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Best American Science Writing 2002

Best American Science Writing 2002 - 02 edition

Best American Science Writing 2002 - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780060936501

ISBN10: 0060936509

Best American Science Writing 2002 by Matt  Ed. Ridley and Alan  Ed. Lightman - ISBN 9780060936501
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Ecco Press
International: No
Best American Science Writing 2002 by Matt  Ed. Ridley and Alan  Ed. Lightman - ISBN 9780060936501

ISBN13: 9780060936501

ISBN10: 0060936509

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02

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If, as Matt Ridley suggests in his introduction, science is simply the search for new forms of ignorance, then perhaps it follows that with science's advances come new questions. Will human genetic engineering become commonplace? Will human cloning ever be safe? Are there many universes? How much will the climate change during the coming century? The Best American Science Writing 2002 gathers top writers and scientists covering the latest developments in the fastest-changing, farthest-reaching scientific fields, such as medicine, genetics, computer technology, evolutionary psychology, cutting-edge physics, and the environment. The topics covered in this year's essays include: the medically and ethically unprecedented issues posed by cloning and genetic engineering; the revolutionary discovery that adult brain cells might in fact regenerate; a peculiar episode in which genetic engineering and artistic culture collide; an insightful contrast between suicide terrorists and rescue workers who risk their lives; an exploration of the mysteries encoded in the universe's smallest units, be they cells or quanta; and two contrasting views, both valid, on the state of the environment. In the end, the unanswered questions are what sustain scientific inquiry, open new frontiers of knowledge, and lead to new technologies and medical treatments. The Best American Science Writing 2002 is a series of exciting reports from science's front lines, where what we don't know is every bit as important as what we know.

Author Bio

Ridley, Matt :

Matt Ridley is the author of the national bestseller Genome. His previous books include The Red Queen and The Origins of Virtue. His science writing has appeared in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Discover, Atlantic Monthly, Natural History, and many other publications. He lives in northern England.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Dr. Daedalus

Crimson Tide

The Made-to-Order Savior

A Desire to Duplicate

Medicine's Race Problem

The Thirty Years' War

The Soft Science of Dietary Fat

Brothers with Heart

I Love My Glow Bunny

Rethinking the Brain


Mothers and Others

Of Altruism, Heroism and Nature's Gifts in the Face of Terror

Pirate Utopia

Code Red for the Web

What Brings a World into Being?

Quantum Shmantum

Shadow Science

Can Science Explain Everything? Anything?

The Eco-Optimist

George Divoky's Planet

About the Contributors