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Basic Spanish Grammar - Package (New)

Basic Spanish Grammar - Package (New) - 6th edition

Basic Spanish Grammar - Package (New) - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780618340668

ISBN10: 0618340661

Basic Spanish Grammar - Package (New) by Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo and Francisco Mena-Ayllon - ISBN 9780618340668
Edition: 6TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Basic Spanish Grammar - Package (New) by Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo and Francisco Mena-Ayllon - ISBN 9780618340668

ISBN13: 9780618340668

ISBN10: 0618340661

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This text frames and develops a coherent, practical, and engaging approach to teaching and learning elementary social studies. The authors combine the latest research on learning patterns, curriculum structure and presentation, and assessment with practical issues like classroom management, goal establishment, and creative lesson planning.

Elementary Social Studies is organized according to four commonplaces of education--learners and learning, subject matter, teachers and teaching, and classroom environment--to help teachers create a powerful learning environment for their students. The Second Edition includes additional emphasis on issues of multiculturalism and diversity, and teaching in the lower primary grades.

  • New! More Theory-to-Practice examples are included throughout the text. Now identifiable by marginal icons, the examples in Chapter 2 concentrate on incorporating constructivist principles into the teaching/learning process, while those in Chapter 5 focus on choosing teaching strategies, curriculum materials, and classroom assessments.
  • New! More references to social studies standards and standardized assessments are presented throughout the text to help teaching students understand how their lessons relate to the certification process and the assessment of schools, teachers, and students.
  • New! More explicit connections between social studies and language arts instruction (Chapter 4) are drawn to provide guidance on teaching in schools that have marginalized social studies instruction in order to concentrate on reading and math in preparation for standardized testing.
  • New! Expanded content allows the author to provide the most comprehensive updates and information on all topics presented.
  • New! Marginal icons have been reduced from six categories to four--diversity, standards, theory-to-practice examples, and relevant research--for purposes of clarity. These icons help call out where relevant information is presented in the text.
  • In Your Classroom boxes offer practical teaching suggestions such as the use jigsaw puzzles, book talks, and mini-lessons. An appendix of Children's Literature provides approximately 100 specific titles that correspond to the various unit ideas throughout the text.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Summary and Teaching Resources.

I. The Commonplaces of Education: A Framework for Powerful Social Studies Teaching

1. Creating a Framework for the Social Studies Classroom

Introducing the Commonplaces
Looking at the Commonplaces in Interaction

2. Learners and Learning: Understanding What Students Know and How They Come to Know It

Knowing and Learning About Social Studies
A Constructivist View of Learning Social Studies

3. Subject Matter: A Threads Approach

But There's Just Too Much Here!
The Threads Approach
What to Teach? You Must Choose

4. Teachers and Teaching: Working with Big Ideas

Teachers and Teaching
Putting It All Together with Big Ideas
The Big Idea as Key to Pedagogical Action

5. Teachers and Teaching: Choosing Strategies, Curriculum Materials, and Assessment Techniques

Pulling Together a Pedagogical Plan
Teaching Strategies
Curriculum Materials
Influences on Teachers' Content and Instructional Decisions

6. The Classroom Environment: Creating a Genuine Community

The Complex Nature of Social Studies Classrooms
Traditional Classroom Environments
The Promise of Genuine Classroom Communities

II. Putting the Commonplaces into Action

7. Purposes, Goals, and Objectives for Teaching and Learning

Goal Frameworks and Good Citizens
Educational Goal Frameworks and the Supporting Arguments
Sources for Guidance About Goals
Building a Goal Framework
Some Parting Thoughts About Goals

8. Unit Planning and the Commonplaces: Pulling It All Together

Applying the Commonplaces
Creating the Unit Plan
Parting Thoughts

9. Becoming a Reflective Social Studies Teacher

Defining Reflective Practice
Reflectiveness in Teaching: An Illustration
Reflection and the Social Context of Teaching
Review of Key Themes: Some Parting Thoughts

Appendix: Content Resources from Children's Literature

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