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Becoming a Master Student

Becoming a Master Student - 10th edition

Becoming a Master Student - 10th edition

ISBN13: 9780618206780

ISBN10: 0618206787

Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis - ISBN 9780618206780
Edition: 10TH 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis - ISBN 9780618206780

ISBN13: 9780618206780

ISBN10: 0618206787

Edition: 10TH 03

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The year is 1872, and Mr. Phileas Fogg is leading his usual quiet life. He likes to do everything in the same way each day and has not left London for many years.

His friends are therefore very surprised when he makes a bet with them that he can travel round the world in eighty days. He sets off immediately with his servant, Passepartout, and at first all goes well. But then there are transport problems and delays, and Fix, the detective, is determined to stop Fogg. As the journey continues the race against time becomes harder and harder.

Author Bio

Ellis, David B. :

David B. Ellis is the author of several books, including North America's best-selling college textbook, Becoming a Master Student, which has been translated into French and Spanish. This book is designed to promote student success inside and outside of the classroom. Ellis is also a nationally known lecturer and workshop leader. Over the past 16 years he has facilitated workshops on topics ranging from becoming a more effective college instructor to creating individual life plans. These workshops have attracted more than 10,000 people. He is the founder and past president of College Survival, Inc. Ellis has taught computer programming at the college level. He also counseled college students and worked as an assistant dean of student services. Ellis has founded a nonprofit foundation (The People's Fund) and is currently involved in facilitating think tanks and workshops designed to invent new human effectiveness strategies and ways to communicate them.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. First Steps

First Step: Truth is key to mastery
If you skipped the introduction...
Exercise: Taking the First Step
The Discovery and Intention Journal Entry System
Exercise: Deface this book
Seven Discovery & Intention Statement guidelines
Exercise: The Discovery Wheel
Exercise: Maybe it's your breath
Textbook reconnaissance, take two
Learning Styles-Discovering how you learn
Learning Style Inventory
Interpreting your Learning Style Graph
Scoring your Inventory
Learning Style Graph
Cycle of Learning
Balancing your Preferences
Using your learning profile to succeed in school
Resources on learning styles
Exercise: Recall an enjoyable experience
Claim your multiple intelligences
The Master Student
Maslow's qualities of a self-actualizing person
The value of higher education
Power Process: Ideas are tools
Learn the language of higher education
Master Student: Suny Urrutia Moore

2. Time

In this chapter
You've got the time
Exercise: The Time Monitor/Time Plan
The ABC daily to-do's (or working your A's off)
Strategies for scheduling
The seven-day antiprocrastination plan
Seven more ways to stop procrastination
Exercise: Create a lifeline
Twenty-five ways to get the most out of now
Remember cultural differences
Keep going?
Time management for right-brained people (...or what to do if to-do lists are not your style)
Planning sets you free
Strategies for long-term planning
Gearing up: Using a long-term planner [reduced by 1 spread]
Ways to change a habit
Motivation or "I'm just not in the mood"
Power Process: Be here now
Master Student: Malcolm X

3. Memory

You never forget
The memory jungle
Twenty memory techniques
Set a trap for your memory
Give your "secret brain" a chance
Notable failures Part One
Remembering names
Mnemonic devices
Notable failures Part Two
Power Process: Love your problems (and experience your barriers)
Master Student: Fred Smith

4. Reading

Muscle Reading
How Muscle Reading works
Read with a dictionary in your lap
The Universal Law of Reading
Exercise: It's hard to know what's going on...until you have the big picture
Reading fast
When reading is tough
Exercise: Relax
English as a second language
Reading with children underfoot
Exercise: Catalog reconnaissance
Power Process: Notice your pictures and let them go
Master Student: Helen Keller

5. Notes

The note-taking process flows
Exercise: The in-class oxygenator
Exercise: Television note-taking
Exercise: Apply a process
Improving your handwriting
Exercise: Consider the impact of handwriting
Create your instructor
Exercise: They made me do it
When instructors talk fast
Get to the bones of your book with concept maps
Taking notes while reading
Taking notes on your journey-The art of journal writing
Power Process: I create it all
Master Student: Oprah Winfrey

6. Tests

Disarm tests
What to do before the test
Cooperative learning-Study with people
What to do during the test
F is for feedback, not for failure
Words to watch for in ESSAY QUESTIONS
Integrity in test taking
Have some FUN
Ways to predict test questions
Let go of test anxiety
Exercise: Twenty things I like to do
Exercise: Rehearse for success
Overcoming math and science anxiety
Special techniques for math and science tests
How to cram (even though you shouldn't)
Eight reasons to celebrate mistakes
Exercise: Master mind map (part one)
Power Process: Detach
Master Student: Barbara Jordan

7. Thinking

Finding "aha!"-Creativity fuels critical thinking
Techniques for creative thinking
Asking questions
Becoming a critical thinker
Create on your feet
Uncovering assumptions
Exercise: Working with assumptions
Ways to fool yourself-six common mistakes in logic
Gaining skill at problem solving and decision making
"But I don't know what to do"-Choosing a major
Majors for the taking
Exercise: Translating goals into action
Solving math and science problems
Power Process: Find a bigger problem
Exercise: Fix-the-world brainstorm
Master Student: Isabel Allende

8. Communicating

Meet the Lorenz Attractor
The communication loop
The communication loop Listening
The communication loop Sending
Five ways to say "I"
Exercise: Write an "I" message
You deserve compliments
The fine art of conflict management
Relationships can work
Relationships change
Seven steps to effective complaints
Criticism really can be constructive
Exercise: V.I.P.'s (Very Important Persons)
Phase 1: Getting ready to write-Creating something from nothing
Phase 2: Writing the first draft-Getting down to it
Phase 3: Revising your draft-Polishing your creation
Giving credit where credit is due: Avoiding the high cost of plagiarism
Writing and delivering speeches
Power Process: Employ your word
Exercise: Move from obligation to choice
Master Student: Greg Louganis

9. Diversity

Living with diversity
Diversity is real-and valuable
Exercise: Clarify your values
Communicating across cultures
The art of reentry-Going back to school as an older student
Adapting to the culture of higher education
Dealing with sexism and sexual harassment
Seven steps to nonsexist writing
We are all leaders
Exercise: We are all stereotypes
Power Process: Choose your conversations and your community
Master Student: Ron Brown

10. Resources

Supercharge your education
Connect to school resources
Connect to community resources
Extracurricular activities: Reap the benefits
Student with disabilities: Ask for what you want
The source of money problems (and a simple solution)
Increase money in
Decrease money out
Free fun
Take charge of your credit card
Money for the future
Education's worth it...and you can pay for it
Exercise: Education by the hour
Seventeen places to find money
We live like royalty
Connect to cyberspace
Overcoming technophobia
Finding what you want on the Internet
Thinking critically about information on the Internet
Using computers to manage ideas and information
Ways to waste time with a computer
Staying up-to-date with technology
Practice "netiquette"-Being kind while you're online
Library: The buried treasure
Power Process: Risk being a fool
Master Student: Cesar Chavez

11. Health

Take care of your machine
Your machine: Fuel it
Exercise: Setting your bio-alarm
Your machine: Move it
Your machine: Rest it
Your machine: Observe it
Your machine: Protect it
Stay up-to-date on STD's
The experts recommend-Seven dietary guidelines
Crazed glazed donut runs amok
Developing self-esteem
Emotional pain is not a sickness
Alcohol, tobacco & drugs: The truth
Some facts
Exercise: Addiction, how do i know...
Seeing the full scope of addiction
Where to turn for more information on recovery
Warning: Advertising can be dangerous to your health
Power Process: Surrender
Master Student: Christopher Reeve

12. What Next?

Now that you're done...
Now that you're done-begin
"...use the following suggestions to continue..."
Exercise: Do something you can't
Attitudes, Affirmations, and Visualizations
Attitude replacements
Exercise: Reprogram your attitude
Exercise: This book shouts, "Use me!"
Changing schools
Exercise: Discovery Wheel-coming full circle
Contributing: The art of selfishness
Service learning-the art of learning from contribution
Career Planning: Begin now
Cruising for jobs on the internet
Job skills for the new millennium
Link to the world of work
Creating & using portfolios
Artifacts for your portfolio
Getting the most from distance learning
Power Process: Be it
Exercise: Define your values
Exercise: Master mind map (part two)
One set of values
Master Student: Golda Meir