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Basics of Group Psychotherapy

Basics of Group Psychotherapy - 94 edition

Basics of Group Psychotherapy - 94 edition

ISBN13: 9780898621174

ISBN10: 0898621178

Basics of Group Psychotherapy by Harold S.  Ed. Bernard and K. Roy  Ed. MacKenzie - ISBN 9780898621174
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Guilford Press
International: No
Basics of Group Psychotherapy by Harold S.  Ed. Bernard and K. Roy  Ed. MacKenzie - ISBN 9780898621174

ISBN13: 9780898621174

ISBN10: 0898621178

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 94

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Filling a significant gap in the clinical literature, this unusually practical manual addresses the nuts-and-bolts issues involved in conducting group therapy. Featuring contributions from leading experts in the field, the volume covers everything from determining which patients will benefit from a group experience to step-by-step instructions for running group sessions as effectively as possible. A hands-on manual, the volume is also an ideal companion to a basic text on group psychotherapy.

Organized in a unique, logical sequence, the chapters begin with an explanation of how to select patients for a particular group intervention and how groups are composed. The different stages of group interaction over time are then covered in detail, as are the changing aspects of the therapist's role during the various stages. Setting forth basic principles of group technique--including the management of resistance, transference, primitive group dynamics, and countertransference--a clear distinction is drawn between the roles of therapists conducting group treatment and therapists working in other treatment modalities.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Selection of Patients for Group Interventions, William E. Piper and Mary McCallum

General Selection Criteria for Group Therapy
Aspects of the Group and Patient Selection Criteria
Forms of Group Therapy and Patient Selection
Special Assessment Procedures
Training in Patient Selection

2. The Developing Structure of the Therapy Group System, K. Roy MacKenzie

Engagement Stage
Differentiation Stage
The Working Group
Termination Stage

3. The Therapist's Role in Group Treatments, Robert R. Dies

Pregroup Preparation
Early Group Sessions
Transition Period
Working Sessions

4. Principles of Group Therapeutic Technique, Kenneth Porter

General Principles of Group Leadership
Primitive Group Dynamics
Negative Effects of Group Therapy

5. Difficult Patients and Challenging Situations, Harold S. Bernard

Difficult Patients
Challenging Situations

6. Selection of Group Intervention, Judith Schoenholtz-Read

Common Characteristics of Helping Groups
Group Interventions for Patients with Severe Problems
Group Interventions for Patients with Moderate Problems
Group Interventions for Moderate to Mild Problems
Combining Psychotherapy and ''Other-than-Therapy'' Groups

7. Using Theories of Group Therapy, Elaine Cooper Lonergan

The Therapy Session
Freud's Group Psychology
Basic Assumption Theory
Group Focal Conflict Theory
Living Systems Theory
Foulke's Psychoanalysis in Groups
Yalom's Here-and-Now Approach
Cognitive-Behavioral Approach