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Behavioral Genetics

Behavioral Genetics - 5th edition

Behavioral Genetics - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9781429205771

ISBN10: 1429205776

Behavioral Genetics by Robert Plomin - ISBN 9781429205771
Edition: 5TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Behavioral Genetics by Robert Plomin - ISBN 9781429205771

ISBN13: 9781429205771

ISBN10: 1429205776

Edition: 5TH 08

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Behavioral Genetics,Fifth Editionprovides an engaging and clear overview of human and animal behavioral genetics that is designed to introduce students in the behavioral, biological, and social sciences to the field. With the addition of new chapters, thorough updating, and a new co-author, this latest edition represents the definitive introduction to behavioral genetics: the crossroads where the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and genetics intersect.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

* = new and expanded coverage

1. Overview

2. Mendel's Laws of Heredity

3. Beyond Mendel's Laws

4. DNA: The Basis of Heredity

5. Nature, Nurture and Behavior

6. Identifying Genes

7. Cognitive Disabilities

8. General Cognitive Ability

9. Specific Cognitive Abilities

10. Schizophrenia(expanded from former Chapter 11, Psychopathology) *11. Other Adult Psychopathology(expanded from former Chapter

11, Psychopathology)

*12. Developmental Psychopathology (expanded from former Chapter 11, Psychopathology)

*13. Personality and Personality Disorders

14. Health Psychology and Aging

*15. Pathways between Genes and Behavior(expanded from former chapter on neurogenetics)

16. The Interplay between Genes and Environment (formerly Ch 15)

17. Evolution and Behavior (formerly Ch 14)

18. The Future of Behavioral Genetics (formerly Ch 16)