Tutorial, vMentor live online tutoring, the Digital Video Companion CD-ROM with MathCue, a Book Companion Web Site featuring online graphing calculator resources, and The Learning Equation (TLE), powered by iLrn. TLE provides a complete courseware package, featuring a diagnostic tool that gives instructors the capability to create individualized study plans. With TLE, a cohesive, focused study plan can be put together to help each student succeed in math.


  • NEW! Pre-tests are located at the beginning of every chapter. These tests allow students to assess and prepare for the material to be covered in the upcoming chapter; as well as provide instructors, when utilized, information on where their students' proficiencies and deficiencies may lie and plan their course accordingly.
  • Chapter openers motivate students to learn the topics in each chapter. Each illustrates a real-world application of one of the main chapter topics, and most present the information both graphically and numerically.
  • Section openers ease students into the topics covered with a vivid real-world illustration of the usefulness of the material covered.
  • Descriptive statistics are integrated throughout the book.
  • Tables are used in problem sets to clarify topics and to highlight patterns of numbers.
  • Found at the end of the first five chapters, A GLIMPSE OF ALGEBRA provides students with an idea of how the basic mathematical topics they are studying will look if they go on to algebra.
  • STUDY SKILLS sections open the first five chapters and help students organize their time.
  • USING TECHNOLOGY boxes provide students with guidance in using graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and other technology to help solve problems.
  • EXTENDING THE CONCEPTS problems provide critical-thinking challenges.
  • PRACTICE PROBLEMS are key to moving students through the material in the text. Solutions to these problems are found in the back of the book.
  • An END OF CHAPTER RETROSPECTIVE provides students with a comprehensive reexamination of the chapter and some of the important problems from previous chapters. It includes a SUMMARY, REVIEW, TEST, and PROJECTS.
  • NEW! Objectives, situated in the margin, list the key concepts to be covered in the upcoming section, along with the corresponding examples and problems that reinforce each concept.
  • A BLUEPRINT FOR PROBLEM SOLVING feature outlines the steps needed to successfully solve application problems involving equations in one variable.
  • Exercises and practice problems are featured in the margins.
  • FACTS FROM GEOMETRY introduce new ideas in geometry throughout the book, followed by examples to show students how geometry relates to the mathematics they are learning.
  • NEW! Improving Your Quantitative Literacy is a new application exercise included in the Problem Sets at the end of each section. Through real-world material, these application exercises illustrate to students how math can make better them decision-makers in their daily lives.
  • NEW! Charts and graphs from USA Today articles, integrated throughout the text, provide both currency and math in the same context. Selected charts exemplify how the use of math can benefit students, once again in their lives.
  • NEW! The Digital Video Companion (DVC) CD-ROM now features MathCue tutorial and testing software. Keyed to the text, this software provides students with ample practice problems, quizzes, and tests with step-by-step tutorial coaching. Instructors can create customized MathCue session files to e-mail to students for use as make-up assignments, extra credit work, specialized review, quizzes, or other purposes. In addition, MathCue's secure e-mail score system allows for any MathCue session to be sent to instructors via email.
  • NEW! The DVC with MathCue now includes a Closed Caption option that provides Spanish translations of the lessons.
  • NEW! Group Projects, located at the end of each chapter, give students the opportunity to collaborate and investigate and some of the concepts from the chapter in more depth.
  • NEW! Research Projects, located at the end of each chapter, can be used to encourage writing about mathematics, and allow the students to learn some history of mathematics on their own.
  • NEW! Sections called "A Glimpse of Algebra" at the end of most chapters in the book. These show how some of the material in the chapter looks when it is extended to algebra. These sections will give algebra intended students a head start.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Place Value and Names For Numbers. Addition with Whole Numbers and Perimeter. Rounding Numbers, Estimating Answers, and Displaying Information. Subtraction with Whole Numbers. Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Area. Division with Whole Numbers. Exponents and Order of Operations. Area and Volume. Summary. Review. Test. A Glimpse of Algebra. Projects.


The Meaning and Properties of Fractions. Prime Numbers, Factors, and Reducing to Lowest Terms. Multiplication with Fractions and the Area of a Triangle. Division with Fractions. Addition and Subtraction with Fractions. Mixed-Number Notation. Multiplication and Division with Mixed Numbers. Addition and Subtraction with Mixed Numbers. Combinations of Operations and Complex Fractions. Summary. Review. Test. Cumulative Review. A Glimpse of Algebra. Projects.


Decimal Notation and Place Value. Addition and Subtraction with Decimals. Multiplication with Decimals; Circumference and Area of a Circle. Division with Decimals. Fractions and Decimals, and the Volume of a Sphere. Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. Summary. Review. Test. Cumulative Review. A Glimpse of Algebra.


Ratios. Rates and Units Pricing. Proportions. Applications of Proportions. Similar Figures. Summary. Review. Cumulative Review. Test. Projects.


Percents, Decimals, and Fractions. Basic Percent Problems. General Applications of Percent. Sales Tax and Commission. Percent Increase or Decrease and Discount. Interest. Pie Charts. Summary. Review. Test. Cumulative Review. A Glimpse of Algebra.


Unit Analysis I: Length. Unit Analysis II: Area and Volume. Unit Analysis III: Weight. Converting between the Two Systems and Temperature. Time Operations with Units of Measure. Summary. Review. Cumulative Review. Test. Projects.


Positive and Negative Numbers. Addition with Negative Numbers. Subtraction with Negative Numbers. Multiplication with Negative Numbers. Division with Negative Numbers. Summary. Review. Test. Cumulative Review. Test. Projects.


The Distributive Property and Algebraic Expressions. The Addition Property of Equality. The Multiplication Property of Equality. Linear Equations in One Variable. Applications. Summary. Review. Test. Cumulative Review. Test. Projects.

Appendix I: One Hundred Addition Facts.
Appendix II: One Hundred Multiplication Facts.
Appendix III: Negative Exponents and Scientific Notation.
Solutions to Selected Practice Questions.
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.
Chapter Reviews, Cumulative Reviews, and Chapter Tests.

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