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Becoming Aware : Text / Workbook For Human Relations And Personal Adjustment

Becoming Aware : Text / Workbook For Human Relations And Personal Adjustment - 10th edition

Becoming Aware : Text / Workbook For Human Relations And Personal Adjustment - 10th edition

ISBN13: 9780757528828

ISBN10: 0757528821

Becoming Aware : Text / Workbook For Human Relations And Personal  Adjustment by Velma Walker and Lynn Brokaw - ISBN 9780757528828
Edition: 10TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co.
International: No
Becoming Aware : Text / Workbook For Human Relations And Personal  Adjustment by Velma Walker and Lynn Brokaw - ISBN 9780757528828

ISBN13: 9780757528828

ISBN10: 0757528821

Edition: 10TH 07

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Designed for a practical course, Becoming Aware helps students learn to deal with issues in everyday living and offers a catalyst for personal growth. Active, open, and personal participation leads to greater self-awareness, enhanced relationships, and increased control over choosing direction for one's own life.

New in the tenth edition:

  • Revised and updated activities, more than 60 throughout the book, many of which may be completed individually
  • Critical thinking skills are emphasized throughout
  • New material is highlighted in new tables and boxes labeled: "Check this Out" and "How to..."
  • Completely updated photos and references
  • More than 225 thought-provoking quotations, poems and words of wisdom provoke insightful awareness
  • Enhanced focus on ethnicity, culture and gender, highlighted by boxed material labeled: "Focus on Diversity" and "Gender & You"

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Getting Acquainted with Ourselves

and Others
The Johari Window
What Should a Relationship Provide?
The Fear of Getting Acquainted?Shyness
Perceptual Awareness
People Perception
Can I Change My Image?
Developing New Relationships
Chapter Review

2. Self-Awareness

"Self-Image" Development
Significant Others
Personality Development
Adler's Individual Psychology Theory
Erikson's Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development
Stages of Adult Development
Trait Theory
Carl Rogers: Self-Theory
Viktor Frankl: Search for Meaning
Virginia Satir: Self-Worth
How Do Our Thoughts and Our Environment Relate to the Development of Our Personality?
How Did I Get to Be the Person I Am Today?
Cognitive and Social-Learning Theories
The Self
Find Your Real Self
How We Get Our Self-Image from Others
Individualism vs. Collectivism
The Real Journey
Chapter Review

3. Who's in Control?

Self-Control or External Control
Are You an Internal or External?
Perceived Control or Lack of Control
Who's in Control?
Two Explanatory Styles
Social Learning Theory
How Does Learning Theory Influence Your Life?
What Gets Your Attention?
Learning Theory
Classical Conditioning
We Learn from Our Experience
What Are the Consequences?
What Kind of Reinforcement Do You Use?
Self-Control in Everyday Living
A Self-Change Program
Just Do It!
Chapter Review

4. Dealing with Emotions

What Are Emotions?
Characteristics of Emotions
Types of Emotions
Living with Problem Emotions
Development of Emotions
Emotional Intelligence
The Costs of Denying Emotions
Getting Out of Emotional Debt
Guidelines for Dealing with Your Emotions
Understanding Culture and Emotion
Benefits of Expressing Your Feelings
Forgiveness?The Healing Process
Chapter Review

5. Interpersonal Communication

Why Do We Need to Communicate?
Why Is Communication Difficult?
What Is Involved in the Communication Process?
One- and Two-Way Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Verbal Communication
Gender and Communication
Listening (What Did You Say?)
Barriers to Listening
Styles of Responding
Active Listening?Empathetic Listening
Which Style of Responding Do
You Use?
Person-to-Person Communication
Chapter Review

6. Developing Close Relationships

The Development of a Relationship
Becoming Friends
Dating and Mating
Becoming Lovers
Becoming Committed
Marital Adjustment
Marital Conflict
Communication Problems
Family Violence
What?s the Green-Eyed Monster?
Growing Apart
Chapter Review

7. Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

What Is Conflict?
What Causes Conflict?
The Realities of Conflict
Positive Effects of Conflict
Negative Effects of Conflict
What Is Involved in a Conflict Situation?
The Dimensions of Conflict
The Emotions (Feelings) Have Priority
Dealing with the Emotional Dimension
What Is Your Style of Conflict Management?
Behavior Styles
The Styles in Action
Learning to Be Assertive
Suggestions for Delivering an Assertive ?I? Message
How to Say No without Feeling Guilty
Gender and Conflict Management
Culture and Conflict Management
Methods of Conflict Resolution
Steps for Win-Win Conflict Resolution
When Conflicts Cannot Be Resolved
Chapter Review

8. Managing Stress and Wellness

What Is Stress?
Types of Stress
Causes of Stress
The Effects of Stress
Physical Effects of Stress
Behavioral Effects of Stress
Personality Types
Negative and Defensive Coping
Gender, Culture, and Stress
What Affects the Way Individuals Cope
with Stress?
Dealing with Stressful Thoughts and Feelings
The Power of Self-Talk
What Is the Difference in Irrational and Rational Beliefs?Self-Talk?
Characteristics of Irrational and Rational
Disputing Irrational Beliefs
20 Tips for Managing Stress
The Relaxation Response
Chapter Review

9. Meaning and Values
What Are Values?
Types of Values
How Do Values Develop?
The Influence of Other Factors
What Are My Values?
Classifying Your Personal Values
Clarifying Your Personal Values
Value Indicators
Values Testing through Goal Setting
We Learn to Value What We Suffer For
Living with Your Values
The Importance of Meaning and Purpose
Chapter Review
10. Where Do I Want to Go with My Life?

Learning to Take Risks
What Motivates You?
Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs
Plan Your Life Like You Would a Vacation
Setting Your Goals: What Do You Want?
Contributors to Success
The Time in Your Life
Culture and the Organization of Time
Creating Harmony in Your Life
Effective Life Planning: It?s All Up to You!
Happiness and Well-Being
Myths and Truths about Happiness
Who Is Happiest?
Ways to Be Happy
Chapter Review