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Bedford Basics : Workbook for Writers

Bedford Basics : Workbook for Writers - 3rd edition

Bedford Basics : Workbook for Writers - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780312154578

ISBN10: 0312154577

Bedford Basics : Workbook for Writers by Diana Hacker and Wanda Van Goor - ISBN 9780312154578
Edition: 3RD 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Bedford Books
International: No
Bedford Basics : Workbook for Writers by Diana Hacker and Wanda Van Goor - ISBN 9780312154578

ISBN13: 9780312154578

ISBN10: 0312154577

Edition: 3RD 98

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In a workbook format, Bedford Basics incorporates a streamlined version of the text from the highly successful Bedford Handbook with lower-level exercises. The new edition is even more useful for culturally diverse students, students working on a computer, and students using the book on their own.

Written in Diana Hacker's clear, concise writing style and friendly, unpretentious tone.

Successful reference features from The Bedford Handbook adapted for the workbook, including hand-edited sentences, quick-reference charts, and a user-friendly index.

Abundant exercises - most of them connected discourse - written specifically for developmental students and using engaging cross-curricular topics to introduce, drill, and then review the points.

Guided practice exercises in every section that identify problem sentences and show students where to look for explanations and revision strategies.

Clear and simple advice for culturally diverse students, in a separate section and now in boxes throughout the book.

Author Bio

Hacker, Diana : Prince George's Community College

Goor, Wanda Van : Prince George's Community College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. The Writing Process

1. Generating ideas; sketching a plan
2. Roughing out an initial draft
3. Making global revisions; revising sentences
4. Choosing a document design

Part II. Constructing Paragraphs

5. Focusing on a main point
6. Developing the main point
7. Improving coherence

Part III. Clear Sentences

8. Coordination and subordination
9. Parallelism
10. Needed words
11. Mixed constructions
12. Misplaced and dangling modifiers
13. Shifts
14. Emphasis
15. Variety

Part IV. Word Choice

16. Wordy sentences
17. Appropriate language
18. Exact Words

Part V. Grammatical Sentences

19. Sentence fragments
20. Run-on sentences
21. Subject-verb agreement (is or are, etc.)
22. Pronoun-antecedent agreement (singular or plural)
23. Pronoun reference (clarity)
24. Pronoun case (I or me, etc.)
25. Who or whom
26. Adjectives and adverbs (good or well, etc.)
27. Standard English verb forms
28. Verb tense, mood, and voice

Part VI. ESL Trouble Spots

29. Special problems with verbs
30. The articles a, an, and the
31. Other trouble spots

Part VII. Punctuation

32. The comma
33. Unnecessary commas
34. The semicolon
35. The colon
36. The apostrophe
37. Quotation marks
38. End punctuation
39. Other punctuation marks: the dash, parentheses, brackets, the ellipsis mark, the slash

Part VIII. Mechanics

40. Abbreviations
41. Numbers
42. Italics (underlining)
43. Spelling
44. The hyphen
45. Capital letters

Part IX. Grammar Basics

46. Introduction
47. Parts of speech
48. Sentence patterns
49. Subordinate word groups
50. Sentence types

Glossary of Usage
Answers to Tutorials, Guided Practice, and Preview Exercises

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Bedford Basics : A Workbook for Writers by Diana Hacker - ISBN 9780312086817